Lad Syndrome 2

I feel I need to discuss the lad syndrome more but I need to start with feminism, which is the cause of the lad syndrome.

Basically, feminism is a hate crime against men and was primarily started by lesbians waging war against men and convincing heterosexual women to help wage that war, hence, the Battle of the Sexes. Feminism is all about an arrogant, male hating, controlling, and abusing attitude which is really nothing more than using sex for bullying men.

As I stated in my previous essay, the control women gained over men was achieved by liberal men and women convincing men they could not do without sex. Once men began to believe this, they became slaves to sex and could easily be controlled by being encouraged to abuse sex. One of the proofs for this was the experts (read liberal shrinks) stated that men think about sex every eight seconds. Most people just blindly believed this without question but it didn't sound right to me so I began to investigate into the validity of that statement.

I am going to share something with you that I have not shared with anyone before, not even my two ex-wives, and it will put an end to a biology field research project I have been doing for more than 45 years because it will blow my "cover", but you need to know this.

I told you before that, as a biologist, I am trained to do both laboratory and field research. Field research is when a scientist goes out into the real world and studies something like animal behavior as it applies to the read world instead of just in a laboratory or based on white palace research and theories. In field research for animal behavior, you are required to be as non intrusive as possible because we learned a long time ago in biology that the more intrusive you are in doing research concerning animal behavior, the more you will effect and alter the behavior of the animals you are studying. Therefore, in field research for animal behavior, biologists usually use blinds or "cover" to hide behind even when the animals know the biologists are present because of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind function of the mind.

Shrinks have been violating this principle and getting away with it by bringing people into their white palaces to study the people (human behavior) claiming it really doesn't effect the human behavior that much and they know how much it does effect their behavior. Scientists have been quietly letting shrinks slide on this in spite of the fact that it would be like a biologist going to a zoo to study the behavior of animals like lions, tigers, and zebras. From a biologist's perspective, the shrink research on human behavior is significantly flawed, if not out right invalid. My research, done the right way, shows the shrink research is completely invalid.

In about 1969 or 1970, while still in college, I began doing my own research on human behavior by doing it the biologist way with field research. I went out into the real world and observed the behavior of other humans. My cover was the absolute best possible in that my cover was that I am one of you (you know, like a lion studying lions or zebras studying zebras) and all I had to do to make it valid was to shut my mouth and listen with only asking questions for clarification. I knew I could not challenge other people about their ideas or it would cause them to become defensive and would radically effect their behavior around me. For more than 45 years, I had to be careful to not let anyone, not even my wives, know that I was doing field research on human behavior because it would have effected other people's behavior. If you know I am watching you, you will behave differently.

You have to understand that, if you do field research on a species for just one to two years, you are normally considered to be an expert on that species. If you do field research on a species for just three to five years, you are normally considered to be one of the leading experts in the world on that species. If you do more than five years research on a species, you are normally considered to be THE leading expert in the world on the behavior of that species and I have been doing field research on the species Homosapien for about 45 years now without any of them knowing I was using them for field research.

In doing this research, I have been able to study everything from liberals to conservatives, lower class to upper class, different communities and cultures from around the US, and even people from other nations and cultures. I even had an opportunity in Los Angeles to study some of the best liberal shrinks in the world for about five years because my second wife was a liberal feminist with a masters in psychiatry making it possible for me to regularly observe some of the best liberal shrinks in the world out in the real world. That was particularly fun and interesting because they are supposed to be THE experts on human behavior and I, a biologist, was using them as my research subjects or lab rats to study their behavior in the real world with my field research and they didn't even guess as to what I was doing. Just believe me when I tell you that liberal shrinks are nuts and they are completely wrong about their white palace research not significantly effecting the behavior of their subjects. I have also studied their subjects in the real world.

My favorite story comes from when I was doing macro research at a liberal shrink party my wife got me into or what you might call tribal behavior. In my macro research, I would study the over all behavior of a group along with studying the behavior of the leaders. My micro research involved me getting into the smaller groups within the "tribe" and studying individual behavior. In my macro research, I would enter the room for the party, ID the goodie bar while looking for the group with the head guru or god of the party (it was always the largest group with the loudest mouths doing the most bragging), grab some goodies, and position myself along a wall where I could over hear the conversations of the liberal high god or leading expert while watching the over all group and their movements between groups. When doing macro research, I always positioned as closely to a wall as possible so no one could walk behind me forcing me into one of the groups and end up doing micro research.

