I Told You So 93

Remember that I told you years ago that the plans of the upper class trash would not succeed because they didn't learn from history? I told you that destroying the power of the US would create a power vacuum which would be filled by every power mad tin horn dictator wannabee with a Napoleonic complex on the planet, first grabbing control of their own countries and then marching into other countries. I told you there would be uprisings by the people everywhere that would often lead to martial law by the different countries' militaries in order to restore peace because the brilliant plans of the upper class failed....again.

The wisdom of the world is foolishness before God and the wisdom of God is foolishness to man.

If you study history at all, you learn that, when you take away the power of a dominant nation and peace keeping force like the US or Rome, all hell breaks loose because there are always little, power mad Hitlers in the wings just waiting for their opportunity to seize power and rule or go on a military rampage conquering everything they can.

God has taught me that for every power mad whacko like Hitler who goes charging off butchering millions for power, ego, and wealth, there are at least thousands just like them who never get their chance. Whenever a large power declines and can no longer keep even a semblance of peace, these nuts smell the blood, rise to the occasion and start their rampages for power because a power vacuum has been created and such power vacuums are always quickly filled with violence, death, and destruction.

I guess the heavily inbred upper class trash intellectually superior natural elites are not as brilliant as they like to think they are because they obviously didn't learn from history. But then again, how could they learn from history when they and their ancestors have kept revising history to please themselves?

Their brilliant plans for setting up a socialist global dictatorship are quickly slipping from their hands with one crisis after another, all of which they have created with their brilliant plans. They and their upper class trash academe, who all got the "right degrees from the right universities" and are now teaching at those "right" universities, have completely screwed up but, don't worry, it will get much worse, history says it will.

These natural elites, as they like to call themselves, know that, when you have such a massive change in government, which creates an international power vacuum, it creates opportunity to grab for power. What they ignore is that they won't be the only ones grabbing for that power, especially in today's extremely mobile world. These upper class trash nuts also forget that, when the Vandals sacked Rome, the Vandals didn't sack the poor side of town, they sacked the upper class trash whose corruption caused the fall of Rome.

Think about it, if you were an invading force who just conquered a formerly powerful nation with a lot of very rich people, which side of town would you sack, the poor side of town or where the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, Morgans, Turners, Gettys, Heinzs, Marriots, Trumps, Soross, and other upper class live? You would go where the greatest wealth is and not where there is no wealth. Only idiots rob poor people when the wealthy have destroyed the government protecting themselves.

These power mad, greedy whackos, who just can't restrain themselves because the power mad, greedy people cannot be satiated, see the fall of their government as an opportunity to gain more power and wealth but always forget that government is protecting them at least as much as it is protecting the lower classes. The idiots hate the very government and military which are protecting the wealthy from others and are too stupid to see it.

Well, these lunatics have destroyed the power of the US and the rest of the West so that we couldn't even go into little Syria while orchestrating wars everywhere to gain more power and wealth and, to their amazement, their wars are falling apart. Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, and Syria have all back fired on them with Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and others flaring up in violence. Unrest and even violence are now quickly spreading throughout Central and South America because Marxism has failed and the people want freed from its oppressive grasp with the US media keeping as much of it as quiet as they can because the media are in the process of helping force that same failed Marxism on us.

What kind of idiots continue to force a type of government and economy on their people while keeping quiet the failure of the same system in every other country with the people in those countries rising up in revolt? OK, the kind that are too inbred and have been using too much dope.

I see the corrupt puppets in Congress trashing Obama because he isn't going into Ukraine to stop the violence there when we just saw that these same idiots and Obama have destroyed our own military to the point to where we couldn't even send a force into little Syria. And, oh, by the way, they are still bashing Obama because Obama didn't have a military large enough and strong enough to send a force into Syria. But you know part of that is blaming the black man for the problems they are at least helping to create so they can later justify cleaning the gene pool of black genes.

BTW, have you figured out yet that permitting Obama to illegally and unconstitutionally write law with his executive orders is a sucker punch so that, when everything implodes, they can more easily blame Obama because, after all, it was Obama writing those failed laws with his executive orders and not them writing the laws? Obama is playing right into the upper class trash puppet masters' hands every time he writes law with an executive order and the blacks are going to pay for it. Keep an eye on that one.

Except for the idiots running the West, who on this planet is not currently ramping up for war because of the decline of the West caused by the idiots running the West? Even some of the countries in the West, such as Germany, can see the writing on the wall and are ramping up for war. Mean while, the rest of our leaders are busy plundering our countries because of their unbridled greed so that our countries can't ramp up for war. Now, how do you think that is going to turn out? Everyone else charging around conquering with massive armies and we can't even defend ourselves? Just how long to you think the inbred upper class trash rich guys are going to stay rich after our countries fall and the plundering starts?

Personally, I think our military should seize control, round up the criminal traitors plundering our nations, try and execute those traitors for treason, seize the money those traitors stole from our government, and use part of that money to rebuild our military so we can defend ourselves. BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out?

Once again, history is proving that the upper class trash think too much of themselves and too little of everyone else putting themselves out of touch with reality. Once again, the upper class trash are causing chaos and destruction which is going to get many of them and a lot of you killed. Once again, because they keep believing and teaching their own revisionist history so no one could possibly learn from the truth about history.

Once again, the upper class trash have proven it is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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