I Told You So 83

Remember that I told you Obama was made president by the upper class trash as a sucker punch to cause a "black man" to take the fall or blame for the upper class trash destroying our economy and nation to make blacks look really bad so the upper class trash could justify killing off all blacks to "purge the gene pool of inferior genes"?

The upper class trash is doing everything they can to make blacks look bad while Obama is president and the upper class trash is finishing off our economy and nation. I also showed how this has been planned and set up over a period of decades by the rich white liberals.

Can't you just hear the upper class trash arguments or propaganda, "Hey, don't look over here at us corrupt criminal upper class trash for destroying your economy and nation, it is the fault of those stupid, lazy, incompetent, criminal blacks. We need to get rid of them. After all, we gave them more and better chances than you and they still failed....and destroyed our nation."

Dig this headline: "Liberals Aghast as US's "25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods" All Happen to be Black"

Do you really think that story is a coincidence at this time with the upper class trash accelerating their actions to finish the take over of our country and with Obama taking hits from all sides about his lies, corruption, incompetence, and such, especially from the liberal media? And, yes, he does deserve everything which is happening to him.

Note that it says that liberals are "aghast" about finding out that the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods are all black. No, they wouldn't be trying to turn all liberals against blacks by making blacks look bad, would they?

But let's do a little math. The three worst neighborhoods plus the seventh worst are all in Detroit, a failed liberal run city. Four of the top 25 neighborhoods are in Chicago, a failed liberal run city. But, one thing I find interesting is that, in spite of how violent Los Angeles and New York City are, not one of the 25 most violent communities was in LA or NYC, which are both failed liberal run communities. Is this an attempt to deflect the failure of the liberal communities away from liberalism to the black communities by not including some of the most liberal communities?

If it is, it won't take long before some one like me asks, "But, what about all of those other failed liberal run cities which don't have black communities in the list of the top 25 most dangerous communities? What caused them to fail?", and then quickly points out that the one thing they ALL have in common is that they are ALL liberal run cities. That will shift the blame back from the blacks to the liberals.

Oh hey, I just did that, didn't I? :-)

Don't be surprised when the media keep putting out such bad "information" about blacks and the liberal opinion of blacks quickly goes downhill. Hey, why take the heat for the evil crap you have been and are doing when you can blame it all on the blacks? Besides, if the economic and social failures are being caused by blacks and not by liberal policies and programs, then it will be much easier to keep selling those liberal ideas and programs. Get the picture yet?

Get a clue, it is the liberal ideas and policies which have caused these black communities to fail so badly. It is NOT the blacks who have caused the liberal ideas, policies, and programs to fail so badly. Remember that better than 90% of US blacks are liberal Democrats who vote for liberal politicians, ideas, and programs.

But you can bet the white liberal commie traitors will shift the blame from themselves to the blacks to keep everyone from turning against the liberal commie traitor white crackers.

Oh yeah, the libtards are not just working on blaming blacks but also other minorities such as Latinos. What do you think this legalizing illegal aliens things is really all about? They will use the legalizing of illegal aliens to finish destroying our economy and nation and then blame the Latinos because the first thought people have been brainwashed to think when illegal aliens are mentioned is Latinos. You watch the upper class trash also ratchet up bad PR against Latinos and all other minorities to blame the minorities, including Muslims, for destroying our nation and justify killing off everyone except select groups of Euro-American whites. Keep an eye on this.

Everyone, but especially blacks and other minorities, need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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