I Told You So 99

Talk about happening fast, it was just a few days ago that I warned you that, with the demise of the US as a super power creating a global power vacuum, other countries like Russia would quickly go on the move grabbing for power. I guess the Euro-American upper class trash were played for suckers by Putin, big time. Those intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites didn't learn from history so Putin is teaching them history the hard way by repeating history for them.

Here we are just a few days later and Putin is moving with the speed of lightning....OK, maybe even faster. The Crimean government was disbanded and a new government made up of people who are loyal to Russia were "elected" into office. Hold it, that is the fastest "democratic election" in the history of the world. Talk about really fast campaigning, elections, and vote counting. And we thought the Commiecrats had our elections rigged.

Also, Moscow is passing a bill to incorporate Crimea into Russia. Gee, I wonder what bill the new Crimean government is about to pass. Not really, they will pass a bill seceding from Ukraine and becoming part of Russia to "make it legal".

Early this morning, people carrying weapons in unmarked military uniforms took over two Crimean airports and were reported to be acting like professionally trained Russian soldiers. Think Russian Spetznaz or Russian special forces. They are reported to have chased off the cops and at least temporarily shut down both airports. There are conflicting reports as to whether those forces still have control of those airports. My guess, it doesn't matter because Russia will have all of Crimea within a few days anyway.

Add to this that I already told you Putin was moving at least 150,000 troops, along with almost 900 tanks, next to the Crimean border and who knows how many Russian naval ships into the Russian port in Crimea or Russian war planes into those two airports. The story line is that Russia is moving those troops next to Crimea for troop training, you know, in taking over other countries by...taking over another country. Very realistic training indeed.

But Crimea is just the tip of the iceberg. While the world is watching Crimea, Russia quickly moved a spy ship into a port in Cuba to listen in on our government communications and announced Wednesday that they will soon be building new military bases in such countries as Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Seychelles, Singapore and several other countries. Gee, is it me or does this appear to have been planned out in advance based on intel provided by....Snowden? You know, just like I told you. This is just a little too well planned and too complex to be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Putin has been working on these plans for months, you know, since Snowden arrived in Russia. Get the picture?

It looks like there is a strong possibility that the US had planned a political coup in Ukraine to overthrow the Russian loyal government, Snowden provided Putin with the intel on that operation, and Putin used the chaos created by the US to stage a counter attack into Crimea and quickly expand globally. And Putin knows that the US no longer has the military might to respond to this rapid expansion because our wonderful liberal commie traitor upper class trash have just about destroyed our military, because Snowden told Putin so.

My first question is, "What other surprises does Putin have in store for us?"

Then, remembering that Snowden also provided intel to China, my second question is, "What surprises does China have in store for us in the near future?"

My third question is, "Who else is about to screw us because of the intellectual superiority of our upper class trash?"

If you hear anyone knocking on the front gate, don't answer it because it will be our Vandals, courtesy of our brilliant upper class trash traitors. Not only have our wonderful commie traitors screwed the pooch but that pooch is now having a whole passel of pups; mean, vicious little killer mutts and they are hungry.

As I sit here watching the plans of our intellectually superior Euro-American liberal commie traitor upper class trash natural elite white crackers back fire on them, I remember one of my favorite sayings, "Man plans, God laughs." And you know Obama is going to take the blame for all of this when he only deserves part of the blame.

Remember that their plans failing is God protecting us.

Score: Euro-American upper class trash traitors - 0; Putin - about 20. Are we in trouble or what?

It gets more important every moment to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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