I Told You So 90

More than 15 years ago, when I first added my blog to this creation science site, I told you that too many young people were getting college degrees and not enough were going into the trades. We have reached a point to where increasing numbers of people, especially the young, simply can't get jobs with a college degree and are either becoming a ward of the state (AKA Welfare slaves) or being forced to take very low paying jobs in unskilled labor while owing huge college loans because they don't know a trade.

This is at a time when there is increasingly developing an extreme shortage in skilled labor to the point to where a graduate from a trade school can make an average of about $10,000 more per year than the average college graduate who does finally get a job, in some cases, much more.

I told you at that time that the two main reasons for scaring everyone into wanting to get a college degree were the universities wanting to increase demand for a college education so the universities could safely increase tuitions and costs for such things as college texts so the professors and the university staffs could put more loot in their pockets and so they could brainwash more of your children with their liberal commie dogma, turning your children into good little commie puppets...uh...citizens.

The people in charge of the brainwashing were not getting enough of your children in college to brainwash (college enrollments were actually dropping and increasing numbers of universities are financially strapped by the higher wage requirements, their brilliant idea was backfiring) so they are forcing Obama's "Common Core" brainwashing on all of the public schools so the liberal commie traitors can get your kids even younger when they are even more impressionable. Plus the Common Core curriculum will encourage most of the brainwashed kiddies to go to college for further brainwashing, increasing demand for a college degree so the universities can keep their tuitions inflated beyond reason so the liberal commie thieves can stuff even more of your cash in their greedy pockets. Work and earn more money? Why, when you can steal it?

The states and vocational groups are fighting back by their legislators doing away with the Federal Government's requirements for Common Core brainwashing and by enforcing states' rights.

You need to understand that the civil war is not a possibility of the future but is already being fought. No, as far as we know, there are no shots being fired with people being killed, yet, (there may be people getting killed on both sides we don't know about) but the fight is already on.

The first US Civil War was fought the same way. The northern industrialists started the fight by the Federal Government, controlled by the northern industrialists (they owned the politicians, sound familiar?), imposing exorbitant exportation taxes on agricultural goods being sold to Europe forcing the Southern farmers to sell their agricultural goods to the north at such low prices the farmers would have all gone broke because Europe was willing to pay more for US agricultural goods than the northern industrialists. It is called greed. The Southern states tried to fight back but the North used their control of the military to enforce the export taxes on the farmers which forced the South to split and start fighting the Northern military in actual combat with the North claiming their were fighting against slavery. (You mean the Federal Government was already using smoke and mirrors back then?)

Well, today, the same thing is happening. The Federal Government is forcing unconstitutional laws on the rest of us and, increasingly, the states are fighting back with their states rights. Therefore, the civil war has already started and is quickly accelerating as the commies accelerate their attempts to force their dictatorship on the states. Right now, the civil war is being fought between the states and the Federal Government in the state legislatures and Pharaoh Obama's pen (with a little help from the Commiecrats and GOP RINOs in Congress) with increasing numbers of states, even some of the commie controlled states, joining the fight against the Federal Government's tyranny. If it is not already secretly going on, it is only a matter of time and the shooting will start but our states are trying very hard to prevent the shooting by trying to win the battle for our freedom in the legislatures and courts by exerting states' rights. Don't be deceived, we are at war with the tyrants right now and the fight is on. Keep an eye on this.

One funny note I read about in this civil war is that NSA has its new super duper spy building in Utah, and the Utah State Government informed NSA that, if NSA spies on Utah, the Utah State Government will turn off NSA's water. I don't care if you are a powerful liberal commie federal government traitor, you still have to live in a state some where.

I bet increasing numbers of you are wanting to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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