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There have been some interesting things in the news lately.


First, Israel has been having quite a bit of seismic activity with as many as two earth quakes in two different areas in the same day. The experts are saying a really large earth quake could happen any time.

This is very interesting because, in Ezekiel 38 & 39 a massive earth quake causes the invading army to become confused and turn their weapons on each other killing better than 83% of their own forces. Plus developing events are telling us we are getting very close to Ezekiel 38 & 39 happening. Keep an eye on this.


I am reading that King Abdullah is very upset by Obama not going into Syria to help the Saudi funded Al Quaeda and other Suni terrorist forces topple Assad and also for talking to Iran. This could just be theater being used for smoke and mirrors but it could also be something else. For example, King Abdullah's plans to conquer all the Muslim countries for Wahabbi Islam are failing with Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt reversing the Suni governments King Abdullah's terrorists set up in those countries plus his terrorists are losing the fight in Syria.

Does Obama talking to Iran mean Obama has lost faith in his beloved King Abdullah being able to put together a winning plan so Obama is dumping the Kingy boy and is now making plans with Iran, who has been doing better? After all, no one likes for their future plans of global conquest to be managed by a loser. Also, Obama may have failed several times to stage a false flag event so he could set up his dictatorship because the US commanding officers won't obey Obama's orders to commit treason and mass murder so Obama has been firing military leaders and appointing others who might murder Americans for Obama. All these things not workout for Obama could be causing Obama to look for greener pastures?

It kind of looks like Obama and Kingy boy's plans may not have been working out as expected so Obama might be looking for new partners in crime. But it could still be theater to throw everyone off. Keep an eye on this.

Just remember, man plans, God laughs.


Recent research in England has shown that regular exercise, like in physical education classes and after school sports, improves academic performance. The experts can't seem to figure out why, but, hold it, I told you why years ago. We have known from research done back in the 1950s and 1960s that exercise improves academic performance and why. During sustained exercise, the blood flow to your brain, heart, and liver increases by 33%. This causes the brain to be able to recover better from the stress or work of learning so you can learn more quickly, provides more nutrition or fuel from the liver to the brain so the brain can do more work in the same time, and helps the students relax and better focus on their work. Gee, that was so tough.

We have known about this in exercise physiology for more than half a century but the sports and exercise hating liberals decided (in their blissful ignorance) that exercise really isn't important so they have been systematically doing away with important activities like Physical Education and after school sports for more than half a century while getting everyone to focus entirely on the beloved liberal god, diet. Where they couldn't do away with the sports programs completely, they changed them to more politically correct activities such as focusing only on "life time" activities which people can do throughout life after they leave school.

It is important to expose the children to life time activities but the activities the liberals replaced with these life time activities were designed and being used for important reasons. For example, the individual activities were designed to help individuals to develop better self confidence through individual effort and achievement and team activities were designed to teach people how to better work with other people, you know, like at work. Children need to develop both of these traits to have a better chance at succeeding in life. They will have plenty of time for learning and enjoying the life time sports during their life time, which lasts significantly longer than school.

Oops, the liberals screwed everything up again because of their biased ignorance. But, hey, what is new?


Once again the fake unemployment number went down with fewer new jobs than was expected. It is the liberal math. Notice that the media don't want to talk about the two to three times more people losing jobs than finding jobs while their fake unemployment number keeps decreasing. Gee, I wonder why, maybe the liberals don't want people to realize the liberals are lying and it is all smoke and mirrors like I have been telling you for years? But, hey, nothing new here. It is the same old corruption.

Gun Control

This is really funny because it shows the stupidity of the "intellectually superior" upper class trash natural elite power mad, greedy whackos. (You just can't say enough about those clowns.) The person in charge of Interpol stated in an interview that the best thing countries can do to fight against the latest strategy being used by terrorists, such as attacking unarmed people (soft targets) in places like Nairobi and Mumbai, is to....wait for it....ARM THE PEOPLE!!! In other words, all these power mad rulers disarming the people so the power mad rulers could become more corrupt without having to worry about their people staging a revolution and overthrowing the power mad rulers has turned these power mad rulers' people into SOFT TARGETS the terrorists are now going after because all other targets have become too hardened. It has also made the power mad whacko rulers softer targets when they go to their favorite shopping places because the other citizens don't have guns to help those power mad whacko rulers fight for their lives. Oops, the power mad whackos screwed up....again.

You know this has to upset the power mad whacko rulers because they spent the better part of the last century brainwashing their people into giving up their guns with promises of peaceful utopia so those power mad whacko rulers could be even more corrupt without having to fear their people. This also kind of sets back their plans for a global dictatorship.

Either these power mad whacko rulers rearm their people so the people won't be soft targets any more and can help better protect themselves and their power mad whacko rulers or we all become softer targets. Forget the gun free utopia crap. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out. What do you want to bet that the power mad whacko rulers just fire the Interpol guy so the power mad whacko rulers can blissfully keep their heads up their butts until a few more such terrorist attacks kill some more of the power mad whacko leaders forcing the power mad whacko rulers to either extract their heads from their rectums and deal with reality or die a very smelly death?

Man plans, God laughs.

With the raving lunatics running our planet, it is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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