Long March

It is important to note, for learning's sake, that the lying liberal pagans didn't just suddenly and quickly take over our country, the United States of America, in the early 21st Century. The sudden rush to power is only happening in the last days of the upper class trash's evil plans to seize and destroy our nation. The upper class trash used a very long march lasting over 200 years, taking control of one thing at a time, as quietly and innocently appearing as possible and, whenever possible, using great sounding causes as a front to disguise their evil deads and intentions.

Most of it started in the early 1800s right after the United States of America started a revolution by revolting against England that quickly spread throughout Europe, freeing the European surfs, peasants, and peons and then spread around the world. The Europeans had just lost their slaves, their revenues in taxes, and their power, and wanted their slaves back so their academe started working on ideas for destroying Christianity, capitalism, and convincing their former slaves to sell themselves back into slavery. The upper class trash knew they could not take back their slaves by the sword, they had just lost that fight.

It all started with controlling education and ideas because, if you control the mind, you control the body. Their evil academe, in the name of education and science, dreamed up evolution to discredit and destroy Christianity and the Bible because most of the revolutions, especially the US revolution, were driven by the Bible and Christian ideas. The upper class trash had to turn people against Christianity so they began falsifying science to prove evolution in an attempt to destroy God, Christianity, and the Bible and began revising history to make Christians look like the evil people and pagans look like the victims, all of this while most of them pretended to be Christians themselves, quietly conquering from within.

I already showed you that it was the pagans who threw the first blows in the war between Christians and pagans and it is recorded in the New Testament. The pagan Jews and then the pagan Gentiles began persecuting Christians immediately after the death of Jesus and continued to persecute Christians for 400 years until Constantine finally gave the Christians enough, but not complete, control of the Church of Rome to fight back. It was at that time a Christian back lash developed and the Christians began trying to get rid of the pagans to prevent the pagans from being able to continue to persecute the Christians.

The Christians temporarily won this war, the pagans started, driving the pagans under ground but not eliminating the pagans. The pagans regrouped, reorganized, and started all over again about 200 years ago, gradually, quietly, deceptively, and patiently working to eventually wipe out all Christians while, at first, pretending to be Christians to destroy the church from within because they had lost the fight by trying to destroy Christianity by attacking from without. They are now in the final steps of doing just that.

The pagan academe dreamed up communism/socialism and Libertarianism to destroy capitalism because capitalism gave people financial freedom, which prevents slavery. Karl Marx wrote the best sales manual for convincing people to sell themselves into slavery under communism, the "Communist Manifesto", so the upper class trashed branded Marx the father of communism/socialism, in spite of the fact that he was not the first to propose the idea of communism and even plagiarized much of his material for the "Communist Manifesto", to get every one to read their beloved sales manual or communist bible and put Libertarianism on the back burner just in case Marxism didn't workout. At that time, the upper class trash and their academe began working to develop plans for eventual take over of Europe and all of their beloved lost colonies and slaves around the world....and taxes.

After all, the European upper class trash royalty and their academe partners in crime had just been put out of business, were going broke, had to cut back on luxuries, and needed to get their over taxed slaves back. The upper class trash royalty were desperate and times were hard, and some were even going broke. Horror of horrors, the upper class trash might have to start working for a living!!!

What should this tell you?

This should tell you that Marxism and Libertarianism were never about the people but were always about power, control, and greed. The rest of what the upper class trash told you about how Marxism and, now, Libertarianism would free, you, the recently freed people?...was just lies. They had to wait until enough of the people forgot the oppression of their ancestors by the European upper class trash for people to begin to believe they were being enslaved by capitalism instead of being set free by capitalism so people would begin to believe the lie that Marxism would set them free, from their own freedom?

By the early 1900s, communism seized control of Russia and showed its true colors so the rest of Europe changed their name from communism to socialism but it was the same old song and dance. By the time Hitler got into power in Germany as a socialist leader, Marxism had spread throughout Europe and Russia enslaving the middle and lower classes.

Most people don't realize it but WWII was Marxists fighting Marxists for power. The war was the evil, power mad Marxists of Germany, Italy, Austria, and Turkey along with the imperialists of Japan fighting the evil, power mad Marxists of Britain, France, and Russia for control of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, and, eventually, the world. Believe me, the evil Marxists of Europe already had their eyes on the Americas because Germany got caught making an alliance with the evil Marxists of Mexico to invade the US from Mexico.

What we should have done would have been to let all of these evil, power mad nations fight it out destroying their resources, especially human resources for soldiers, and then conquered them all setting their people free. Buuuut, our glorious Marxists, who had just destroyed our capitalist economy causing the Great Depression so they could get in power under FDR and force their brand of Marxism on the US, would have nothing of the sort. Our Marxists were already working with the British, French, and Russian Marxists to seize control of the US, establish an international Marxist dictatorship, and spread that Marxist dictatorship globally, once again enslaving the entire planet under their control.

So the US Marxists came to the aid of the British, French, and Russian Marxists defeating, what they called the evil axis of Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Japan, and while continuing to set up their evil Marxist dictatorship in the US. Our glorious Marxists, to dodge the bullet of the American people associating the Marxism of the "evil axis" with the Marxism of our socialists, branded the evil axis as NAZIs. Our glorious Marxists knew that, if the US people realized the countries we were fighting were all socialists, except for Japan, the US socialists plans would come to a screeching halt, setting our socialists back decades or worse.

In the US, the Marxist first took majority control of our media and higher education gradually brainwashing the people, especially the very susceptible younger people. They gradually gained control of our government, including our courts and then began on working to evict God, the Bible, and Christianity from our schools, government, and lives so they could replace God with their pagan Marxism to dumb down and brainwash more of the people more quickly. There was a post WWII economic boom caused by capitalism which set the commies back a little but they quickly regrouped, reorganized, and kept working towards destroying the US government and setting up their beloved commie dictatorship by taking ground one slow, painful step at a time.

Here we are today, in the early 21st Century and the commies have finally destroyed the US government and economy setting up their dictatorship well enough they feel free to force laws on us most of us don't want by dictatorial decree. In the final stage of establishing and cementing their beloved commie dictatorship, they are quickly accelerating their evil plans and onslaught against us to get their dictatorship firmed up before the people can stage a revolution or civil war to fight to regain their freedom. The commies know that, once the final steps are in place to impoverish and enslave us, such as Obamacare and legalizing illegal aliens, even most liberals will quickly realize that we have been lied to and screwed. Therefore, the traitors have a limited amount of time within which to finish their evil deed and establish absolute control over the people to prevent said war. That is why they are rushing right now. It is almost over and most people are just now beginning to realize we are screwed with many still yet to wake up.

That is the short story.

Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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