Slavery 3

I have explained in detail before that Marxism and Libertarianism are nothing more than con jobs to get us to sell ourselves back into slavery because the corrupt members of the upper class want their little slaves back. The corrupt members of the upper class lost their little slaves (surfs, peasants, and peons) and all the free money the upper class were making from those slaves in the late 1700s and early 1800s when our ancestors revolted and fought for freedom. Without their little slaves, the corrupt members of the upper class trash had to actually work for a living instead of stealing from the slaves so the upper class could sit on their lazy buts.

The sword and the lash had failed to contain the slaves so the corrupt members had to try other means to get their slaves back. So the upper class had their academe work on new programs designed specifically to subtly con the lower classes into willfully accepting slavery in another disguise. Marxism is really nothing more than a combination of the peasantry (taxation) and peonage (psychology and economics) systems though I am now seeing the upper class trash add in things from the English surf system such as the rich owning and controlling all of the land and only the land owners being permitted to vote because they are "smarter" than those who don't own land. Marxism was designed by the academe on the European continent which is why they combined the peasantry and peonage systems, which were designed and used on the European continent. Karl Marx was given credit for Marxism (communism/socialism) because he wrote the best sales manual for conning the people into selling themselves back into slavery.

Libertarianism is a combination of the surf system and peonage systems, which are based on land ownership and psychology/economics respectively. Libertarianism was designed by Mises, an Englishman, which is why he used a combination of the English surf system and the Italian peonage system. Since the upper class trash had already accepted Marxism as their primary chosen means of conning the people back into slavery, Libertarianism was put on the back burner until recently when large numbers of Americans began to turn against Marxism and revolt. Libertarianism is being used to get as many of the people who are revolting against Marxism as possible. "Here, you don't want to be enslaved by that system, we will gladly enslave you with another system."

Well, let's take a look and see how well our new forms of slavery are doing. Right now, the upper class trash have pretty much enslaved the people throughout the West, especially in Europe, and are quickly trying to put on the finishing touches, you know, getting those chains locked before the upper class trash has to start resorting to violence because we are revolting. They are taxing us back into poverty and destroying the economy while eliminating business competition so we must work for them at whatever wages the upper class trash set.

Get it straight, the working people are the slaves the socialist are oppressing and stealing from with taxes so the socialists don't have to work, can sit on their lazy butts, and live the good life at your expense. But they also began to institute some of the surf system about 100 years ago by "environmentalists" and "conservationist" organizations (all run and funded by the upper class trash) causing the US government to seize increasing amounts of land, placing that land under control of the upper class trash. This has greatly decreased the amount of land available in this country, quickly inflating land's value so fewer of you can afford land. Did you know that only about 2% of the land in the US is developed? Most of the rest is controlled by the government or upper class trash, get it straight, they are the government. The English royalty learned that, if you control the land, you control the people.

But it gets better, because they are using economics, you know, the peonage system, to force you to purchase health insurance via Obamacare at inflated rates from the government and their businesses so they can drive you into poverty faster and drive the mom and pop businesses out of business so you have to work for and buy from only the upper class trash. They are quickly working to control every aspect of your lives so they can better control you.

You think I am wrong? Did you know that the American upper class trash consider themselves to be American royalty? And they are misbehaving just like the European upper class trash or royalty, trying to enslave you again. Remember that I told you that Obama stated before he was first elected that he believes he is descended from the Pharaohs, you know, ancient Egyptian royalty? Now, maybe, you can better understand why Obama gets so furious when you, his slaves refuse to obey Pharaoh Obama? How dare you slaves not obey Pharaoh Obama? Now, maybe, you can also better understand why Pharaoh Obama hates the Jews so much? The Jews or Hebrews revolted against and achieved their freedom from one of Pharaoh Obama's ancestors. Why, those vile little Hebrews, how dare they revolt against a Pharaoh, you know, just like the Americans are now? Get the picture yet?

But hold it, the 21st Century slaves, you, are revolting against your royalty now. Most of you are refusing to submit back into slavery to the upper class trash and it is infuriating the upper class trash. We are now in the early stages of revolution around the Western world with slaves revolting against the upper class trash in the US, England, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and other places, you know, just like your ancestors did about 200 years ago. Can't you just hear our upper class trash complaining throughout the West, "It is just so darn hard keeping the slaves down, they keep rising up and refusing to let us steal from them so we don't have to work for a living."

God freed the Hebrews from slavery to Pharaoh Obama's ancestors 3,600 years ago, God also freed us Gentiles from our slave masters, the European royalty, about 200 years ago, and, if you stick with God, He will free you from your current slave masters, the upper class trash royalty. Now, maybe, you can better understand why the pagan upper class trash hate God, the Bible, Jews, and Christians so much. Keep praying, God is listening, and it is working.

BTW, I am waiting for the birdie people and green people to get in a fight over the green people's wind and solar power systems killing so many cute little birdies. Who do you think will win that fight? I think we are going to see increasing numbers of these fights because the idiot liberals are getting what they want and not liking what they are getting. Maybe thinking things through before you fight to force them on others would be a good thing?

I am also noticing the liberal activists increasing activity suddenly and that has to mean something. Keep an eye on this.

When dealing with the pagan upper class trash, it is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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