I Told You So 81

I just saw that the government (read liberal commie traitors) is letting 55 tax loop holes expire. Gee, who would that be targeting? You can bet they are not targeting the lower class.

Remember that I have taught you that, as soon as the Euro-American rich white boy upper class trash have successfully seized control of our government, they MUST consolidate power by eradicating better than 90% of the traitors who helped them seize control of the US. Remember that I told you that, when the upper class traitors are working towards gaining control of the US, the rest of the traitors are considered an asset but, when they have gained control of the US, the rest of the traitors are considered a liability and threat.

I recently saw a video of a former Russian KGB agent who had worked at overthrowing other nations for communism. In the interview, he said exactly what I have been telling you for years, that the very first thing our upper class trash puppet masters MUST do after they have successfully seized control of the US is to murder better than 90% of the people who helped them seize control of the US. This especially includes better than 90% of the upper class trash traitors because they are absolutely the most dangerous group of people left in that nation.

The former agent spoke for some time giving examples of how it was always done by every communist leadership which seized power of another nation showing film footage of these people actually doing those things. When these evil people have seized control of the US, absolutely no one will be safe, especially the traitors who helped them seize control. There is a tiny group of about 10 to 20 "inner core" members at the highest level who have a list of everyone who is scheduled for termination. Even they are not really safe because one or more of them may be secretly scheduled for termination by other members of that group. Stalin did that immediately after he seized control of the Soviet Union, quickly killing off all of the people who had even close to as much power as Stalin. In other words, the rest of the inner core.

In one example, the former agent said that the North Vietnamese communists took more than 2,000 communist traitors out of just one South Vietnamese village, marched them off into the jungle, and used them for target practice within 24 hours of the North seizing control of the South. They quickly got rid of all of those traitors. If you can find the truth about who is really scheduled for termination, after the upper class trash seize control of the US, you will find that almost all of the people helping them seize control of the US will be terminated within days of them seizing control, probably hours.

The former agent said they can easily do this very quickly because the upper class trash has to have an organizational data base of all the traitors with all their personal information in order to be able to coordinate their group actions during the process of overthrowing the government. All they have to do is use that data base of their beloved traitors to have troops and cops quickly round up all of the traitors and use them for target practice.

It seems that, when the traitors are being rounded up, they think they are about to be given positions of power over the other people so they go along very willingly until they have been rounded up and realize they are going to be killed. By then, it is too late and they are dead. The former agent said that almost all of the traitors don't accept that they are being betrayed, you know, the way they betrayed everyone else, until just before they are actually killed, you know, just before the bullet hits them in the face. Many, especially the upper class trash traitors will willingly show up at a meeting to "divide up the power" only to realize, after they get there, they are going to be killed. These traitors deserve what they get, especially since all they had to do was pay attention to history and they would have known what would happen because of their actions.

You see it happening today with people like Bill Gates and Ted Turner going around giving great sounding speeches to "affluent" people (rich people) about why they "must" depopulate the planet or murder almost everyone off. Let me give you a clue, if you are one of those people sitting in any of those speeches, YOU are definitely scheduled for termination and there is a better than 90% probability that the people giving those speeches are also scheduled for termination but don't know it, they think they are part of the "special inner core". All of the traitors are taught they are part of the "special inner core". The very fact that you sat in on or taught one of those meetings, especially if they took names, and helped with the overthrow of the nation puts you on a special list to be killed as quickly as possible because you are telling the leaders you are a worthless traitor who cannot be trusted.

If some one has to be telling you about what the plans are because you don't already know those plans, you are scheduled for termination. The only people who may not be scheduled for termination are the very inner core who develop those plans at the very highest level (read very rich guys) and, even then, many of them will be scheduled for termination because they are so very dangerous and can't be trusted. It is like I have told you, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

The traitors at the top will be the first to die because they are the most dangerous. Those people are normally killed within 24 hours of the time they have seized control of the government and they are already on a hit list to be murdered. What will happen is that as soon as they have seized control of the government, a kill order will go out to the cops and/or military with a list of people to be terminated, thugs will go to those people's homes some time after midnight, that night, they will surround and break into the house, drag every man, woman, and child out into the back yard, and use them for target practice. This will include at least everyone down to regional managers and probably also local managers. By morning, there won't be anyone left to coordinate the actions of the stupid little brainwashed puppet activists at the lowest level. Get the picture?

Then the upper class trash will get the rest within the next few days or nights and send out kill teams to hunt down the runners. Remember they have a huge data base with detailed information on all of the traitors so they know where those traitors live, work, play, will run, and everything else. With today's technology, the kill teams will find and kill those traitors quickly and will probably use special forces teams to terminate them.

Now back to those expiring tax loop holes. It should be obvious that increasing taxes on the rich is meant to decrease the wealth of those people, you know, the same people sitting in on those great sounding lectures, and eventually break the "other" rich people so those other rich people will become homeless and can be quietly rounded up at night and bused off to FEMA camps.

Remember that we are no longer speculating about the future but discussing what is already going on right now because the fecal matter is already hitting the fan. These are actions which are developing and happening right now, this is now news you won't hear from the MSM, not speculation. If the upper class trash succeeds, it won't be long until the puppet masters are killing off the other traitors to consolidate power. One way or another, the liberal traitors don't have long to live. They have screwed themselves.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, Happy New Years! Especially to the liberal commie traitors because it may be your last.

It is increasingly important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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