I Told You So 78

Remember that I told you that one of the things God is doing with this mess we have created was opening people's eyes to the truth? Remember that I told you that another thing God is doing with this mess we have created is causing people to choose between good and evil and which side of God's line they will stand on? Remember that I told you that the liberal white upper class trash was setting up Obama to take the fall for the mess they are causing?

Well, the eye opening is happening at an accelerating rate but still has quite a ways to go. Increasing numbers of liberals are waking up to the disaster created by their beloved liberal Marxism. Unfortunately, many are buying into the liberal propaganda machine's lie that it is all Obama's fault and not also liberalism's fault. They are turning against Obama but many are not also turning against liberalism, some are turning against liberalism.

The liberal media are showing Obama as a defeated, incompetent, stupid loser instead of showing liberal Marxism as also being at fault. They are making it look like everything is the fault of the stupid, incompetent black man to make black people look stupid and incompetent just like I told you they would. The liberal media are all over Obama just like I told you they would be because Obama and blacks are their "fall guy".

Because of all these terrible liberal program failures and the liberal propaganda against Obama, who has been doing mostly what his liberal puppet masters want him to do, except for a little treason against the puppet masters here and there, Obama's polls are dropping like a Saturn V rocket turned upside-down with the burners lit. Not only are Obama's overall polls in the mid 30s, down from the mid 60s, but he has dropped from 95% approval among blacks to 75% approval and increasing numbers of blacks calling for his impeachment, Obama has dropped from a 75% approval among Latinos to 52%, Obama has dropped from mid 70s approval among the 18 to 29 year old group (his previous best age group) to 52% wanting to recall Obama, and even liberal white women are turning against Obama in mass. Even the liberal media are talking about getting rid of Obama. Yep, the Obama pooch has been screwed and is about to start having pups.

The liberal Commiecrats in office are also running scared because this is also effecting their ratings, in spite of the liberal media trying to give all of the blame to Obama. Man plans, God laughs. The liberal Commiecrats are trying their best to distance themselves from Obama and Obamacare for this coming mid term election but a tsunami of anger is building in the US against liberals and liberalism. Obama may be taking most of the heat but the rest of the Commiecrat liberals are finding this mess quite warming, to say the least. But, not to worry, because the upper class trash have a little insurance in that they have infiltrated their liberals (RINOs) into and taken over the Republican Party to continue their destruction of the US. Please notice that the RINOs are no longer talking about doing away with the very bad and destructive Obamacare but "fixing it" and are also promoting legalizing illegal immigrants, both are liberal Marxist programs designed to completely destroy the US economy. Get the picture yet?

BTW, you can bet the US military is eating this up and working towards being able to arrest Obama and the rest of the liberal commie traitors before the tide can turn but they must make sure their cases are air tight or they lose their only chance big time. The US military only gets to make one move to stop this destruction of the US and it has to be the right move at the right time and done right.

The liberal eye opening is happening in a variety of ways. First, you have the perpetual inhabitants of liberal La La Land who don't want to hear or see any evil....until it mows their butts down. (Obamacare is doing plenty of that.) These inhabitants of La La Land remain oblivious to the realities of life until they have been personally effected and then they are amazed and start turning against whatever the liberal media turn them against. Most of them remain perpetually stupid but some are getting a clue and waking up.

Then we have the people who are willfully stupid believing lies because they want to believe the lies. (The Bible warned us about these evil people.) These people refuse to give up on their commie utopia of abusing the power of government to steal from hard working people so these people can live the easy life of luxury without having to work. These people can see the writing on the wall but will eagerly accept any lame excuse, no matter how lame, to keep believing in their beloved Marxist utopia because they have chosen evil over good. They are choosing which side of God's line they will stand on and it isn't the good side.

Then we have the people who see the writing on the wall, realize the Marxist Utopia is a lie, and are moving to the good side of God's line. These people are quickly increasing in numbers.

You have to understand that one of the flaws in the strategy of the Marxist pagans dumbing people down and brainwashing them is that people will still be able to observe and think and that God can open people's eyes to the truth. When these good people see bad results from the Marxist programs they were brainwashed to believe in, some of these people will realize that what they have been taught in school and by the media was all lies. These people will do their home work or just use reasoning (aka their eyes will be opened by God) and their observations to realize the truth. Most of these people are moving to the good side of God's line.

Please note that these evil plans of the upper class trash are not just hurting conservatives but are also destroying liberals. Gee, could it be like I have told you repeatedly that the upper class trash is working to destroy all of us, both liberals and conservatives? Get the picture yet?

God is opening the eyes of the people and making them willfully chose between good and evil and is pulling the infiltrators out of their safe little closets into the open so they can be easily identified by making the evil people believe they have the fight won and it is safe to exit their closets. Man plans, God laughs.

If you think eyes are being opened now, just wait until the liberals, both Commiecrats and Commiepublicans, legalize the illegal immigrants and all economic hell really breaks loose in the US. It will be the biggest light bulb time in history. Things are going to get just a little bright around here.

Now you know you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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