Jade Helm

There is a lot of controversy about the current in-country US military training operations in our cities named Jade Helm. Tin hatters are running around in circles screaming that the US military is in the process of staging a military coup while the military is denying it.

So, what is really going on here?

Let's do the math, you know how I like math. Let's use some common sense to connect the dots and read between the lines.

I already told you that the upper class trash and their liberal commie traitor puppet politicians and government bureaucrats are clearly not using the US military to stage their blatantly obvious coup of the US to set up their liberal commie traitor dictatorship because the liberal commie traitors are doing everything they can to destroy the US military and not build it up. It is only common sense that, if they were going to use the US military to stage and enforce their political coup on us, the liberal commie traitors would be building the US military up and not tearing it down. Therefore, they could not possibly be using the US military to impose their liberal commie dictatorship on us and Jade Helm has to be for other reasons. The lie that the liberal commie traitors are going to use the US military to impose the liberal commie traitor dictatorship on us is just smoke and mirrors to distract everyone.

Remember that Obama told you that he fully intended to replace all current government agencies such as the US military, FBI, CIA, NSA, and others with his glorious CNSF (Citizen National Security Force)?

Also keep in mind that it is becoming increasingly obvious to increasing numbers of people that Obama and the rest of the lefties are right now in the process of staging their political coup, primarily using Obama's illegal executive orders to increase the power of Obama and his bureaucrats.

Obama and company have found out over the last few years that another problem they face is local government and law enforcement. To over come this, Obama and company have been working to discredit all police and local law enforcement in an attempt to turn people against cops to justify Obama nationalizing them to put them under Obama's direct control so Obama can fire the "bad" cops and replace them with his black Muslims and liberal activists, who will do what Obama tells them to do. The top lefties are even right now openly talking about the local police becoming part of Obama's CNSF, you know, just like I have been warning you they would. That part of their political coup is RIGHT NOW in process with the obviously liberal commie traitor mayor of Baltimore "requesting" Obama take control of the Baltimore Police Force as the first step to nationalize all police forces.

Remember that I told you that the US military knows what is going on, when the liberal commie traitors are planning to make their moves and that the US military also have their plans to counter this?

Jade Helm is the US military making a move to counter the attempted coup of the left AND provide the US military troops with the battle ground familiarization and training to fight the soon coming war on our streets they know their troops will soon have to fight to stop the liberal commie traitor coup. Get the picture yet?

To counter and stop this move by the US military, the liberal commie traitors are using two of their most potent weapons, misinformation and fear, to discredit the US military in the eyes of the US people and turn the people against the US military. They are using their media AND liberal commie traitor fronts on the Internet disguised as conservative information programs to spread false rumors and instill fear in the people.

REMEMBER that it is the liberal commie traitor politicians who are blatantly working to seize control of the US government and not the military while working to discredit and tear down the military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies so the commies can justify replacing those entities with their glorious Commie National Security Force while even bragging that the Republic of the US no longer exists and has been replace by their oligarchy or commie dictatorship.

So, what should the US military staging such a massive training exercise on our streets in so many states for so long tell you?

It should tell you that the military knows that the commies are planning to stage their political coup during this time frame so the US military has positioned their troops in the most critical areas to 1) protect the military resources require for their continued function to stop this coup and wage the necessary war and 2) to prevent the coup from succeeding. Basically, the US military has built a huge wall right in front of the liberal commie traitor coup train and the liberals are trying to force the US military to tear the wall down before the train gets there so the liberal commie traitors can succeed with their coup.

Jade Helm is exactly the opposite of what the liberal commie traitors are trying to convince you it is and they are even pulling their infiltrated "conservative" mole politicians out of the closet to attack and stop the US military efforts to stop the liberal commie traitors. Anyone and everyone who is currently opposing Jade Helm is either ignorant and confused by the lefty misinformation, making them an unwitting commie tool, or part of the commie misinformation system. Keep an eye on those turkeys to see whether they are or have been consistently doing this.

