God is giving us a full variety of lessons and we need to pay attention because the lessons won't stop until we pass the tests that come with those lessons.

For years, Europe and the US have forced Israel to give up land to the Muslims "for peace" with Israel giving up land a number of times and there has never been peace for Israel. Europe and the US have refused to permit Israel to just wipe out the terrorists to stop the terrorists from killing the people of Israel and the Muslims just keep killing the people of Israel.

For most of a century, we stood by idly watching as the communists in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other places enslaved, robbed, and murdered their people while we did nothing and arrogantly proclaimed, "We are not our brothers' keepers."

We have quietly listened to the pagan revisionist history, which began well before WWII, telling us how evil Christians are and how good and righteous pagans are and that the pagans were the victims of Christianity, permitting ourselves and our children to be brainwashed with their lies. The pagans conveniently forgot to tell us that it was they who first persecuted the Christians several thousand years ago and, now the pagans have regained the upper hand against the Christians, they once again persecute the Christians.

Throughout the West, our politicians' policies have done nothing but make things worse and continue to do so because we believe the lies our media feed us about how wonderful our leaders are without question. Personally, I cannot think of one politician I want to vote for. FDR gave us the cold war, Truman gave us, at best, a draw in Korea when we had the Chinese army on the run in the Iron Triangle, JFK gave us the Cuban Missile crisis, Bay of the pigs, the Vietnam War, and sold out at least one ally, Turkey, to appease the Soviet Union, Johnson and Nixon gave us defeat in the Vietnam War and caused the Six Day War and Yomkipur War in Israel, Ford didn't get a chance to screw up anything that we know of, Carter gave us the mess we currently have in Iran, Reagan (he armed and trained up Al Quaeda to defeat Russia in Afghanistan), Bush I, and Clinton gave us 9/11, Bush II and Obama gave us the mess we currently have around the world. Now that is what I call really great leadership. Things just keep getting worse, not better. Maybe we would be better off without a leader for a while.

I have realized that we may have to go back to the 19th century to find a descent leader and all the people I currently see in political office are "not worth the rope to hang them", as the old saying goes. The evil things don't even try to hide the now very obvious fact they are all in the same bed by supporting the same evil programs such as Obamacare, core values, legalizing illegal immigrants, and other liberal programs. None of them are on the side of good.

God meant it when He said, "Do unto others what you would have others (including God) do unto you."

Today, the same Muslims whom we forced Israel to give land to and endure the Muslim attacks are waging war against us in our cities and taking our land and freedoms from us. We earned it but have we learned from it?

Today, the same liberal commie traitors who told us we should not try to free our brothers being enslaved, oppressed, and murdered in other communist countries because they said, "we are not our brothers' keepers", have seized control of our nations and are robbing, enslaving, oppressing, and persecuting us. We earned it but have we learned from it?

Today, those poor little victim pagans who only wanted us to be tolerant of their horrible religions and permit them to freely worship the pagan gods they choose to worship are now in control and are once again persecuting Christians and others. We earned it but have we learned from it?

Our nations are are financially broke, our economies dying, our militaries devastated and unable to protect us much longer, if at all, our nations are breaking up and in the early stages of civil war and revolution with open war on a global basis imminent all so we could vote for the criminals running our countries. Wow, that really worked out well, didn't it. I guess the false pagan god, democracy, must have croaked or, maybe, is away on vacation because he isn't doing the job we were told he would do for us. In spite of the fact we got to vote for our criminal leaders, they remained criminals. Voting for them didn't make them better leaders. Gee, who would have guessed?

We believed the pagan lies, did what the pagans talked us into doing, and are getting the same results all others, such as Greece and Rome, did before us when their corrupt countries fell. We have earned it but have we learned from it?

We must learn from our mistakes, turn from continuing to make those mistakes, turn back to God, and beg for God's mercy on us to save our undeserving butts or we won't have butts much longer. We have voted ourselves into a real mess by believing in all of those false pagan gods and need to turn to the one true God to save our butts before it is too late.

Now, I am seeing that increasing numbers of people, both Christians and non Christians, are learning from our mistakes, turning from those mistakes, standing up to the criminals persecuting us, and fighting back. It is hopeful and promising but I still see more who must learn from those mistakes, turn from making those mistakes, and fight back. It is increasingly good that people are not just submitting to the tyranny of our criminal leaders.

Please note that, in the above I stated that our nations are in the early stages of civil war and revolution and did not state the soon coming civil wars and revolutions. Most people think the US Revolution was started by the Minute Men or on Bunker Hill. Actually, the US Revolution and all other such wars of freedom were started well before the first shots were fired with protests, riots, and facing off against the enforcers of tyranny. It was only after the tyrants became violent that the protesters turned freedom fighters by returning violence with violence and fought for and won our freedoms. Since increasing numbers of us are standing up to our tyrannical leaders and their enforcers, then the civil wars and revolutions have already started and are increasing in violence as the tyrant enforces increase their violence. This is all partly because our evil tyrants are so sure of their control and victory that they refuse to relent in any capacity of their tyranny against us and continue to insanely increase their persecutions and oppressions.

If it is not already happening now and being kept covered up by our beloved traitor media, soon you will see armies from both sides shooting it out. History proves this to be true. It is amazing that, if you have carefully studied history, you can see each step being taken one step at a time today just like those same steps were taken in the past. You can actually see the progression and actually know pretty accurately where we are in are developing our wars for freedom and what will happen next. And all of this is because the corrupt members of our upper class, who are often those who preach that we must learn from history to keep from repeating history, refuse to learn from history because they arrogantly believe their are more intelligent than their predecessors and can cause things to workout differently. Since things are turning out just as they did for their evil predecessors, I guess today's criminals are not more intelligent than their evil predecessors, are they? They are just as stupid because they are making the same mistakes because they didn't learn from their predecessors' mistakes.

Keep praying because I see that God is listening and I see God is taking care of it but we must pass this test.

BTW, remember that I told you there is a war going on between the cat people and the liberal conservationists/birdie people? Suddenly, the conservationists and birdie people are taking cats from cat people's homes (read terrorism and intimidation) on a large scale. It seems the birdie people and conservationists are better organized for waging war and the cat people are being taken to the cleaners. This increases the potential for the continuing growth of the rodent/bird pandemics and at least one very significant pathogen pandemic. The lefty conservationists and birdie people are determined to kill us all off. Keep an eye on this.

Because of the evil intensions of the pagans, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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