Your Challenge

The first and most important thing for all of us is to acknowledge our sins or crimes against God's Laws, repent or turn away from those sins or crimes, and accept the amnesty or salvation Jesus provided for us by paying for our crimes on the cross. If you have not done that and made that commitment to God, nothing else should matter. Where you will spend eternity should be more important than everything else combined because, once that eternity begins, it will never end and eternity in damnation is a very long time to pay for your own crimes when Jesus has already paid for all of our crimes.

Your Challenge

The first thing I need to explain is that God is furious with us and for very good reasons. First, God has blessed us with the greatest nations, economies, militaries, personal wealth, and other things in the history of man and how did we thank Him? We listened to the lies of the God hating liberal pagans who lied about, blasphemed, slandered, libeled, and insulted God when they told us that it wasn't God who accomplished or did these things but them and their false pagan gods such as democracy and evolution. They have done and said everything they could to falsely make the very God who blessed us so much look like the bad guy and evil while making their evil selves and false gods look great and wonderful and we believed them. Believe me, we deserve to be punished.

As I have said, God is rightfully furious with us and one of the many things God is doing is letting the evil people whose lies we believed and whom we decided to follow, instead of following God's Word and Laws, have the control and power they want to let these wicked people show their true colors and prove they are the true evil and God is the true good being when God has to save our butts from these evil people and their wicked plans.

I don't care what the evil people tell you, we are being punished for following these evil people and we must pay a price before things can get better, some of us will pay the ultimate price. We are going to be subjugated by these evil people for a little while and have to fight a war against the evil people before God will save us and things can get better. The near future is not going to be pleasant because of these evil people and their false pagan gods.

God is right now in the process of proving that these evil pagans are the bad guys and God is the good guy who did do these great things and bless us so much. The first part of this proof is letting the bad guys prove they are the real bad guys and, therefore, God is the real good guy and the final proof for the latter will be when we are forced to turn to God to save our butts from the evil liberal pagans and God saves us from them by completely crushing the wicked plans of these evil liberal pagans.

The second part of God's proof will be that it really was God who created our existence (not evolution) and then built the greatest nations, economies, cultures, societies, militaries, and personal wealth in the history of man and not the false liberal pagan gods such as democracy. To achieve this, God is going to use a Christian theocracy, which the evil pagans have falsely taught you to fear and hate, instead of using the pagan god, democracy, to create an even greater nation, economy, personal wealth, and freedom than even the United States of America was and had at its greatest.

This is where your challenge comes in. God has told me to tell you, during this period of bleakness facing almost certain death and/or slavery, that God is giving you a challenge. God wants you to believe in Him enough to dream the most spectacular dreams you can about what you would like for your future and God will do better, after these wars are over and God has set up His Christian theocracy. This is God's challenge to you, dream your best dreams and God will do better. Nothing is impossible with God.

Personally, I dare you to dream your best dreams because I want to see the looks on your faces when you see what God has planned for you because God is the greatest dreamer in all of history. We humans cannot even begin to imagine everything which God can do much less dream better than God. What God has planned for you is definitely much better than what the lying evil liberal pagans have planned for you, the global slaughter of seven billion people.

God gave me this challenge more than a decade ago and I didn't really understand the full meaning of it until last night while thinking about it, God showed me a few things. The challenge was meant to teach me, reward me for being a good servant of God, and for me to be an example for you, when the time comes.

You have to understand that I am not a person who really wants a lot of stuff because I learned decades ago that, the more stuff you have, the more you become a slave to your stuff. I would much rather have time to enjoy the few things I enjoy than be a slave to many more things, especially just to have those things knowing I probably would not use many of them.

Most people think that you buy something and just own it forever with no additional costs but there is a thing called cost of ownership. According to the second law of thermodynamics, everything is in a perpetual state of decay so that everything you own is constantly wearing out, breaking down and will require maintenance in time and money to keep those things working. I personally prefer to spend most of my time enjoying a few things than a lot of time and money working to maintain more things. This is especially true with things which were purchased more to impress people than to enjoy those things. To me, it is a waste of time and money to purchase things to impress people. To me, things are tools I use to improve my quality of life and not diminish my quality of life by being enslaved by those things.

