I Told You So 84

Remember that, since June, 2009, I have been telling you that our economy is not recovering and that we are in a super depression?

I just read that Hunter Lewis, Founder and former CEO of Cambridge Associates, said in an interview that we are in a depression.

Wow, where have we heard that before?

Lewis said that the only reason the "official unemployment numbers" (remember that I call them the fake unemployment numbers) are so low is because they don't count the people who have given up looking for work. (Gee, where did you hear that before?) He said that, if they calculated unemployment the way they did in the 1930s, the unemployment would be at 20% (15% or more unemployment equals a depression.) Actually it would be higher but you know they are saving that information for later because they KNOW we are in a super depression, you know, just like I have been telling you. They are only letting a little of the cat out of the bag at this time. You will get the rest of it later.

Have I not been telling you that everything the experts have been telling you about our economy being a recovering economy is just smoke and mirrors?

Now, how many of you believe them releasing this incredible revelation RIGHT NOW, while Obama is catching hell from every direction, is a coincidence?

Yeah, let's blame the stupid black man for our mischief. Get the picture?

If the timing of this announcement is a coincidence, especially with them having been covering this up for so long, just like I have been showing you, Obama is suddenly catching hell because of a lot of coincidences. There is no way there are this many coincidences happening at just the right time to cause Obama to take the fall for what the upper class trash has been doing, well, OK, Obama has been helping them and deserves what he is getting. Obama and the blacks got sucker punched. Get the picture yet?

You KNOW that, after this revelation, Obama is going to start taking major hits from both sides for another cover up and lying, especially about something as critical as covering up that our economy is in a depression? This revelation is just a left jab setting up for a strong right cross. "What, you mean that Obama has been lying (again) and covering up that our nation is in a depression since June, 2009?" Obama is going to get some mat time from this revelation because this one is going to knock Obama off his feet for a little while. After this revelation, there will definitely be moves in Congress to impeach and prosecute Obama. Get the picture?

What other "coincidental revelations" will be made known soon?

Everything they have been covering up is about to "coincidentally" be dumped right in Obama's lap including but not limited to Benghazi, IRS, NSA, FBI, EPA, Iran, and much more. They will probably blame Obama for your dog crapping on your rug. Obama, Michelle, and Valerie are up fecal matter creek without an oar, without a boat and are swimming in deep doo doo. They are scuba diving looking for very smelly brown trout. Keep an eye on this.

After this, I bet at least a few of you will listen to me a little bit better when I warn you about what is going on. The cover is blown on this story, it is really, really huge because it exposes a massive cover up "by Obama" about something, which is very critical, and more is to come.

There are some things I forgot to tell you about in my last essay, "Michelle" that I feel you need to know about. There are some other serious signs clearly showing that Obama and Michelle are not getting along and life in La La Land sucks.

The last two pictures I saw of Obama and Michelle walking in transit together were in the rain. The first picture was taken in a mist, Michelle was walking significantly ahead of Obama carrying her own umbrella and Obama wasn't carrying an umbrella, and they are both very clearly unhappy, you know, major pouting.

The second picture is in a light rain with Obama very unhappily walking a significant distance ahead of Michelle without an umbrella and Michelle very unhappily walking next to a staffer carrying her umbrella. It is very clear that Obama is walking ahead of Michelle because they are having "marital problems".

When a pouting man walks in the rain away from his spouse and the protection of her umbrella, it is that man trying to make the woman feel guilty and to embarrass her. It is called a temper tantrum and something only an immature person would do, you know, like a spoiled two year old. It is not the behavior expected of the leader of a country.

The only pictures I have seen of Obama smiling since Mandela's funeral have been when Obama is playing golf. I have not seen any pictures of Obama with Michelle and Obama and Michelle both smiling since the Obama family was booed by the crowd at the basketball game.

By themselves, this doesn't mean much but, when you put this additional information together with the rest of the Michelle essay, it means a lot. There is significant trouble in Obama land. Keep an eye on it.

Now back to our recovering economy, cough, cough, cough, I can barely see through the smoke, where did all of these mirrors come from?

We all need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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