Lame Excuses

It has become well known to anyone who pays attention and isn't brain dead that, when liberals are wrong about anything, they NEVER admit they are wrong, they just blame someone or something else. These are liberal lame excuses for when their great sounding ideals fail and they refuse to admit those ideas failed.

The way the liberal brainwashing works, in a nut shell, is that they start with some liberal "experts" who dream up some great sounding idea which is quickly picked up by the liberal college professors who feed it to the liberal media and public school teachers, who feed it to the liberal politicians, activists, and bureaucrats, all of whom feed it to and force it on the people. When the great sounding idea fails, which is always, the liberals either dream up another great sounding idea to replace the last failed great sounding idea while quietly ignoring the fact that their last great sounding idea failed or dream up a lame excuse as to why their great sounding idea didn't really fail while continuing to push the failed great sounding idea on us.

One great example of a great sounding idea failing and the liberals continue to push that great sounding idea while blaming something else is liberal child rearing. Back in the 1960s and 1970s the liberal shrinks began pushing the great sounding idea of not properly disciplining your children, especially not spanking them. After all, very few people really want to spank their children. By the 1980s it was becoming obvious that their great sounding idea was failing when the number of children misbehaving really exploded. To protect their great sounding idea so they could keep pushing it on everyone so it would be easier to brainwash your children, they dreamed up a number of new mental health problems, gave those imaginary problems big names, and started doping up the children to keep them lethargic and easier to brainwash.

Suddenly, for the first time in history, almost half of the children in the US had mental health problems. The more intelligent parents began to realize that something was not quite right and got tired of their children being doped up little zombies, so they started protesting and refusing to dope up their children but the bureaucrats began forcing some parents to dope up their children of face jail, which caused more backlash by parents.

To counter this mess the liberal shrinks had created and the outrage it was causing, they suddenly started having bogus "scientific research" proving it was the junk food the children were eating which was causing the behavioral problems. This is the latest lame excuse to cover for the failure of their original great sounding idea so they can continue forcing that great sounding idea on people so the children will be easier to brainwash. Now we regularly see bogus science blaming junk food for the behavioral problems being caused by the failed great sounding idea of not disciplining your children, especially not spanking them.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that most of the children who are having these behavioral problems are the children of the liberals who "are doing everything right" by following the advice of the liberal experts and not the children of the parents who continue to properly discipline their children. To counter this, they are cracking down on parents who do discipline their children, taking the children away from them, whenever they can get away with it, and they keep coming up with "new research" showing it is another food type which is causing the problems. For example, they blamed sugar for a long time but increasing numbers of people who are having behavioral problems with their children have their children on sugar free diets (causing the children to be lethargic) so now they are blaming such things as flour and dairy products.

Hold it, for thousands of years, we humans have been feeding these foods to our children without today's behavioral problems and suddenly these foods are causing those behavioral problems? Yeah, right.

The vast majority of your children do not have mental health problems and it is not the junk food or other food they are eating. I have found that the behavioral problems you are having with your children are being caused by two things which the liberals keep forcing on you and encouraging you and your children to do. The first of these is not properly disciplining your children. You would be amazed at how most of your children's behavioral problems would completely disappear with a few properly done spankings and conservative child shrinks have proved this but their work keeps being ignored and covered up.

The second thing which is definitely causing a huge problem is the recreational drugs the liberals keep using. We have known for decades that all recreational drugs cause cell damage and this damage occurs randomly within cells and in different cells throughout the body. This random process is caused by the drug molecules randomly being taken in by cells as they are moved through your body by your blood and randomly moving through your cells. The different types of drugs cause different problems and the more drugs you use, the worse your problems get.

This is especially true in the area of brain cells. It is easily observable that the more a person uses a drug and the more types of drugs a person uses, the more brain dead they tend to become and the more brain dead they become, the less they realize their brain isn't working as well. But the liberal upper class trash like this because, the more brain dead you are, the easier you are to brainwash. You may not behave very well but you are easier to brainwash with their propaganda, besides, they can always publish another "scientific research project" which proves your behavioral problems are not being caused by the recreational drugs but by the food you are eating.

We see the same methodology of using lame excuses to cover for their failed great sounding ideas in every area such as global warming. They came out scaring the stupid people with global warming so the liberal upper class trash could force their agenda 21 on us and, when it became obvious the planet was cooling off instead of warming up, the liberal upper class trash simply and quietly changed from a crisis of global warming to a crisis of climate change so they could continue to push the same agenda 21 on us. There is a little problem with their most recently great sounding idea of climate change, the climate has been changing for thousands of years because the climate has been in a constant state of flux, mostly caused by the changes taking place on our sun and not by us humans. So, what do you think will be the next lame excuse to keep promoting their agenda 21?

What it comes down to with all these great sounding ideas and lame excuses or problems, is that the liberals are the problem. History teaches that our glorious intellectually superior, power mad, greedy upper class trash has caused better than 90% of the problems we humans have had to deal with for the last five thousand years. They are the problem and, if we want to get rid of better than 90% of our problems, what we need to do is get rid of the liberal upper class trash. You would be amazed at how many problems that would solve.

With our upper class trash forcing so many really bad problems on us, it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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