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Remember that I told you years ago that I believed Iran had nukes and was building an arsenal for a surprise attack on Israel and the rest of the West, especially the US and why they are doing what they are doing?

I read and have been mulling over an recent article by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, who served in the CIA, the House Armed Services Committee, the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, the Congressional EMP Commission, and is the author of "Electric Armageddon" and "Apocalypse Unknown". The title of the article is "Iran Has the Bomb" and is quite telling. In this article, Pry tells us some of the same things I told you years ago, a few things I didn't tell you and left out a few things I did tell you but the conclusion is the same one I came to years ago and told you about, Iran has nukes and is building an arsenal for a surprise nuke attack on Israel and the West. He even gives the same reasons I gave you for Iran building nukes and their planned use of those nukes. Doctor Pry confirmed almost everything I told you years ago and are still being denied by most today. Gee, what a coincidence, huh?

Pry starts out by saying that he and a number of others have been warning that Iran already has nukes and stated the following: "U.S. intelligence is not good enough to so precisely and with such high confidence monitor and verify the status of Iran's nuclear weapons program." This is especially true if Iran doesn't test their nukes, tests with only small throw weight detonations of 1 k or less (very difficult to detect such low levels of radiation), and/or tests underground (low radiation leakage.)

Pry states "A recently published Defense Department study "Assessment of Nuclear Monitoring and Verification Technologies" (January 2014), by the blue ribbon Defense Science Board, concludes the following:"

"Closing the nation's global nuclear monitoring gaps should be a national priority. It will require, however, a level of commitment and sustainment we don't normally do well without a crisis. ...monitoring for proliferation... presents challenges for which current solutions are either inadequate, or more often, do not exist. Among these challenges are... Small inventories of weapons and materials.... Small nuclear enterprises designed to produce, store, and deploy only a small number of weapons...Undeclared facilities and/or covert operations, such as testing below detection thresholds, or acquisition of materials or weapons through theft or purchase... Use of non-traditional technologies..."

Then Pry says, "These intelligence blind-spots align perfectly with U.S. monitoring gaps against Iran's nuclear weapons program. The Defense Science Board Report is tantamount to an admission that Iran probably already has the bomb."

But remember that I showed you that by connecting all of the right dots, which is what Pry and his fellow believers did, you can clearly see that Iran has nukes and what their plans are for using those nukes.

Then Pry said,"Like the North Korean nuclear weapons program, Iran's nuclear weapons program is clandestine, mostly underground, mostly inaccessible to international inspections, and impenetrable to U.S. national technical means. Most of what we know about Iran's nuclear program has been disclosed voluntarily by Tehran to the International Atomic Energy Agency." (You know, like Iran is going to tell us the truth about their clandestine program.)

"The U.S. did not even suspect Iran was working on the bomb until 2002, after the program was in operation for some 15 years."

"We should know from our own experience that Iran probably already has the bomb. During its World War II Manhattan Project, when nuclear weapons were only a theoretical possibility, and working with 1940s era technology, the U.S. built two atomic bombs of radically different design that both worked perfectly -- in a mere three years."

"Iran, with access to copious unclassified information on nuclear weapon designs, working with 21st Century technology, helped by the A.Q. Khan network (the man who developed Pakistan's nukes), North Korea, Russia, and China, supposedly has been unable to build the bomb -- after thirty years of trying. This is an implausibly optimistic assessment."

Basically, it is a nice way of saying that, if you still believe that Iran doesn't have nukes after 30 years of working on developing nukes and with all of the help they have had, you are an idiot.

"North Korea developed its first nuclear weapons in no more than 8 years."

"Unreported by the mainstream media are warnings that Iran might already have the bomb by such experts as former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey; former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council Fritz Ermarth; President Reagan's Science Advisor Dr. William R. Graham; former Director of the Defense Nuclear Agency Vice Admiral Robert Monroe; former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Ambassador Henry Cooper; and Israeli intelligence officers, the latter going public in the Israeli newspaper Maariv in September 2013."

"Historically, the U.S. intelligence community has underestimated and been surprised by foreign nuclear weapon programs. They were surprised by the first Soviet A-bomb test in 1949, by the Soviet H-bomb test in 1955, by China's first nuclear test in 1964, by discovery after the 1991 Persian Gulf War that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was within 6 months of developing an atomic bomb, by Pakistan and India's nuclear tests in 1998, and by North Korea's nuclear test in 2006."

Then Pry stated, "Nuclear testing is not necessary to develop a nuclear weapon deliverable by aircraft or missile. The U.S. Hiroshima bomb (a "gun-type" uranium bomb) was not tested before use -- Hiroshima was the test. Israel, South Africa, and North Korea all developed nuclear weapons without nuclear testing."

Pry stated that North Korea had its first nuke by 1993 but the US intel community denied they had nukes until the first North Korean nuke tests in 2006, you know, 13 years later. Pry pointed out that North Korea and Iran are strategic partners who share science and technology and actually have their own agents working with and in the other country.

I believe that Iran did test small scale nuke weapons a number of years ago, told you about it because a number of seismic events originating in Eastern Iran on the scale of small nuke detonations, and told you that those tests were probably underground nuke detonations, all of which would have made it impossible for the US to confirm that nukes were tested.

