I Told You So 91

There are several things here I want to talk about. Things are moving so fast now that I barely get articles written and posted about something and I am writing "I Told You So" essays about those topics, some times within just a few weeks or even days. Thanks to our liberal pagan friends it has become a mad, mad, mad, mad world. Hang on because it is going to get worse until we turn back to God.

First, I told you that Chelsea Clinton would likely be the Commiecrat next presidential candidate, especially with Hillary being severely damaged goods and not being taken too seriously with her "campaigning". I think it is a strong possibility that Hillary knows she can't get elected and is fund raising for Chelsea's run.

Suddenly, out of no where, Princess Chelsea shows up giving a political speech before a political group about...homosexual rights. Is this Princess Chelsea and her supporters testing the waters, especially with Obama taking the blame for everything going wrong and mommy being damaged goods? Or is this the start of Chelsea's campaign trail?

Don't be surprised if Princess Chelsea starts out "campaigning for mommy" and then, due to a manufactured outcry from the Commiecrats, Chelsea throws her hat into the ring for president and mommy graciously backs out in support of Princess Chelsea, turning the money mommy raised over to Princess Chelsea's campaign. This could easily happen in the next six months to a year.

In other news, I just read that someone ate a pot cake and went into a coma. Ever hear of anyone doing that with a tobacco cake? Me neither.

Don't get me wrong, I am not in support of tobacco but I am fed up with the lies about pot not being as bad as tobacco to get pot legalized. I personally don't use any recreational drugs and still enjoy life.

I warned you that we would start seeing the repercussions of legalizing pot and it is happening sooner than even I imagined. The dopers and dope pushers have been lying for years about pot being harmless in spite of considerable research proving pot is very harmful. One of the problems about liberals lying to people about something not being harmful when it is very harmful is that the stupid people (other liberals) will over do that something and prove the liberal liars wrong.

Expect to see increasing numbers of idiot liberal dopers being seriously harmed, going into comas, and just dying because of abusing pot. You are about to find out the ugly truth concerning pot and its harmful effects, the hard way.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you that the pagan cults will come out of the closet now that the libtards are in control and we will find out the truth about the pagan cults not really being the nice guys and Christians not really being the bad guys? I just read about a female Satanist who just confessed to murdering more than 200 people nationally as part of their cult activities. You can bet you are going to see more of this in the near future. I am keeping an eye on those beloved "good witches" Disney, the Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, and others told us about murdering people, especially children. Keep an eye on this, give the libtards enough rope and they will hang themselves.

Have you been noticing that the liberal solutions for their climate change crap has been making the water shortage problem in California worse? BTW, I warned you that we are having a serious problem with our continents drying up. It will get worse quickly.

There are several things you need to keep an eye out for with this continental drying problem getting worse, especially in Commiefornia. When the underground aquifers dry up, the soil above where the water used to be settles causing surface problems like very large sink holes, which tend to swallow up things like homes, cars, and people. Another problem you get because of the decreasing water in aquifers and the increasing shifting soils will be increased seismic activity or earth quakes. Keep an eye out for these things, especially in California.

Remember that I warned you that the Texas governor, Rick Perry, and his economic strategies along with the liberal Commiecrats are working to make Texas a liberal state? Suddenly, everyone is worrying about Texas quickly becoming a liberal state. Gee, go figure.

Here we are in the Winter Olympics, we are doing poorly, and no one can seem to figure out why. Could it be decades of the liberals teaching children that everyone is a winner and there are no losers and not giving out awards based on performance while just giving out participation awards because the kids were there has denied our young people the learning that they have to work and learn to succeed? Maybe, if the IOC started handing out participation awards instead of performance based awards our athletes would start doing better? Sports are just another thing the libtards and their intellectual superiority have screwed up.

Also, have you noticed that our athletes are coming home whining and crying with a lot of lame excuses for losing really bad, you know, just like the liberals have taught them? Is there now anything the liberals have not screwed up?

BTW, if I were the owner of the Red Skins professional football team, I would change the name of the team to the Cavalry. That would really tick of the libtards and I love ticking off libtards. You have to understand that the Red Skin name was originally given to the football team to honor American Indians and several Indian chiefs were actually present at the naming ceremony.

Have you noticed that all of the socialist countries are having severe economic and financial problems with increasing numbers of those countries having rioting and even revolutions starting in their streets? Don't be surprised to see increasing numbers of government militaries stepping in with military coups, taking over their countries, rounding up the commie traitors, executing those commie traitors, and setting up a military based government, you know, like in Egypt. Keep an eye on this.

I noticed that Steven Seagal has also stated in an interview that he believes the large number mass shootings are staged. That means I am not the only person who believes these mass shootings are being staged by the left as justification for grabbing everyone's guns.

We obviously need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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