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Poser Christians

I just read that liberal churches across the US are increasingly harboring, housing, and protecting illegal aliens from the law, you know, breaking the law. I wonder how many of the illegal aliens they are harboring are Muslim terrorists sent here to murder US citizens, you know, like those poser Christians harboring them.

No sooner had I started reading the article than I realized, "OK, so this is one way God is going to get rid of the poser Christians." What do you think is going to happen to those churches and their people with them harboring disease infected illegal aliens? Yep, they won't live too long will they. Watch, you will see these poser Christian churches being wiped out by local epidemics and they will be very popular with the local community when they spread those diseases to the rest of the community.

Eric Holder

A man who is being called the worst attorney general in history is resigning because he is facing federal charges for the crimes he has committed and the liberals feel sorry for the criminal simply because he is also a liberal. It is OK for liberals to commit crimes but not conservatives.

Did you know that this legal double standard exists in Islam? Muslims are judged by one set of laws and non Muslims are judged by a completely different set of laws. It is in the Koran.

A non Muslim is not permitted to cause any harm against a Muslim, even in a court of law. A Muslim can cause any harm he or she wishes to a non Muslim, including murder, and, if a non Muslim tries to defend themself, the non Muslim is required to be killed. That is Shiria Law. Gee, do you think that is one reason why liberals and Muslims get along so well in spite of the fact that Muslims detest liberals? If a liberal or Muslim black attacks a white person and that white person defends themselves, you know, like Travon Martin or the Ferguson cop shoots and kills a black attacker with the liberals demanding their brand of "justice" or basically punishing a conservative for daring defend themselves against the liberals or blacks.

That is Shiria Law and is currently being violently forced on us by the liberals and black Muslims in this country. Get the picture? Shiria Law isn't just something which may be forced on us by Obama after his declaration of martial law, but is something which is being violently forced on us bit-by-bit by the liberals and Muslims RIGHT NOW! That is why, when a cop or conservative dares defend themselves against a black or liberal and they are found not guilty of a crime, the left and black Muslims starting demanding "justice" or punishment against the cop or conservative who defended themselves.

It will be nice to be rid of Eric Holder and see that he MAY finally get justice (read slap on the wrist) for his crimes but you know and I know that his replacement will be just as bad or worse.


Wow, gee, so many coincidences. Aren't the liberal and Muslim coincidences just mind boggling. But, hey, they believe all life on this planet is the result of one great big set of coincidences.

At first, Obama didn't want to do anything to stop ISIS and was getting away with it until the American journalist was beheaded. Then Obama used the excuse he was going to do limited bombings to "rescue" Christians being slaughtered by ISIS, of which Obama has not even rescued one of their dogs. It turned out there were not enough of them to warrant rescuing them, however many that was. France finally had to rescue the Christians and Obama has not provided the Kurds with the better ground weapons or air support required to stop ISIS. I still remember the big news that, in the first bombing raid, Obama actually blew up one truck and one piece of artillery being towed by that truck. Such a commander in chief we have. What a great warrior. (/sarc)

Then I learned from some real SEALs and Green Berets that the 1,000 boots we don't have on the ground (they are a figment of your imagination) can't seem to find a person who is supposed to be the Caliph for ISIS so they can kill him. It seems that the ISIS counsel hasn't really elected one yet. Gee, why are we being told by the media that the ISIS Caliph is Al-Baghdaddy? These special operations people told me there is no real person who is Al-Baghdaddy.

Darn, you just can't depend on or trust the US media, you know, like we didn't already know that.

Then, after public outcry because of the beheading of US and other captives and threats against the US by ISIS, Obama finally starts a "serious" bombing effort, you know, bombing targets at night when there are very few terrorist at those targets to kill. Yep, we are dropping tens of millions of dollars worth of expensive munitions to blow up almost empty buildings and not trying to kill the top terrorists. We kind of accidentally got a few but that is it.

Then, while still claiming he will not "put boots on the ground" when we already have more than 1,000 boots on the ground, Obama decides that his plan is to arm, fund, and train other terrorist organizations in Syria (while calling them rebels so he can "legally" fund them) to fight ISIS, even after these organizations made a pact to not fight each other, including ISIS, you know, just like Obama funded, armed, and trained up ISIS.

Now we are being told that ISIS is not the really big threat to the US and an Al Quaeda branch known as Khorasan is the big threat with Obama focusing his bombing on them, but only on their empty buildings and not really on them. So now we are being distracted from waging war against ISIS by fighting Khorasan.

Add to all of these coincidences that it is being reported that Obama is not even listening to his military advisors from the Pentagon and is doing his own thing.

My big question is, if Obama is not an infiltrated Muslim terrorist traitor and spy, why is he trying so hard to not fight our enemy, ISIS, especially with ISIS, right now, trying to conquer the land in both Syria and Lebanon next to the Israeli border so ISIS can invade and conquer Israel, you know, along with a few allies, like Obama's CNSF? Do Obama and Valerie have a deal with ISIS that, after ISIS conquers Israel, Obama will be declared the Mahdi? I am keeping an eye on this one. There are just too many coincidences.


I have been telling you about the increasing infighting between liberals. The birdie people and conservationists just won a court battle to shut down some green energy projects because they were killing birds. I guess this shows that the conservationists and birdie people are larger, stronger, and better organized and funded than the greenie people.

Mean while, the conservationists have won a big one by getting Obama to set up a marine nature refuge running from Wake Island, in the west, to Palmyra Atoll, in the southeast, and Johnston Atoll, in the northeast Pacific as the largest land grab by our government ever, maybe the world.

You and I will only be permitted to visit any of these islands and atolls in limited numbers and only with the permission of the holy guardians of this area (read conservationists) who will all get to have their own private Pacific paradises to live and play in (the holy guardians must live there to protect these wonderful places from us evil humans) with really large salaries, perks, benefits, retirement plans, and all expenses, such as housing, yachts, and fishing and diving equipment, paid for by your tax dollars so the upper class trash can use control of the land to control the people, you know, the British surf system. They are achieving all of this wonderful life style at your expense under the guise of conservation and protecting the ecosystem. Gee, how wonderful of them to make lots of money and live in paradise to protect our world from us.

But, in Paris, France, feminists, stripped their tops off to protest the brutality of ISIS and other radical Muslims. Is the liberal worm turning against the Muslims? Gee, they wouldn't be planning on turning everyone against Muslims to justify killing the Muslims off after the liberals set up their global dictatorship, the way I told you they would, would they?

I already told you that Muslims told me they plan on doing the same thing to the liberals after the Muslims set up their global dictatorship and that Muslims hate liberals more than anyone else, including Christians and Jews. This could get interesting really fast.

Also, I am seeing increasing numbers of liberals turning against Obama for fighting so many wars, more than Bush did. You know, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Khorasan, and threatening others.

Lone Wolf

I am seeing a sudden number of people trying to convert people to Islam and then beheading the people because they didn't convert to Islam. My first thought, "is this the ISIS lone wolf attacks starting out? Keep an eye on this.

Suggestion: if some one starts trying to convert you to Islam, either pull a gun or run.


I just read that some politicians are trying to get good US military officers to "protest" Obama's orders by resigning. That is a really bad idea because Obama would just replace those good officers with bad, butt kissing officers. This would only increase Obama's control of the military.

Either these politicians are really stupid or they are trying to sucker punch those good officers into resigning and making way for Obama to appoint bad officers, which is an act of treason. We do not need the US military under the control of Obama's butt kissers. We need to get rid of all politicians who are promoting this. I know, why don't the politicians suggesting this to the military officers resign in protest of Obama. Keep an eye on this.

With such insanity going on, you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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