I Told You So 94

Remember that I told you that the pagan goal in abortion was to get to where they can do post birth abortions (murdering children) and adult euthanasia so the pagans could start openly practicing human sacrifices? I explained that their strategy is to get it legal to kill people with those people's consent and then, also with those people's consent, kill those people via human sacrifices so the pagan cults can openly return to practicing their human sacrifices the way the pagans did before the Christians stopped those human sacrifices.

I just found out that the Europeans are way ahead of our liberal pagans on that game. Belgium just made it legal to murder your children with the consent of both the child and parents. Believe me that parents can easily make life such a living hell for a child that the child will want to die.

OK, so, if the parents of a child are members of a cult and convince their child to be sacrificed by that cult in a ritual, then it is now legal to murder that child to their false pagan gods openly. Why, the parents can even have children for the purpose of being sacrificed to their false pagan gods. Keep an eye on this because, soon, they will start building public alters for human sacrifices. I expect that, at first, they will only murder people to their false pagan gods during the night or evening but, as business increases, it will become a daily event.

BTW, the Europeans can force euthanasia on some one "for their own good" as determined by the butchers making those decisions. That way, the Euros can grab some one off the street, you know, like a Christian, and decide for that person that it is for their own good to be sacrificed to the butcher's false pagan gods. Wow, that sounds a little too convenient, doesn't it?

Europe has beat our pagans to the punch and is now just one step away from public human sacrifices, you know, just like I told you. But, hey, our pagans are getting closer. They are not that far behind the Euro pagans. They just can't wait to start carving those little hearts out.

Mean while, in other news, do you think I was wrong about the Euro-American upper class trash wanting to depopulate blacks to clean up our gene pool? I just read that more black babies were aborted last year in New York City than there were black babies born. Yep, that old Welfare/socialist/abortion plan is already working to get rid of those "inferior blacks", not to mention all of the violence in the black gangs killing off plenty more blacks. And as soon as they can finally destroy the economy with Obama in office and writing laws with his executive orders so the upper class trash white crackers can blame it on the inferior black man, they will hit you with their plan to clean up the old gene pool by murdering blacks off. BTW, have you figured out yet that the white crackers getting all of these blacks on "entitlement" programs, which are putting the US in such incredible debt, will also be used to help turn you against blacks? Keep an eye on this.

Oh gee, could it be that is why the upper class trash are pushing homosexual marriage so hard? Let's see, homosexuals don't reproduce but still get to have sex and, if they can convince some of you to take up the homosexual life, that will mean that many fewer of you they will have to kill off with their planned 7 billion global butcher scheme. Oh yeah, the liberals also have a bunch of their liberals involved in a fad to not have children, which automatically kills off future generations. But, hey, we don't need people stupid enough to follow such really dumb fads reproducing, it is a survival of the fittest thing and such stupid people cannot be very fit.

Kill a few million here, kill a few million there, and the killing can quickly add up to 7 billion dead with most people never realizing what the upper class trash are really up to.

BTW, Niall Ferguson, Harvard history professor and Stanford University Hoover Institution senior fellow, says that the US is militarily in global retreat, you know, just like the Romans did just before the fall of Rome and the beginning of global chaos. What do they expect when the upper class trash has destroyed our military down to where it isn't even a single front military any more and bankrupted our government so it can't rebuild that military? It is just common sense that you can't tear our military down and remain a global power. BTW, the upper class trash are about to find out just how powerful their dollars are when the upper class trash doesn't have the military to protect those dollars and keep other countries from taking those dollars away from them.

We are going to have to secede from the US to get out from under that mountain of debt and take back the money the upper class trash have stolen in order to rebuild our military to protect us from bad guys. We don't have any other choice. This requires us to capture, arrest, prosecute, and execute those criminal traitors for treason who destroyed our country so we can take back the money they stole from us in order to build a new military and country. Basically, hold these criminals responsible for their crimes against our nation and people. This will also send a very strong message to anyone else thinking about betraying our new nation.

See, I told you it was a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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I Told You So 95