Obama War 2

Did you notice that Obama has permitted the restart for the law suit against Saudi Arabia for damages caused by the 9/11 attack?

Hold it, this is the law suit which was put on hold by George Bush right after 9/11 because Bush wanted to keep Saudi Arabia at least pretending to be friendly so we could keep and stage troops in that area to fight Al Quaeda when all Bush had to do was invade Saudi Arabia. Now we have Obama, who bowed before King Abdullah showing submission to Kingy boy and helped Kingy boy overthrow Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt and try to overthrow Syria, permitting the suit to go forward after Obama stiffed Kingy boy and made nice with Iran, Kingy boy's enemy?


I already pointed out to you that, if Obama invades and takes out Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Arab Sunni Muslims will be forced to submit to a Shiite Caliphate but there are a few other reasons. First, Saudi Arabia puts out more oil than any other Muslim country and that will provide Obama with a very valuable weapon to force the hands of the rest of the world against Israel. Basically, they will help Obama invade Israel so Obama can prove he is the Mahdi or Muslim messiah or they won't get oil from Muslim Oil fields. Think Europe, China, etc.

Second, Obama having control of Saudi Arabia will prevent Israel from using bases in Saudi Arabia to attack Iranian nuclear facilities to keep Iran from developing nukes to use against Israel...and to sell to Obama.

Did you notice that Obama said he will veto any more sanctions against Iran? Obama has to protect Iran until he at least gets his nukes from Iran. Hey, Obama paid at least three to four billion US dollars (your tax money) for those bad boys, Obama wants his nukes.

So Obama leaked classified information proving Saudi Arabia was the major financial sponsor and strategic organizer for the 9/11 attack and then permits the law suit to go forward so that classified information can be made public knowledge in a court case so the people will get mad and demand Obama invade Saudi Arabia to punish the Saudi Muslims for attacking the US, an act of war against the US.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins shall find you out."

After Obama nukes Chicago, it will make it much easier to blame Israel for nuking Chicago because, did you notice that Saudi Arabia and Israel have had to buddy up to stop Iran from building nukes? Can't you just hear Obama's reasoning? "Hey, Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies working to bomb Iran, Saudi Arabia did the 9/11 attack against the US, and Israel nuked Chicago!" The third part is the lie but the first two truthful parts make the lie more believable. The commie way is to tell a little of the truth first and then the lies so people will be more likely to believe the lies. It works against most people.

Don't be surprised when Obama ramps up to invade Saudi Arabia who, by the way, doesn't have a major power protecting her because, until Obama stiffed Saudi Arabia, we were that major power. Do you understand now why Saudi Arabia is trying so hard to swallow their pride, grovel, and make nice with Russia, whom they just recently threatened, you know, when they still thought the US was protecting Saudi Arabia?

But don't feel sorry for Saudi Arabia because she has been using Al Quaeda to wage war against the US and the rest of the West since Desert Storm because the Koran requires Muslims to destroy all non Muslims that the Muslims make any treaty or alliance with. I have showed you plenty of times before that Saudi Arabia is our worst enemy in our war against terror and Obama is about to make that public knowledge so he can be justified in invading Saudi Arabia.

Also don't be surprised when Obama makes public knowledge Billy Boy Clinton's acts of treason including, but not limited to Billy Boy Clinton being in bed with Saudi Arabia while Saudi Arabia has been waging war against the US including during Billy Boy's two terms of president and then puts out a warrant for the arrest of Billy Boy and Hillary for treason to take them both out of the picture. Remember how Obama knifed Hillary in the back when she ran against Obama in Obama's first election for president to eliminate Hillary as competition? Have you noticed that Obama doesn't play nice even with his fellow commie traitors? Obama isn't finished with that commie traitor.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Please note that Obama may also use this intel to arrest George Bush because Bush knew that Saudi Arabia orchestrated the 9/11 attack against the US (an act of war against the US) and didn't invade Saudi Arabia first and Iran second. Bush went after the proxies instead of taking out the primaries which would justify charges for at least criminal negligence, if not treason because Bush kept palling around with Kingy boy while Bush knew Kingy boy was waging war against the US.

Did you notice that Obama just fired ANOTHER top general for being a bad wittle boy, bringing shame on the US? You know, right after Obama was rude and disrespectful doing the selfie thing at Mandela's funeral, bringing shame on the US. Did you also notice that general was in charge of land based strategic nukes (ICBMs) for the US? Did you also notice that is at least four top military officers who have been fired by Obama who were in charge of US nukes (three generals and one admiral) in just the last year?

I am sorry but that is just too much of a coincidence for me to buy it as anything other than Obama being up to something, you know, like firing top nuke officers who won't nuke the US cities Obama wants them to nuke. Listen, that one fact alone should be a huge red flag that Obama is up to something concerning US nukes. If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it ain't a duck!!

Right now, the question every American should be asking themselves is, "Why does Obama keep firing all of these highly decorated nuke officers for being bad wittle boys?" It is just too obvious that Obama is wanting to use US nukes for something those top officers refuse to let Obama use those nukes for. Keep an eye on Chicago.

have you figured out yet that God is using Obama to take care of the bad guys who have destroyed the US, the great nation God used His Christians to build, and then God will take care of Obama? And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins shall find you out. Bet on it.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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