I Told You So 8

I told you that, if we started using agrifuel as an alternative fuel for our cars, the price of food would go through the roof along with about everything else. Well, the brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly over paid Muslim Stream Media were selling and pushing the idea that we need to go to agrifuels. It was the magic wand to solve our fuel problems and they sold it to enough people, including President Bush, to get the ball moving.

So, here we are less than a year after we started using the liberal miracle wand to solve our fuel crisis and, like everything else they talk us into doing, it is a failure. Food prices are going up all over the world and people are literally starving to death in some countries because of the latest liberal solution to a problem. I think every liberal clown who supported this agrifuel should be prosecuted for manslaughter. But that is just my opinion.

Are people ever going to stop listening to the great sounding, simple minded solutions of liberals? I doubt it. There will always be enough fools around to go charging off on one liberal crusade after another without realizing that they keep stabbing everyone but the dragon they are supposed to stab. The thing is that they will never learn because they are always in denial about their brilliant sounding failures and can't learn from their mistakes. They will therefore remain fools forever.

Another thing about the fuel problem. You have to understand why the Muslims are running the price of oil through the roof on us. It is to drain money from our countries destroying our economies so our governments can't raise as much money to fight these Muslim countries in the War Against Terror. They are taking money we need to fight them and using it to fight us. This is financial warfare and is an act of war by every Muslim country participating. Sooner or later, we must use guns to win this war or lose the War Against Terror.

This increasing cost of gas is having the socio-economic effects on our country I knew it would have. I have read a number of articles stating that increasing numbers of people are turning to mass transit because they can't afford to commute by car any more. I have also noticed increasing numbers of people commuting by bicycles.

Just like I said earlier, more people are going to have to move closer to their jobs or get jobs closer to their homes. They simply won't have a choice.

Every Westerner should sit down and figure a budget to determine at what price of gas you will have to 1) cut back on driving and 2) give up driving for things like commuting. We are getting closer to more and more of you reaching that price for gas. You need to do this so you can plan ahead like buying bicycles, motorcycles, or motorscooters before they get too expensive and you find yourself with no other option than mass transit. At least give yourself an option. Those who plan ahead have the best chance of surviving such a crisis.

Besides, it might not be a bad idea to invest in some of these alternative modes of transportation to increase your income to help offset the increasing prices of food and other things caused by the idiot liberal solutions. You might as well make a little money from your problem to help you get through it.

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