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I have pointed out signs that Obama may be setting up Saudi Arabia for an invasion. Will Obama use Saudi Arabia using terrorists to wage war against Russia to justify invading Saudi Arabia and take control of the Saudi oil fields? You better bet Russia won't protest. Keep an eye on this.

The lying lefties are pushing their global warming agenda in spite of the coming winter super storm which is expected to break records for cold temperatures in the Mid West and Northeast. They expect that the Great Lakes will probably freeze over which doesn't happen too often. All of this in conjunction with the puppet lefty "scientists" getting stuck in ice for 10 days will prove nothing to the lefties because they don't care about the truth. The lefties will continue to tell you the same lie they want you to believe while we watch hell freeze over.

I have shown you how Obama is working in a variety of ways to disarm American citizens by such things as cutting off the ammunition supply. He is also getting ready to use the excuse of insanity to disarm people. All the lefties will have to do is have one of their lying quack shrinks declare you are nuts and they will be justified in taking your weapons away from you. To set up for this, the lefties have been having their shrinks send out whackos who are under treatment and on psych drugs to do mass killings. This has been to cause people to want to disarm crazy people. Then they will declare everyone who has guns as being crazy so those people's guns can be taken away from them. The lefty shrinks recently stated that all vets are whacko because they are vets so the lefties can justify disarming all vets. Why do you think they have been making such a big deal out of a few soldiers having PTSD? Get the picture yet?

I have also pointed out that it is the young people who are having the hardest time of finding jobs because of a lack of jobs and experience. Don't be surprised to see Obama start up a liberal program sending our young people to China on some kind of "jobs exchange" program to pay off their college loans because those young, healthy people will make the best slaves for China. Those young people will get stuck over in China working as slave labor on really bad jobs and many won't make it home, ever. Why do you think the libtards have been crashing this economy while scaring young people into getting worthless college degrees while working to grow China's economy? Get the picture yet?

My suggestion, don't go, get yourself a trade and get a job. Even in this really severe economy, there are jobs for which there is a shortage of available skilled labor. Research to find such jobs, get the skills for those jobs or train as an apprentice, and get a job to pay off college loans. You really don't want to go to China to "work off" your college loans.

John Bolton, whom I would quickly vote for president, recently stated that democracy has not been working in the Middle East. That should be obvious to anyone and, as I have told you before, democracy, just like Marxism, has failed every time and everywhere. I guess that false pagan god, democracy, really doesn't guarantee a good government like we have been taught. Like I have told you, it isn't the type of government but the people who are running your government that count. If you have good people running the government, you have a good government regardless which type of government you have. If you have bad people running the government, you have a bad government regardless which type of government you have.

BTW, how is that democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

About the liberal pagans legalizing pot in Colorado and other places, the liberal pagans are moving as fast as they can to legalize every evil thing they can while they can to destroy our society. After all, if you get the people stoned, the people won't care whether they are slaves. Drugs work much better than chains and whips because, when the run away slaves go into withdrawal, the slaves will return on their own to the plantation for more dope. Who will run away and stay away? Get the picture yet?

You know that now the liberals have legalized pot the next move will be to legalize harder drugs. It is the way we have been watching them work for decades. They will eventually get everything they want one step at a time and they are moving extremely fast right now getting a lot of stuff quickly.

BTW, in case you have not figured it out yet, the government intentionally lost the war on drugs by tying law enforcement hands so the upper class trash could eventually justify legalizing drugs to control the slaves, you know, the people. Get the picture yet?

I hope you have also gotten the picture that it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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