I Told You So 82

Have you noticed that the liberal commie traitors are rapidly accelerating their actions or mischief?

It is because, just like I told you, the upper class trash has almost finished establishing their political coup and communist dictatorship over the US and feel confident and safe enough to quickly and openly finish the job, not worrying that the good people will figure out what is going on before it is done. After all, I have shown you the upper class trash owns the government. In their minds, it is too late for anyone to stop them except for the US military, which has been shredded, or by armed citizen rebellion, which is running low on jobs, money, and ammunition. They also know that most people who talk the talk about fighting for freedom won't walk the walk, only a few will actually fight and, if they wait too long, it will be too late. It has gotten to where I barely make my predictions of what you can expect the traitors to do next and the commies are doing my next prediction within a few weeks or even days.

Remember that I told you that, after the liberal commie traitors got homosexual marriage legalized, they would next work on legalizing polygamy?

They have not even gotten homosexual marriage legalized in 20 states and the libtards are already working on getting polygamy legalized.

Also remember that what most people think of as polygamy is actually polygyny and polygamy is actually polygyny (one male, multiple wives), polyandry (one female, multiple husbands), and polyamory (multiple wives and multiple husbands). Of course the slight of hand here is they are hoping you will continue to think of polygamy as polygyny so that by the time you wake up to the truth, they will have gotten polygamy legalized including all three forms of polygamy. That way, they will only have to fight one fight instead of three fights and it will be much easier to get polygyny legalized than polyandry and polyamory. Therefore, they are working to get all three legalized under the one umbrella or name of polygamy. Only after the liberals have gotten polygamy legalized, will they let you know they have gotten all three, polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory, legalized.

The liberals are using both entertainment media (TV and Hollywood) and "news" media or what used to be news media and is now just structured propaganda dissemination to get what they want.

I told you that I had originally expected the "brilliant" attorneys to use the First Amendment or freedom of religion to get polygamy legalized but they tried to use the same logic they had used to get homosexual marriage legalized but the judge told them, "no, stupid, use freedom of religion." It seems the libtards hate the idea of freedom of religion so much, it was repulsive to them to use the one instrument which would work.

But, not to worry, the commies have taken the hint and are clamoring about freedom of religion to get polygamy legalized. The traitors are well on their way to getting their desired next step in destroying marriage and the family in the US.

BTW, remember that I told you the worst thing the homosexuals could do was get homosexual marriage legalized? I also told you why. Their relationships are so short term and violent that married homosexuals will quickly tie up civil and criminal courts with their divorces and domestic violence, respectively. Guess what? One state supreme court recently ruled, in a state in which homosexual marriage is not legal, that married homosexuals can get a divorce in a state which does not recognize homosexual marriage. Say what?

Now, what should that tell you?

No homosexuals have been married for even a year and they are already getting divorces, you know, just like I told you. And those are going to be some interesting and messy battles. I can't wait for those court cases to start making it on TV. And, if you think that will be something, just wait until the criminal cases for domestic abuse start showing up on TV. The homosexuals themselves are about to prove to you that the idea the homosexual community is a gay and happy community is a lie, just like I told you they would. You are about to find out the truth about the homosexual community and it will amaze you. The homosexual community is based on hate, especially hating the homosexual opposite sex and I taught you why. Go back a few years on my blog and read it.

And, if you think those homosexual court cases will be fun to watch, wait until you start seeing the court cases, both civil and criminal, for polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory marriages, especially the polyamory. Just try to imagine 10 or 20 men and women in a group marriage with one or more persons suing or pressing charges against one of more of the others or just getting a divorce with everyone protecting "their share" of the assets. Everyone in the marriage will have to get an attorney, which means that just one divorce in a polyamory marriage could take years. You will see the best cat fights (women physically fighting, claws and jaws) you have ever seen when pagan women start fighting each other for "their share" of stuff the group owns. Talk about a court room circus!!! There will be blood and hair everywhere.

You have not seen anything on "real TV" until all of these pagan marriages start going to pieces. It will make AMA fighting look like kid stuff. You are going to quickly find out the truth about all of these kind, loving, caring liberal pagans. People are going to die because of the libtards and their brilliant ideas.

Remember that I told you that what God is doing is letting the liberal pagan animals out of their closets because you have believed their lies and God wants you to see the truth, which the sicko liberals will show you? Get the picture yet? God isn't losing this fight, He is already winning and the liberals will hand God the victory by proving the evil truth to you about themselves with their actions.

Also remember that I told you that, after polygamy being legalized, the liberal traitors plan to get pedophilia (child rape) legalized. There are already liberal pedophilia groups chomping at the bit for their turn in court. If you want to really tick me off, you hurt the children. Nothing ticks me off more than that.

I also told you that, after the kids, the libtards plan on getting bestiality legalized so the sickos can go around raping animals. You can bet those retards also have organized groups chomping at the bit to get their day in court. I really hate it when you hurt anyone or anything which can't defend itself. Hurting good people is bad but hurting helpless good people, especially children, or animals is the worst.

Don't get me wrong, I am not an animal activist. I do believe in killing animals for food, resources, and to cull animal groups to prevent disastrous biological die off caused by over population. But I do not support hurting animals or scaring them for personal pleasure, especially sexual reasons. Be not deceived, their sins will find them out.

It is obviously time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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