Know Your Enemy

One thing I have learned from the Bible and military history and science is that you must know your enemy. You have to learn what THEY believe and how THEY think to better understand them and anticipate their actions. It is only if you can understand them that you can hope to defeat them.

Also remember that you NEVER underestimate your enemy, it is better to overestimate them than to underestimate them but it is best to KNOW who they really are without question.

Remember that all humans act based on what and how WE think and not based on what and how others think. Therefore, anticipating the actions of your enemy CANNOT be based on what and how you think. You cannot beat them by asking, "What would I do?" but by first learning to understand what and how they think and then asking, "What would THEY do?" So the first thing you have to do is get inside your enemy's head to see what is and is not going on there so you can understand and use their own logic against them.

I have already been teaching you about the upper class trash but they are already failing and that is opening the door for the two men who will succeed so you must now learn to understand those two men and their organization. I have a huge number of dots to connect for you with some of them going back more than half a century so that most of you are not aware of those dots. I have been watching and studying this since I first became aware of it in the early 70s, more than half a century ago, long before many of you were born.

This is going to be complex and take a while so don't be afraid to go back and reread things to better understand them. This has taken me half a century to research and follow so you may have a little trouble understanding it quickly but I will keep it as simple as possible.

The two people and the organization for this study are Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, and the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan is the most important person here so we will start with him and I will show you why he is more important that Obama, who is just a loyal follower of Farrakhan, who is the wizard of black Islam, operating the controls from behind his Nation of Islam curtain. Remember that Obama said that Farrakhan is his idol, role model, and Obama looks up to Farrakhan. Don't ever forget that because that makes Farrakhan the most important person in this study. Farrakhan is the brains and Obama is the puppet.

First, forget everything you believe about Farrakhan because you almost certainly have been taught that he is crazy and, therefore, also stupid in spite of the fact that we have known for more than half a century that sanity and intelligence are not related. Crazy people can be geniuses and I am going to prove to you that Farrakhan is a genius far above anyone I have seen in the upper class trash and I will show you his brilliance.

We start with the truth I have learned about Farrakhan, which is that he is an extreme Muslim religious fanatic and a genius who is in control of one of the best "secret governments" in history.

In the 1970s I became aware of Farrakhan, his influence in our government, he was already in bed with the lefty upper class trash, that he was already preaching the violent overthrow of the US government (he is still preaching the violent overthrow of the US Government), and then about something that really caught my attention and has caused me to keep an eye on this man and his organization for more than half a century.

What I found out was that Farrakhan started infiltrating his black Muslims into US government agencies, including but not limited to the US military, CIA, NSA, FBI, Secret Service, and other important agencies by at least the early 1970s, probably the 1960s.

You have to understand that the US government agencies are KNOWN around the world to be the most professional agencies in their fields in the world and I have read numerous reports or articles by experts from other nations saying this. This is not just my opinion. This is the professional opinion of experts from other nations.

These black Muslims were and still are being trained by and gaining experience working for these US government agencies, the best government agencies in the world. After the black Muslims were in those agencies for at least one term or some even retired from those agencies, they would return to the Nation of Islam, where they designed the same programs they had been part of for the US government and then professionally trained other black Muslims to be operatives or to manage those government agencies for the Nation of Islam just like they had learned to do for the US Government. Think about that for at least one or two minutes and you should see the brilliance of Farrakhan.

Farrakhan was and still is having his enemy, the best government in the world, the US Government, train his soldiers to overthrow his enemy, the US Government in a violent coup. Oops!!!

Absolutely brilliant!!! Crazy, yes, but brilliant and that makes him a very serious threat. I have been watching him do this for more than half a century but it gets better.

This should tell you that Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have a US Government quality secret government running the Nation of Islam, preparing for the violent overthrow of the US Government, trained by the US Government. He has tens of millions of US military quality black soldiers including special operations units like the Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Marines, and others. He has air force pilots, tank drivers, ship's captains, and etc. ALL trained by the US Government. KNOW IT!

Farrakhan is the Commander in Chief for one of the two best militaries in the world trained by the US Government!!! Technically, they can do almost anything the US Government can do. Think about that for a few minutes...but it gets better.

Not only do his people know everything our government and military know but they were buds with those who are still in the military, CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, and others, especially the traitor deep state currently staging a coup of the US Government and, along with Obama, are still working with those deep state members TODAY. Oops!!!

But it gets better...well, for Farrakhan and Obama.

Remember that I told you about a number of things I learned following the Los Angeles riots in 92?

One thing I learned was that all black gangs in the US are Muslim and they are under the control of the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan. Second, I learned that only the lowest level operatives on the street are the amateurish street punks you see on TV and in the news. Those street punks are a front for much more professional members you never see on TV or in the news. Those street punks are the minions who get busted and go to prison.

This means that, in accordance with Islam and Shiria Law, those black gangs MUST all tithe 20% of what they make from their criminal activities such as drugs to the Nation of Islam, probably into offshore accounts. This means that the Nation of Islam probably has hundreds of billions of dollars in offshore accounts for operations and fighting a sustained war.

When I was in West LA in the late 80s and early 90s I personally saw the efficient organization, training, and quality of the rest of those members. I saw the black Secret Service escorts deploy to protect a leader stopping in a gas station or elsewhere and the Secret Service can't do better because these guys, all wearing suits, were trained by the Secret Service. They were professional to the max.

I saw training taking place with convoys staging emergency exercises by moving a convoy of 20 or more vehicles through rush hour traffic at speed while keeping that convoy intact just as slick as the US Military would do. I saw two convoys from different gangs quickly merge in motion and deploy together, parked along side the road, for selling drugs to each other with guards posted, the drugs and moneys quickly transferred, and then they left very quickly with two intact convoys efficiently separating from each other just as professionally as the US Military.