The things I enjoy most in life are things which require me to get outside and enjoy this wonderful planet God created for us to enjoy. I really enjoy things like bicycling, cross country skiing, running, hiking, camping, and such. I would love to learn such things as kayaking, sailing, and flying. When it comes to flying, I would rather fly an open cockpit Fokker D7 biplane than a Lear jet or 747 where you are isolated from the world instead of enjoying the world. I would rather enjoy a sail boat than some monster mega yacht with massive engines driving it through the water in which you never feel and enjoy the ocean spray on your face. My two favorite cars are the 32 Ford Roadster and 57 Chevy Bel Air Nomad and I find the expensive imported upper class Euro cars repulsive. I have driven a few and I enjoyed driving an old US pickup truck more than the Mercedes I drove. I love the feel of a good car and standard transmition in my hands and didn't really enjoy being chauffeured around in a limousine either. I am the type of person who prefers blue jeans and a polo shirt to an expensive suit and I hate the pomp of royalty, you know, like Obama and Michelle enjoy so much. I would rather hang out with good people of any class than arrogant people, especially from the upper class. I grew up as a blue collar child and enjoy the blue collar world.

I have learned that the mega wealthy prefer to isolate themselves from this world God create and everything in it but I prefer to enjoy the world. I like to keep things simple and fun, therefore, when God gave me this challenge, the greatest challenge for me was to dream of things so extravagant it would seem a challenge to God at all.

When God told me, "Dream the best dream you can and I will do better," the first thing I thought of was a nice wood frame house with enough living spaces for a family, a few extra rooms to keep and maintain my bikes and stuff and enough garage space for a few fun cars. That would have been the most I would have wanted. God laughed at me and said, "I can easily beat that, dream bigger and I will do better." This was a challenge for me to challenge God and I knew He could easily beat me but God had some lessons for me so He persisted until I finally caved and gave in.

Finally, I said, OK, when I was a kid, I thought it would be fun to have a castle like in the Robin Hood and other medieval movies of the time. So I decided, for fun, I would design a small to medium size castle and God quit kicking my butt to do better. You have to understand that my idea of a castle is nothing like the upper class trash castles of Europe with hundreds of bed rooms but a fun place to live, for fitness and recreation, family events, and a place where you can learn and teach, especially kids. It is a place where you do things and live life to its fullest and don't just sit around being pompous and pious. Think a gym, indoor swimming pool, wood working shop, arts and crafts, play areas for kids, and just a fun place to live with rooms to rest and relax.

God sent me off researching, learning, and designing everything I might even remotely be interested in until I just could not find anything else I would enjoy designing or dreaming about. I did a lot of learning about a lot of things and it was a lot of fun. When I ran out of things to design as big as I could, which I could possibly even imagine me enjoying, I turned to God and said, "OK, I did what you want, it is your turn." God spent the next few years showing me some of the things He has planned for me, beginning after the coming war. I was stunned and could have never even dreamed about getting such things but there were a few things I didn't fully understand their meaning until this last year and I only finally got it all last night.

You see, one of the things I couldn't understand was why God would do such things for me. What have I done to deserve such blessings from God? Nothing, I have not done anything which would earn such blessings from God and have done plenty to earn punishment. Why me? This was all about God just blessing me regardless and in spite of what I have done and then I realized that it is about a very wonderful, loving God and not about me.

Last night God showed me something else about this in relation to you. These blessings God has promised me beginning in the near future are meant to be a sign and promise to you and I was informed that I was to give the same challenge to you from God that God gave to me and you better try your best to challenge God. When you begin to see God doing incredible things through me and for me, you are to know that, if you continue to be committed to God and His Law while working your best in faith to God, it will be a sign that what I have told you here is true and soon God will begin giving you incredible mind boggling blessings and not because we have earned these blessings, but because God really loves us.

Remember that I told you that, following the war, God will work through us to build the greatest nation in the history of the world with a Christian theocracy and not using the false pagan god, democracy. God will prove it was God and not democracy which made the US the greatest nation in history by using a Christian theocracy to build an even greater nation very quickly. Remember that I told you that, after God has our new nation up and running with a very strong economy, God will start a program of creating, from scratch, complete and new planet systems in distant star or solar systems and provide us with the technology to quickly travel between the new planets. Then God will give us the daunting task of our new nation colonizing those new planets, which is why we must start with a robust economy.

