Liberal Crisis 15

Just like I told you would happen, the Democratic Party is starting to shred itself. Joe Leiberman is the first major player to abandon after his ultraliberal voters turned him down in the primary and I told you the battle would start in the primaries.

The infighting really began to develop several years ago and has been growing. Hillary has lost favor with many of the liberal voters in spite of the fact that she is very liberal. She is just not liberal enough for the majority of the power brokers in the Dummycrat Party.

Others have been at odds with the Party and I expect that, now that Leiberman is out of the Dummycrat Party, others will join him and form a new more moderate party that will bring down most of the top ultraliberal Commiecrat Party members. This is just what I told you would happen.

The ultraliberal power brokers have control of the party and even most very liberal politicians are loosing favor with them and the whacko ultraliberal voters who make up the majority of the Commiecrat Party. Contrary to the propaganda the ultraliberal media keep putting out, the ultraliberals will continue to loose ground to the conservatives because they are just too whacked out for even most moderates to support.

Yet, these power mad nuts refuse to give up control to a more moderate group who would have a better chance against conservatives. This will continue to grow a rift in the Commiecrat Party until the more moderate liberals and moderates just leave the party and form their own party. With Joe Lieberman jumping ship, that has just started. It will be fun to watch the Commiecrats blow their party wide open like Mt. St. Helens did. The fun is just getting started. Enjoy the ride. What a great soap opera this is.

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