I found out from the FBI that the black Muslim gangs have smuggled into the US and have stored in warehouses (by 1992) enough military grade (we are talking fully automatic, people) weapons and munitions to easily fight a sustained war against the US Government for at least 10 years and they have continued to smuggle in such weapons and munitions since then. I figure they could probably fight a sustained war for at least 20 to 30 years by now and that is a conservative estimate. It is probably worse than that.

I found out from the FBI and the black gang members themselves that the Los Angeles riots were a "dry run" to find out what it would take to successfully overthrow the US Government and seize control of the US in a violent coup, using their street gangs. They found out 1) that the US military and National Guard could stop them, if they concentrated their efforts in just a few big cities, so they began moving black gangs to more and smaller cities to stretch the US military too thin to stop them and began bribing corrupt politicians to continue to down size the US military and 2) that armed US citizens could stop them so they began spending billions of dollars bribing corrupt lefty politicians to seize US citizen's guns so "we the people" can't fight back and save our nation.

Remember that, following the 92 riots in LA, the leaders of all black gangs in the US met in St Luis, Missouri for a "peace council" or so said the lefty media but it wasn't a peace council, it was a war council where they discussed what they had learned from the LA riots and reworked their plans to seize control of the US. I learned this from the FBI.

Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam are VERY capable of doing everything required to nuke Chicago, like God told me, to kill everyone they need to kill and seize control of the US with Obama as der Furher.

Remember that I have taught you about the US Government reward system that pays managers for the number of people they manage, which encourages those agencies to be inefficient so they can justify hiring more people so their managers can be paid more money?

Yeah, Farrakhan has a much smaller government and he won't allow those inefficiencies because his people are paid based on performance so his government will be much more efficient and will work better in an emergency, meaning the Nation of Islam is probably a better run government than even the US Government, which will give the Nation of Islam an advantage in a fight. Plus the US Government agencies are infiltrated with deep state traitors who will be fighting to help the Nation of Islam from within against the government.

Now, the window that is opening is that the lefty upper class trash Farrakhan has been working with and waiting on is failing so that will open a window for Farrakhan to step forward, say, "you are failing, get out of my way and I will show you how to do it right", and the lefty upper class trash are getting desperate enough to not only permit him to try but to even help him.

BUT that window is also closing at the same time, putting even Farrakhan in a bind because increasing numbers of blacks are leaving the Commierat Party, which is quickly decreasing Farrakhan's potential base for seizing and maintaining control of the US. He has to move fast and he has to move soon because that window won't stay open forever.

What? You still don't think Muslims like Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam will murder a lot of people by nuking Chicago to get what they want, which is to destroy the US Government? Remember 9/11?

It is not if, it is when.

Now, what have Farrakhan and Obama told us that they believe?

They have told us that they believe Obama is their messiah or Mahdi who will conquer the world and rule the world. These means that, if Farrakhan supports Obama in this, Farrakhan will be set up as the Caliph of the Muslim global Caliphate that will rule the world so Farrakhan will be the global dictator with Obama being his front man in case something goes wrong.

What does Islam tell us that Farrakhan and Obama know they must do in order to prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi so all of the Muslims around the world will unite behind them to form the Caliphate that will conquer the world?

Note that I have watched Farrakhan have meetings with the top Muslim leaders in the world for more than half a century so he KNOWS what he and Obama must do to get all of the Muslims in the world to unite behind them AND I have studied Islam end time prophesy so I also know.

They have to do several things before Obama can be recognized by the Muslim world as their Mahdi or messiah.

First, they have to at least start rebuilding Babylon because Muslim end time prophesy requires that Babylon must exist so that people must be working and living in Babylon before the Mahdi can be made know. That is why Obama started funding the rebuilding of Babylon by giving the World Monuments Fund millions of dollars in US tax payer money via the US State Department just 3 months after he was first elected as president of the US.

Remember that I found out this time last year that they had finished the first phase of the project last year, were doing the second phase, and were expecting to start the third and final phase of building modern Babylon by either the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020, you know, next year?

All they have to do is lay the foundations for the first buildings with people already living and working there and the Muslim Mahdi can be made known.

Second, according to Islamic end time prophesy, the Mahdi must prove he is the Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order to all Muslims to murder all non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews. This will require them to invade and destroy Israel to seize control of the Temple Mount to give that order and confirm that Obama is the Mahdi.

According to Islamic end time prophesy, when that happens and Modern Babylon is being built, ALL Muslims MUST unite behind the Mahdi to conquer the world and set up Babylon as their global political, financial, and religious capitol of the world. That is the Farrakhan, Obama, and Nation of Islam end game.

One thing they will have to do to get there is seize control of the US Government so they can use the US Military might to 1) conquer Israel and 2) conquer the world, which, they believe, with the US Military might and a few hundred million Muslim soldiers, should be pretty easy to do.

THAT is what THEY believe and THEY think. In a nutshell, that is their plan and Farrakhan has been working with the Nation of Islam for more than half a century to achieve that and, right now, he has the best opportunity he has ever had or will ever have because the upper class trash plans are failing and the upper class trash are very desperate.

They know that them achieving this, especially with this white privilege thingy, will cause all of the lefties to relent to being second class citizens to the black Muslims, just like God told me. You know, just like has already happened with the Black Lives Matter thingy.

What they will have to do in detail to achieve this will be another entire essay. That will also be based on what they believe and what they think or "know" will happen.

THEY are the enemy you will have to fight in your streets in the bloodiest war in US history to get most of your nation back to build a new nation. Now you have a better understanding of who your enemy is, what they believe, and how they think.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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