I Told You So 79

Remember that I told you that you liberals would also be betrayed by your liberal commie overlords?

I already showed you how they are betraying you by causing you to lose jobs and become homeless with many of you being sent to FEMA Camps as homeless shelters just like the rest of us. Did you notice that very few liberals at only the highest levels are not being screwed by Obamacare? The rest of you liberals are being betrayed by your upper class trash overlords right now. Even most government employees are being screwed by Obamacare and it will only get worse.

Remember that I told you that even the liberal college professors will be betrayed?

Right now, approximately half of all college professors are adjunct professors who get paid by the class and are just getting by. It wasn't that long ago that only 15% of college professors were adjunct. With fewer students going to college because of our super depression, the universities can't have as many full time college professors.

Gee, could it be that they are shutting down all of the universities except the elitist upper class trash universities?

How is that "destroying the American economy" thing working out? Not the way you were told it would work out.

Watch for this: the liberals have gotten our universities dependent on federal government money such as student loans and government grants. Without these moneys, our universities cannot function. Follow closely: with our crashing economy, fewer and fewer people can get jobs, even with college degrees, fewer are going for college degrees, and increasing numbers can't get jobs after college to pay off their college loans so that college loans have become a crisis. The upper class trash will use all of this to justify stopping college loans for all but the brightest and usually only for hard science degrees such as math, science, and engineering. The upper class trash will also use this dying economy to justify stopping almost all college grant moneys to universities putting almost all universities out of business. Note that the rich upper class trash brats won't need government loans to go to college.

All of those brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated liberal college professors who helped cause this mess by selling their liberal socialism/communism are going to be put out of work and made impoverished by their own brilliance. The idiot liberal college professors sold themselves out as well as the rest of us. They were too brilliant to realize that all of those Americans they were screwing with their liberal war on America were those college professors' clients who paid those college professors' salaries. If you screw your clients, you screw yourself.

If the middle class can't go to college, then the upper class trash won't need those liberal college professors to brainwash the middle class and the college professors are no longer needed so they can also be disposed of. Guess what? When enough of the people have been sent off to FEMA Camps, they won't need all those lying, thieving, liberal politicians to help control and rob the middle class. The liberal politicians will also become disposable along with liberal media, liberal Hollywood, liberal government employees, liberal law enforcement, and everything else the upper class need to get rid of the middle class. Once the middle class is gone, you go next just like I told you would happen.

Did you know that the liberal upper class trash are buying all of the top robot companies in the US? Gee, could they be building robots so the upper class trash won't have to share their world with as many slaves? Could it be that the upper class trash plan is to achieve a point to where they don't have to share the world with anyone except each other? It is starting to look that way.

Get a clue, all of you liberal traitors are planned for termination in the near future, just like I told you would happen years ago and it is happening RIGHT NOW!! You sold yourselves out, stupid! Not quite as smart as you thought you were, are you?

BTW, did you know that since this super depression started two thirds of our banks have gone under? Only about the 6,000 largest banks are still in business. And this is a recovering economy? Yeah, right, you are going to have to sell me another bridge because I am not buying that bridge.

Remember that I told you that the US is no longer a super power? Did you know that in 1967 the US had 31,000 strategic (big ones) nuclear warheads? Today we have only about 1,550 and Obama is working to cut that back to 1,000. Do you still think we are a super power?

Militarily, we are just barely the strongest force in the world and quickly declining. We have lost almost all of our allies and everyone is turning on us the way they did Rome when Rome fell. A big red flag is that all of our allies are ramping up for war and forming alliances between themselves because they can't depend on us to protect them. That alone should tell you that the US is no longer a super power.

If you hear some one knocking on the gate, don't open it, it is our Vandals.

How is that democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

We are screwed and only God can save us. Therefore, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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