Knowing what I have learned about God, I believe God will make it possible for us to some how witness the actual creation of those new planets and everything on them including all the plants and animals from scratch, you know, such as plasma from the nearby sun or a collection of asteroids. The reason for this is to finally disprove the pagan fairy tale of evolution and prove that God did not lie when He told his scribes, the prophets, that God created everything in six earth days. In just a few days each, God will create completely new planet systems using nothing more than the dead matter floating in space and we will see it.

I also believe that the first new planet will be an exact replica of earth when God first created earth with every plant and animal which has ever lived on earth living together at the same time proving that nothing evolved and everything was created by God in place, except God won't create new humans because some of us will be the humans who will live there. You are going to be amazed at what you will learn and how wrong all of the current "experts" are about those plants and animals. For example, you will learn that T-Rex was not a predator or scavenger as his fossilized tooth and jaw structures tell us, T-Rex was an herbivore which ate large melons and squashes because biting into flesh would have pulled his teeth right out of his mouth and today's experts know it. T-Rex was just a two legged elephant with the trunk on the other end. You will finally find out what he and the other extinct plants and animals looked like and learn that they looked very little, if anything, like the artist renditions of those plants and animals. Man will be proved wrong and God will be proved right.

Over the years, I have been amazed at the extreme complexity of the different plants and animals still living on this planet, even after so many have become extinct. Every year, our scientists find new species and they are all so different and wonderful that it is mind boggling that God could create so many different types of plants and animals in so many balanced ecosystems. Then, when I consider the many types of plants and animals which are now extinct, it only adds to my amazement. On just this one planet, God created millions of different plants and animals, all of them amazing. What an incredible mind God has.

But I believe God will show us just how amazing His mind really is by creating every planet, after the first planet, at least significantly, if not completely, different from every other planet with millions of unique species of plants and animals on each planet. Just God creating a replica of earth when God first created earth will be amazing but every planet after that will be even more amazing. Believe me, only complete pagan idiots who want to believe their paganism will believe in evolution when God is finished creating from at least seven to possibly more than 20 new planet systems right before our eyes and then we Christians get to colonize those incredible new planets.

What God has planned for us following this coming war will dwarf everything man has accomplished in history combined. Our new Christian nation will start as a nation of states and countries similar to the US but will quickly evolve into a nation of planets instead of states and God has let me know that those planets will be scatter through at least two large spiral galaxies, the Milky Way and M31 or Andromeda. We are going to be tasked with colonizing two large spiral galaxies in just about one decade. We are going to have to develop the government management system for two galaxies by keeping our government small but effective. Our military leaders will be the first military leaders in history tasked with developing a military structure to provide the national security for two large galaxies while developing the offensive and defensive strategies and tactics for interplanetary war and maintaining the ability to conduct effective terrestrial war. We are going to have to develop intergalactic economies, communications, law enforcement, and other such things very quickly.

That is why God wants me to give you His challenge now so you will begin researching, studying, planning, and developing such things now so that, when God starts His planet creation program, we will be ready to hit the ground running and not be caught behind the curve. We also need to work at getting through these hard and evil times and prepare to fight this coming war but, during your spare time, especially right after the war, dream your best dream and God will do better. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

BTW, God is going to easily dwarf the best science fiction fantasies of Hollywood and TV. God will easily create better plants, animals, and planets than those pagans did. You will laugh at today's best science fiction movies and TV shows the way you currently laugh at the science fiction shows from the 1950s. God will do better.

Think about this, the first important decision you are going to have to make after the war and we have our new nation up and running will be, which planet are you going to live on? Are you going to remain on planet earth, as some will, or help colonize one of the new virgin planets? Will you start a business or work for others? Will you grow things man has never eaten? Will you fish for aquatic life man has never seen? Will you harvest wood never used by man to build anything? Will you and your family live on a star freighter carrying goods between the planets to visit all of the planets? Will you be an intergalactic soldier or cop working to protect several galaxies of good people from bad people?

Think about this, whatever you are doing or want to do here on earth, some one will need you to do that on one of those planets. There will suddenly be a lot of job openings in space and you can bet they will pay well.

Dream your best dream.

Mean while, it is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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