I Told You So 95

Before you read this essay, go back and read the essay, "Dream 11", posted in November 2013. This essay has to do with that dream and you need to review that dream before you read this essay so you can understand this essay. You won't understand this essay unless you review Dream 11 from November 2013.

About a week ago, I read an e-mail from one of our soldiers being passed around the Internet which said that the liberals have infiltrated and taken control of the US military and were planning to use the US military to help with the coming liberal political coup of the US, you know, like I told you. The soldier said that he and his friends were prepared to lay down their weapons instead of turning those weapons on the good people of the US when ordered to turn their weapons on those good people by the liberals. The e-mail said that the liberals were watching the rest of the soldiers so closely that the rest of the soldiers can't organize to put together a resistance against the liberals controlling the military. It was a pretty desperate e-mail and reminded me of Dream 11 for very obvious reasons.

This was the first such posting I have seen which pertains to Dream 11. But, don't worry, God will take care of it and there will be more and better postings in the near future. God warned us about this and it is happening just like God said it would happen.

You need to do what God wants you to do and be ready. But don't worry, God will take care of it.

Mean while, if you have not accepted Jesus as your savior, you just might want to do that right now. All you have to do is say a prayer to God 1) acknowledging your sins or crimes against His Laws, 2) repenting of your crimes against God's Laws intending to do your best to live by God's Laws, and 3) accept the salvation or amnesty Jesus paid for your crimes on the cross.

This is very important because, as I have shown, the fecal matter is already hitting the fan, you may not survive this coming war, and you don't want to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire when you can spend it with God in Paradise. Get your soul right with God because you might be meeting Him soon.

BTW, how is that pagan democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet? You better get ready because it is coming soon.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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