Just like I told you, they are blaming poverty for the Baltimore riots when there was nothing spontaneous about those riots. Blaming poverty for what is being done by professional activists is just smoke and mirrors, you know, the "racist cops" are bad but the criminal rioters looting are not bad because it is poverty's fault.

Note, after I wrote this essay, I read that a US military officer stated that Obama is causing the conspiracy theories about Jade Helm to scare people into distrusting the military and believe the military is working to stage a coup.


I received the following post from a military web site I belong to and thought I should pass the warning on to my four confirmed readers. It appears to be a detailed warning put out by the military for military personnel.

The military is on high alert in regard to ISIS planning attacks in these areas:

1) Arizona - Phoenix

2) California - Manford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad

3) Colorado - Colorado Springs

4) Connecticut - Bark Hamstead, Manchester

5) Florida - Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Middleburg, Saint Augustine

6) Georgia - Griffen

7) Idaho - Bonners ferry

8) Illinois - Orland Park

9) Indiana - Michigan City, Bolivar

10) Louisiana - Shreveport, Bossier City

11) Maryland - Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park

12) Michigan - Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion

14) Nebraska - Bellvue

15) New Mexico - Farmington

16) Nevada - Reno

17) North Carolina - Fayetteville, New Bern

18) North Dakota - Minot

19) Rhode Island - Newport

20) South Carolina - Daniel Island, Charleston

21) South Dakota - Rapid City

22) Texas - Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen

23) Virginia - Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Burke, Springfield

24) Washington - Seattle, Colton, Cheney, Spokane, Ancortes.

Be on alert - do not go into congested areas - do not travel alone.

That is 24 or half of the 48 contiguous states. It should be obvious that Obama and his Muslim pals are waging war on the US RIGHT NOW!

Gee, I wonder why the US military is doing the Jade Helm training exercise right now and in so many different states?

The fight is on and we are in the middle of a war our troops had won but the liberals and Muslims have brought to the US to kill Americans. You can thank them for this nightmare.

Still think we are not being punished by God?

Other News

I have been watching Americans falling all over themselves about the new British princess. I am absolutely amazed at how many Americans are going goo goo over the British princess AND SHE ISN'T EVEN OUR PRINCESS.

It looks like our next government is planned to be a monarchy?

Also, keep an eye out for Princess Chelsea because Hilarious is sinking fast in the polls. She is now trailing Bush, Paul, and Rubio in Iowa and is tied with or trailing five Republicans in New Hampshire.

Carson is so weak and will make a good politician but a lousy leader and he now wants to raise the minimum wage; Rick Perry is now supporting Obama's trade deal; Rubio, Paul, Cruz voted to allow Obama to lift Iran sanctions.

And you think they are not all the same criminals in the same bed?

Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

So, how is that democracy god treating you? Still worshiping at the alter of democracy instead of the alter of Jesus? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

People are waking up to how important the jobs numbers are and the left is trying to discredit those numbers and discourage people from paying attention to them.

Which should tell you what?

You better keep an eye on those job numbers and they mean a lot or the criminals wouldn't be working so hard to discredit them. If the criminals don't want you to see it, you better be looking for it.

Also, this NFL "deflate gate" and causing trouble for Brady is just a distraction from what is really important.

Texas has introduced Senate Bill 445 which would ban implementation of Agenda 21 within Texas state boundaries. It is like I have been telling you, the states are fighting back to prevent the liberal commies from seizing control of the US, setting up their beloved commie dictatorship, and butchering almost everyone on the planet. This is why Obama is making moves to also seize control of the states when he seizes control of the federal government.

That Saudi owned twit, O'Reilly, (remember that Saudi Arabia owns controlling interest in Fox News) just said that Jesus would not have sponsored the Mohammed art event.

Really? Why does that twit think they hung Jesus on a cross?