My wife never figured out what I was doing standing alone against a wall watching her and all of her shrink gods and goddesses. She even sent a few friends to talk to me on occasions but I always got rid of them as quickly as possible to keep from doing micro research instead of macro research.

I had just gotten to one such liberal shrink party, quickly grabbed my snacks (a non alcoholic beverage and something to snack on), and positioned myself along a wall right next to the group with the very arrogant and boasting high god of the party. I had not been there more than about five minutes when I heard him arrogantly brag, "I am such an expert that I have used my training and experience to train myself to where I no longer have an ego." It was all I could do to keep from busting out laughing and then a female with a Ph.D. immediately turned from the group and said out loud to herself right along side of me, "I have to do that!" The scene was funnier than the Three Stooges and my first thought was, "This is going to be an interesting night." It was.

For those of you who don't know, bragging and arrogance are pure ego and this short, fat man, who was considered to be one of the best shrinks in the US, was all ego. In spite of this, because of a liberal hierarchy rule that it is blasphemy to challenge anyone higher on the liberal social ladder than you, NO ONE pointed out that his bragging about not having an ego was all ego and I was there for at least 1.5 to more than 2 hours after fat boy made his boast. As a matter of fact, I watched this new fad quickly work its way through the entire group with everyone saying they must train themselves to not have an ego without one person ever asking just how fat boy had done it or how they could do it themselves because it was not acceptable to question the liberal gods. And the reason they all wanted to "train themselves to not have an ego" was so they could all egotistically brag to each other that they don't have an ego.

Yep, liberal shrinks are nuts.

Now, back to the validity of the statement about men thinking about sex every eight seconds. If you just make some basic observations and use common sense, you don't even have to be a scientist to realize that it is not possible for most men to think about sex every eight seconds. Just look at the many things men do which require focusing on what they are doing for hours at a time. If men thought about sex every eight seconds, they wouldn't be able to do any of the things they regularly do which require such concentration. If men thought about sex every eight seconds, we could not have possibly invented anything, would still be living in caves as hunter/gatherers and would have even failed at that. Just imagine a man trying to focus on sneaking up close enough to a prey to stab it to death with a sharp stick called a spear when his focus is constantly being broken by thinking about sex every eight seconds. It would take him no more than one or two times of losing his hunting focus to make enough mistakes to scare his prey off and he would starve to death.

If you have ever stood in a group of just men, especially conservative men, and listened to them talking male talk, they will talk about things like cars, boats, hunting, fishing, finances, and sports for hours without mentioning sex more than to make a few jokes. It should be obvious that such long conversations about things other than sex would not be possible if men were thinking about sex every eight seconds. If men were thinking about sex every eight seconds, how would it be possible for us to develop science about anything, play chess, program computers, and the many other things men do which require extensive concentration for prolonged periods of time? Obviously, it wouldn't be possible.

What I have found in my studies and observations is that the men who think about sex the most are the social liberals who have become addicted to adultery, such as sexual fantasies, pornography, and masturbating, and the liberal males who think about sex the most are the liberals who have a job in a white palace where they can get away with thinking about sex all of the time, you know, like liberal shrinks having sexual fantasies about screwing their clients while listening to their clients whine about their problems instead of solving those problems themselves. And, it turns out that quite a few liberal shrinks have been having sex with their clients.

Liberals are so fixated on sex and drugs that it turns out they have not mentally matured beyond the maturity level of a spoiled two to three year old child, you know, like Obama. In other words, they have not grown up and these are the liberal whackos who have seized control of our nation. Scary, huh?

So, why did liberal shrinks make the statement that men think about sex every eight seconds when it is obviously not possible?

Because liberal shrinks are fixated on sex to the point of being nymphomaniacs, they knew the word would eventually get out, and they also knew that people wouldn't want to take their mental problems to others who are even sicker than they are so the liberal shrinks tried to make themselves look normal by stating that ALL men think about sex every eight seconds. Amazingly, people just blindly believed it because the shrinks have Ph.D.s and are the experts. Besides, the people saw it on TV and, if it is on TV, it has to be right.

So, obviously, most men really don't think about sex every eight seconds and another liberal "proof" that men can't do without sex bites the dust. Men and women can do without sex for their entire lives, it is a lot easier than you think, and I told you how it works in my last essay. You are being lied to in order to use sex to control and enslave you.

On the other hand, I recently read that less than one in five women currently consider themselves to be feminist and increasing numbers of women are turning against feminism because feminism has not only failed but is also causing a backlash by men against women. Plus, if you study the behavior of feminists, you realize why increasing numbers of women are turning against feminism.