Then Pry stated, "Fritz Ermarth thinks Iran is following the example of North Korea, and probably wants to clandestinely build such robust capabilities so that its nuclear status will become irreversible."

Pry also stated,"Israel and South Africa never tested because they elected to pursue a policy of deliberate ambiguity... So no one can say for sure whether they have nukes."

Then Pry continued,"However, most of my colleagues and I conclude from analysis of Iranian and Jihadi statements and writings that Tehran is not interested in the bomb for status or deterrence. The word "deterrence" does not even appear in their military writings about the bomb. It is all about nuclear use, in particular a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that would cause a protracted national blackout, potentially killing millions of Americans through starvation and societal collapse." You know, just like I told you.

Then, very interestingly, Pry tells you this, "The mullahs who run Iran want the bomb for reasons of religious eschatology having to do with the Shiite version of Apocalypse, the return of their 12th Imam, and the ultimate triumph of Islam in the secular and spiritual universe. In this vision, the Jews and Infidels (that's us) must convert or die."

"The Islamic Bomb has nothing to do with deterrence theory or geostrategic calculations familiar to Western nuclear strategists. The Mullahs have their own timetable for the Apocalypse. They hold a "12th Imam Conference" in Tehran every year to study signs and portents. Their development of nuclear weapons, and the failure of the West to stop them, is itself interpreted as one of the "miracles" indicating the Apocalypse is nigh."

"The possibility of nuclear EMP attack is another "miracle" as it destroys the high-tech society and weaponry that is the source of U.S. strength. In this view, Western materialism and worship of the False God that is Technology becomes our downfall." Gee, where did you hear all of that before? Oh yeah, on this site, years ago.

Then Pry told us that the Congressional EMP Commission has warned that Iran has detonated its Shahab III missiles at high altitudes to simulate a nuclear EMP attack, launched ballistic missiles from a freighter to make an EMP strike anonymous, and, most interesting, orbited several of its satellites on trajectories consistent with practicing a surprise EMP attack against the US. You know, just like I told you they would use satellites. Basically, Iran is testing and practicing using different delivery techniques for staging a surprise EMP attack against the US, you know, the way Osama Bin Ladden staged a surprise attack against the US on 9/11 but much worse. Get the picture yet?

Then Pry very interestingly concludes his article with, "Iran has not conducted a nuclear test because its theocracy is not interested in diplomatic "signaling" or Western theories of nuclear deterrence and arms control bargaining. When the mullahs are ready, they will make a surprise nuclear attack. The vaporization of New York City and an EMP attack that crashes American society will be their nuclear tests."

"The bottom line is that Iran is a nuclear truck bomb headed our way."

Just like I told you, Iran is obviously building an arsenal of nukes and not just a few weapons. It only takes 16 pounds of U-235 to make a 10 k nuke and, after 30 years of refining nuke dirt, they don't have 16 pounds of U-235? Iran wants at least a few hundred nukes to attack Israel, the US and probably the rest of the West and still have enough nukes in her inventory for a second strike capability. She is trying to keep it secret she has nukes so she can stage a surprise attack to increase the potential for success, you know, like the Japanese did in Pearl Harbor only much worse. When Iran thinks she has enough nukes, she will just suddenly attack. If she succeeds, better than 90% of the people in her target countries will be dead within a month, mostly from dehydration, starvation, and disease. All Iran will have to do to finish conquering the world is clean up.

Now, you can bet that Iran is building those nukes underground where we can't see them. Based on my observations, I believe that Iran will use as much versatility and as large of nuke numbers as possible to increase the potential for a few nukes to reach their targets. The military used to call this the shotgun effect, if you put enough projectiles in the air, you are bound to hit something and with nukes, close is good enough.

I believe that most of their nukes are being built on large trucks for mobility and rapid deployment to pre designated launch sites and will launch nuke armed missiles directly at other countries and nuke armed satellites into space plus a number of those nukes will be placed on freighter ships (gee, could that be why Obama did away with the Iranian embargo so Iran can start trading with her target countries like the US and Europe and justify moving her freighters into our territorial waters to launch nukes at us?), and others will be launched from her war ships and diesel subs, of which she has a significant fleet. Gee, I wonder why the Iranian naval fleet is heading for the US Atlantic Coast right now, another coincidence? Remember that I told you that Obama has positioned all of our F-22s, a large number of our best troops, and a large number of our nuke carriers on the Atlantic Coast as easy targets? Get the picture yet?

But always remember that man plans, God laughs.

BTW, I recently read that Saudi Arabia is heavily financing the nuke program in Pakistan expecting to get nukes in exchange for the financing. In other words, Saudi Arabia purchased nukes from Pakistan with a big down payment.

Remember that I told you that Obama paid Iran 3 to 4 billion US dollars to help Iran's nuke program? Remember that I told you that Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran, is a Muslim, and secretly negotiated the deal with Iran? Could it be that Obama and Valerie purchased nukes from Iran to use against the US in order to stage a false flag event and declare martial law so they could set up their Muslim dictatorship, you know, just like I told you? After all, we know Iran has an arsenal of nukes. I wonder if Val got to secretly go shopping in the Iranian nuke super store while she was secretly doing all of that negotiating?

Does Iran have nukes? Of course, but how many and that is a very good reason to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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