I recently saw where the Senate decided to resume their investigation into Benghazi and, to their surprise, they found that all 15 of the people who were involved in Benghazi and were helping with the investigation were dead (read murdered). Gee, what a coincidence.

I was not surprised and even expected it to happen. I was actually surprised they were not murdered sooner and I am wondering where these politicians have been all of their lives that they were surprised and why they didn't put these people under witness protection.

I told you that I first became aware of this phenomenon after watching JFK and then Bobby Kennedy get murdered. It was just too obvious that they were inside jobs by the upper class trash and their minions of assassins or hired murderers and government infiltrators who have absolutely no Christian morals or ethics. It is such paid minions of traitors who make tyranny possible. These minions have now infiltrated almost everything to the point the upper class trash have virtual immunity. They are the people who ambushed the top US military officers on the way to a meeting in the Navy Ship Yard to review the evidence and consider arresting Obama.

The US military realized that this problem has gotten so out of hand that they will have to arrest at least the top 30,000 of these evil upper class trash and their top minions at one time but even that won't do any good unless they kill the upper class trash and their minions off. Too many judges are either owned or will be killed, if they dare to actually try the upper class trash for their crimes.

For decades I have watched people who posed a threat to the upper class trash have fatal "accidents" or just disappear. It is just too consistent and too obvious with just way too many coincidences. Decades ago I realized that, if I were to be elected president and try to clean things up, I wouldn't last long enough to get anything done so my life and brief effort would just be a waste. One day while thinking and praying about this, I said to God, "I don't want the job of president or ruler of the US, much less the world, because these evil people would kill me before I could accomplish anything. The only way I would even consider taking such a job to clean stuff up would be if you (God) gave me your powers, which would have to include things like being able to read minds and speak or think and things would happen." I know that, without that kind of protection, I wouldn't live long enough to get elected.

A few years ago God gave me a dream confirming what I had observed and adding a little information which I have found to be true. In the dream, I went from nation to nation with a group of US assassins and found that every nation was being run by the corrupt members of their nation's upper class trash and their rule being enforced by armies of assassins. Their assassins all had a little dance they did which told me these rulers and their assassins had national and international rules and all of this murdering was nothing more than a game to them. They had absolutely no qualms about murdering anyone they wanted to but the rules they had protected them from each other.

At the end of the dream, we went into Italy, which had the largest army of assassins because of the Mafiosi, the mega wealthy, the government, and the Vatican. The Italian leaders didn't want us in Italy so their assassins peacefully escorted us out while doing their little dance.

The problem in the West is that we have been so brainwashed and preconditioned to not do what is necessary to clean up this mess by the upper class trash and their minions including their media, Hollywood, educational system, book publishing companies, and others that we Euro-Americans just won't purge these people or kill them all off. Unless we do that, the upper class trash will continue to murder everyone who tries to stop them until the upper class trash gains absolute control over all of us. They are almost there now.

The problem is that you can't just execute the family leaders because the families will just appoint new leaders and keep right on killing. To succeed, you have to wipe out their entire families, you know, the way the Muslims are doing in the Middle East right now and we find so repulsive. That is why God is going to use the Muslims to purge these evil people, because you and I won't and it has to be done to free and protect the people. For it to work, there has to be a complete sanitizing of this trash from our countries or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over with their killing of everyone who stands in their way. These evil people have killed US presidents and gotten away with it.

You know Farrakhan's Nation of Islam has its army broken down into kill teams with each team assigned an area with lists of targets that live and work in those areas and their addresses, they have pictures of their targets and have followed and watched their targets drive and go home, they know everyone in their targets families, and these kill teams have done dry runs to practice the killing routes based on target priorities to make sure they kill the most important white crackers first. I have had black Muslims tell me and it was confirmed by military intelligence and law enforcement that the black Muslims have teams which are assigned to set up road blocks at key choke points on highways, in airports, bus stations, train stations, and sea ports to make sure none of the white crackers get away. With a few million US military and government trained black Muslim soldiers, it won't take them more than a few days to get better than 90% of their targeted principle white crackers and all of the highest level white crackers. Within at most one or two weeks, all of the important white crackers will be dead along with their entire families, every man, woman, and child, you know, just like the Muslims are doing in the Middle East today. You can bet that within the first hour after Obama nukes Chicago, millions of white crackers will start dying across the US, at work, at home, in their schools, everywhere.

Then God has given me dreams that showed the black Muslims will round up the remaining lower level white cracker commie traitor activists, draft the traitors into their CNSF at gun point, and use the traitors as cannon fodder to clear mine fields and absorb bullets so the Muslims can get as close as possible to the Israeli lines before they start taking casualties while invading Israel. The white cracker traitors are going to find out the hard way that being liberal commie traitors and working with the black Muslims to overthrow the US didn't make them black, it only made them traitors that no one can trust.

God meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and these evil traitors' sins will find them out. They will not get away with their acts of treason and will be held accountable for their actions by God.

Then, God will get rid of most of the remaining white crackers and Muslims in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 leaving a relatively small force to fight for our freedom and lives so we can set up a new nation. Next, after anywhere from six months to more than a year under Shiria Law and a brutal Muslim dictatorship, you will be very willing to purge the Muslims to finally free yourselves.

God has let me know that He has a method to purge this madness and provide us with a way out and ability to build a new Christian nation to prevent this from happening again.

BTW, you still think California is not being punished for its wickedness? Their drought has gotten so bad that they are now stealing water from each other.

It seems that the liberal media are calling for Valerie Jarrett's dismissal. They know it will cripple Obama because She is the one really running the US while Obama golfs and raises money. If you want to really cripple Obama, you get rid of Jarrett. Obama probably couldn't manage an outhouse without Jarrett. This is open political warfare against Obama by the left.

I am seeing a huge amount of male anger towards women, especially liberal women, because of the male hating war against men by feminist for the last 50 years. This is a quickly building backlash.

There is a new disease making the rounds in the US called the Chagas disease and it is from Mexico and Central and South America. It is a parasite transmitted by the kissing bug and it will eventually cause heart problems and even death. Yep, no punishment by God taking place in the US...or is there?

I saw an interview where Katie Couric was helping Princess Chelsea Clinton distance herself from her now useless idiot commie parents. Chelsea said that she spent her 20s "rebelling" against her parents (read distancing herself from ma and pa Clinton) working the the private sector (unlike her commie parents, she had a real job) and caring about the things her parents didn't care about (read I am a capitalist) BUT that she still cares about the things her parents did care about (read but I am still a liberal commie traitor.)

So, why would Princess Chelsea be distancing herself from her now useless idiot commie parents while also claiming she still cares about their beloved communism and trying to paint herself as a commie/capitalist? Gee, she wouldn't be laying the groundwork to announce in 2015 that she is running for president, would she, you know, like I told you she would?

I told you that Hillary was damaged goods and won't run for president in 2016 and she proved it on the recent campaign trail with a very lousy performance. I also told you Princess Chelsea will run and has been groomed to run. Keep an eye on this.

A Gallup Poll said that "the majority of Americans want the Republicans in Congress -- rather than President Barack Obama -- to have more influence over the direction the country takes in the coming year." That majority is 53% of Americans. Eyes are opening.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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