The lives of most heterosexual feminists go through a vicious cycle several times every year. They start out by spouting out their feminist hate talk which is basically feminists encouraging each other to "be the b**ch", hate men, and wage war against men. Then the feminists find a man they really like and start talking about how great the guy is. After they have started going steady with the man for a while, he rebels against the woman's bullying him and bolts. This results in hurt and anger for the feminists with the feminists blaming the male for everything and her feminist friends comforting her by agreeing that it was all the evil man's fault and couldn't possibly the the fault of the feminist bully. Next the feminists go into a state of depression and they start reading and quoting a lot of great sounding philosophy about how good, wonderful, and deserving they are until they start feeling better about themselves. Then they return to the feminist hate talk and being the b**ch to repeat the cycle at least a few times a year, unless they have found a permanent sex slave to bully all of the time.

Increasing numbers of women are getting tired of this and realizing that, if they just respect the man they like instead of bullying him, he will stick around so the feminists are leaving feminism to have happier lives with a good man. Eyes are opening and they are choosing.

Mean while, the hard core feminists, especially the lesbians, are increasing their attacks and war against men with really stupid stuff like this new and ridiculous "manspreading" protest against men being able to sit comfortably. This will only increase the backlash by men against women, increasing numbers of women realize this, and increasing numbers of women are openly fighting against the feminists. We are now seeing increasing numbers of women taking the sides of men in the Battle of the Sexes and feminism is reported by some to be dying.

Remember that I told I took my vow of celibacy back in 1990 at the height of feminism when it was only getting worse and I had just divorced my second feminist wife. My vow actually included two vows. The first vow was that I would not get married again unless God dropped a woman in my lap and told me to marry her. At 41 in 1990, I actually didn't want to get married again and thought that, surely God wouldn't do that. I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my life as best as I could and knew I couldn't enjoy life married to a feminist. Hell is not fun.

My second vow was that I wouldn't have sex again until I got married again. I will be 66 in a few months, I was celibate until I was 21 and have been celibate since I was 41, which means I have been celibate for 46 years, 70% of my life, almost half a century and they have been the happiest years of my life because of feminism. I am not actively dating much less looking for a wife and am really enjoying the freedom, peace, quiet, and sanity of being single.

Does this mean that I won't marry a woman God drops in my lap and tells me to marry her?

No, I will gladly marry that woman because I know that God will not choose a bad woman or Satanic feminist for me to marry and I will have a happy marriage. Mean while, I am enjoying the simplicity of single life, celibacy, and all the good stuff which goes with it like more time to spend with God, more time and money to do the fun things I enjoy, and, most importantly, no chick flicks. With Jesus as your savior and an interest in a number of fun things, a Christian celibate life can be a fun life. I don't endure celibacy, I enjoy it but I don't hate women either.

Celibacy has taught me a number of things such as being addicted to adultery is slavery and absolutely no fun. You are constantly trying to get satisfaction from adultery when there is only frustration. The more frustrated you become from adultery, the more you seek it out to try and relieve that frustration only to continue to increase your frustration. Recent research has shown this to be true. Plus being addicted to adultery makes it much easier for pagans to control you. I am so much freer, happier, and at peace with celibacy and God than I ever was with adultery and Satan.

Celibacy has also taught me to look at women differently and be more discerning about them. When you learn to see them as just a human instead of also as a potential sex partner, you can more easily tell whether they are good or bad people and which ones to stay away from. I enjoy being friends with good women without the tension of sex. It is more fun.

I have found that the most important thing is to find out what God wants you to do and do that thing. If God wants you to be married, then marry the person God has chosen for you. If God wants you to be single for a while or your entire life, be celibate, free, and at peace with God.

BTW, I hope you realize that Obama making nice with Cuba is so Obama can force the closing of Guantanamo. If he makes nice with Cuba, Cuba can refuse to renew the lease on Guantanamo and the US will be forced to leave and release all of the terrorists being held there or move them to the US.

You are right now seeing the intended results for the failed liberal commie strategy of containment of our commie enemies. Basically, the US liberal commie traitors were protecting our commie enemies from being destroyed by the US military so those enemies could eventually help our commies seize control of the US and the world. Containment is an act of treason.

The lefties murdering the two New York cops seem to have caused quite a bit of backlash against the lefties and may have destroyed or at least slowed their plans to cause enough chaos with their rioting to permit Obama to declare martial law and set up their dictatorship.

If you think that non citizens should vote in the US, go to almost any other nation, live there without becoming a citizen, and try to vote. You could end up going to jail.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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