Jesus was much more provocative than a silly art contest. They didn't hang Jesus on a cross because He was politically correct. These idiots need to read the Bible before they refer to it or Jesus. They are completely clue less.

The liberal Marxists just lost big in the UK election. Eyes are opening as the liberal Marxism continues to increase its damage and people are turning away from Marxism. Don't worry, the liberals already have plans to replace their beloved Marxism with Libertarianism.

Remember that I have been telling you that one part of the sixth and final judgment for a people and nation which has turned its back on God is that God will scatter the people around the world?

For the second year in a row, US citizens renouncing their citizenship in the first quarter has hit a record with 1,335 Americans turning in their US passports to US embassies in other countries in the first quarter of 2015. That is 18% higher than the previous record set in the first quarter of 2014.

You still think the US and its people are not being punished by God?

A Little Fun

Remember that I told you years ago, when the piracy in Somali first became a big thing, that we should return to letters of Marque and privateering?

I found out that some former military combat veterans, especially special operations, are moving towards getting this started, mostly to take down top terrorist leaders on land instead of pirates, and have even been contacting their Senators. I even read a copy of a letter sent to one Senator by a former special operations person with others supporting the idea. Keep an eye on this.

Hey, I would love to build a steel hull yacht and go after the pirates around the world. Give those puppies a full broad side with a mini gun. Arrrrg, that'll learn ye pirates, scum of the sea! Send ye bums down to visit with Davy Jones and turn your butts into fish food, mateys! When we aren't hunting and killing pirates, we can do things like boating, fishing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Arrrg, that's the life, matey!!!

Who's up for a treasure hunt?

I read this somewhere on a New Mexico site and thought it would be a fun item to help break up all of this bad news.

There is a real treasure chest hidden somewhere in New Mexico. It has gold coins and jewels valued as high as $2 million. Arrrg, where is me cutlass, matey?

It seems that Forrest Fenn of Santa Fe, New Mexico hid the chest somewhere in New Mexico about five years ago with coins, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and gold nuggets. The only clues to the treasure's location are in a book Fenn published in 2010, "The Thrill of the Chase".

They estimate that about 30,000 people went looking for it last summer and are expecting 50,000 to look for it this summer. (That will really help New Mexico tourism.)

Finn makes this sound noble but just how much has he made selling that book full of clues? More than $2 million?

It is definitely a great marketing plan, you know, plant $2 million worth of gems and gold and then make millions more selling books with clues for finding it. The longer it takes to find it, the more books they will sell.

Speaking of fun, I just read that the Israeli Knesset members played a soccer game against each other and I thought, "You know what would be fun, sell lots of tickets, and raise a lot of money to pay off our government debt really fast? If US citizens could challenge the president, members of Congress, campaign donors (the puppet masters), and any bureaucrat to an MMA fight."

Whoo yeah, our national debt would be paid off really fast and the government would actually have to earn their money, the hard way. Plus, just think of the stress it would relieve among the US citizens. OK, so it would increase the stress among the criminals running this country, but they deserve it. And everyone would buy new big screen TVs so it would stimulate the economy. A win-win.

Couldn't you just see an MMA fight between the likes of George Soros, President Obama, Boner (I know, I misspelled it again), McCain, Kerry, Romney, Bush, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Lerner, Al Capone Sharpton, Jesse James Jackson, Hilarious and Billy Boy Clintstone (Yabadaba don't hit me again), and others vs someone like Chuck Norris, SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Marines, COPS, and FBI agents or YOU?

Now that would be worth some money to buy a ticket. Goodbye national debt!!! Goodbye candy butt politicians, puppet masters, and bureaucrats!!! Let the good times roll!!! Of course, there would be a really long line to pound Obama's butt.

You know the candy butt politicians would whine that they would never get anything done but that would be a good thing.

Now THAT is a worth while challenge for America!!!

Besides, if the upper class trash want to be American royalty, they should have to earn it the way European royalty originally did, fight for it and don't let them hide behind that lame excuse, "We are more civilized than that".

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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