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This one is going to be very amusing and could even get funny with time even though it is a serious matter. Two groups of liberals are waging war against each other because they have been brainwashed to believe opposing lies. That is what happens when you brainwash people with lies. It is only a matter of time and two or more lies will contradict each other with people choosing which lie they want to believe and openly fighting each other.

What we have is the birdie people and some conservationists fighting the cat people and other conservationist and I just read that the birdie people are sending a petition to Congress demanding Congress take the side of the birdie people in requiring all feral cats be hunted down and killed off. Since many of the cat people are also liberals, you know they also know how to fight dirty and will send a petition to Congress insisting Congress take their side. Oops, the liberals in Congress are going to have to take a side between two large opposing groups of liberals and that is going to be funny. But first, a little history.

Prior to the Black Plague reaching Europe in 1347 AD, people believed that house cats were evil and possessed by demons because witches used house cats in some of their evil rituals. The people believed that, if they didn't kill the house cats, the demons in the house cats would leave the house cats and possess the people so they were aggressively killing house cats for hundreds of years before the Black Plague. Basically, people taught their children to hate and kill house cats because of witchcraft.

Everyone knows that house cats in the wild, feral house cats, kill and eat such things as rodents and birds but most don't know that better than 70% of a feral cat's diet consists of things like insects, spiders, cockroaches, grass hoppers, moths, and such. By killing the house cats or suppressing their population, it permitted the rodent population around Europe to grow to a pandemic level. Rodents were rampant everywhere, especially in the cities, towns, and villages.

So, when the bacillus called Yersina pestis, the bubonic plague, arrived in Europe in 1347, there was a massive population of vectors or disease carriers called rodents available to begin transporting the Black Plague all over Europe and then around the world very quickly. It was the only time in history that the global population of humans actually declined and our population dropped by at least 25%, which means that, since humans were still having babies, about 30% to 35% of the people on the planet died.

It didn't take long for the people to realize the disease was being carried by their huge rodent population and they also knew that house cats killed and ate rodents. It didn't take the people too long to begin passing laws making it illegal to kill house cats and, in some communities, it was punishable by death with some people actually being killed for killing house cats. Their logic was simple, if you killed house cats, you would cause the rodent population to grow which would cause the spread of the plague and get everyone else killed so killing house cats got humans killed via the plague and got you killed for killing the house cats.

In spite of this, a lot of people still hated house cats and taught their children to hate house cats. Because of the laws against killing house cats, these people took this hatred into their private closets waiting for another excuse or reason to openly hate and kill house cats.

From 1785 to 1851 lived this dude, an American woodsman by the name of John James Audubon. Audubon was also an outstanding artist and loved birds. He painted 435 life size prints of birds along with some really wonderful works of art and his art became very popular among the scientifically ignorant upper class art community. In the late 1800s, following Audobon's death, some one started the Audubon Society for bird watching and conservation. The Audubon Society made bird watching become very popular among the scientifically ignorant upper class and it wasn't long until some of them realized that those "evil house cats" killed and ate their wonderful little birdies. Well, the upper class birdie people just couldn't have those evil house cats killing and eating their wonderful little birdies in spite of the fact that house cats, other birds, and other animals kill and eat wonderful little birdies to keep the wonderful little birdie population from turning into a pandemic. So, off the birdie people went on a crusade hating and killing evil house cats and teaching others to hate evil house cats, you know, just like their ancestors did prior to the Black Plague, just a different excuse. Yep, those over paid, upper class intellectually superior geniuses didn't learn a thing from history.

But it is even worse than that because these brilliant liberal twits didn't just start suppressing the cat population and teaching others to hate house cats for fictitious reasons such as conservation and protecting other animals like those cute little birdies and rodents, you know, just like their ancestors, they also started a still persisting fad of feeding the cute little birdies.

Now, if you know ANYTHING about biology, you know that 1) suppressing predation for any animal group will increase the animal group's population, 2) increasing the food supply for any animal group will increase that animal group's population, and 3) doing both at the same time is like playing Russian roulette with a mini-gun because that animal group's population will EXPLODE!

But, it is even worse than that. (Have you ever noticed that the things liberals do just keep getting worse?) Not only were the liberal twits suppressing the predation and increasing the food for cute little birdies but guess what other animal group the twits are suppressing predation and increasing the food supply for? Rodents!!! Sound familiar?

Learn from history? No, not us, we're liberals.

You see, the evil house cats these liberal twits are killing off not only prey on and control the populations for cute little birdies but also prey on and control the populations for cute little rodents AND rodents eat the same food the liberal twits are putting out for the cute little birdies which means they are also feeding cute little rodents, you know, the descendants to the rodents who caused the Black Plague to be so terrible!!

I know I told you that liberals invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending.

So, here we are today, thanks to our liberal loonies, we have a massive pandemic of cute little birdies AND a massive pandemic of cute little rodents in every city, town, and village just waiting for the right pathogen or disease to come along and kill a few billion of us off. It could take decades or it could happen tomorrow and I have been quietly watching increasing signs of diseases being spread more and more by cute little birdies (90% of all flu viruses come from birds) and rodents (there are 75 known diseases which adversely effect or kill humans which are carried just by rats.) It is only a matter of time until the right disease(s) gets into one or both of these populations and kills off a lot of humans. It isn't if, it is when and which diseases.

So, here we have two groups of passionate liberals hating and waging war against each other with us facing potential annihilation because of the liberals. One group, the cat people, are partly right (only by accident) and the other group, the birdie and rodent people are completely wrong. Who will win? It won't be us.

So, what would happen if we stopped killing feral cats?

OK, let's go back to what I taught you about the effects of predation and food supplies on animal populations. If we stop the human predation of cats, because of the incredibly huge food supply (massive pandemics of birds and rodents) the feral cats are facing caused by the conservationists and birdie/rodent people, the feral cat population would quickly explode, but only until the feral cats brought the bird and rodent populations back under control and to a safe level.

What would happen is that the feral cat population would increase until the decreasing populations of birds and rodents (cat food) could no longer sustain the feral cat population and then the feral cat population would start to decline until the feral cat population stopped decreasing the bird and rodent populations which would cause the bird and rodent populations to grow against which would cause the feral cat population to grow again. Eventually, the birds, rodents, and feral cats would settle into a normal prey/predator population cycle with the populations fluctuating on a regular basis within a healthy range of population. The prey populations always lead in growth and decline with the predator populations following by about one to two years based on prey and predator reproduction rates which would put the cat population lagging the prey populations by about one year.

If we don't stop killing feral cats, we are going to have a massive global disease pandemic in which you will lose a number of friends and relatives regardless of how much money you have. This human biological die off will be many times more massive than any other biological die off in history and on a global basis. No one will come out of this die off without losing quite a few of the people they know and love, you will probably get to bury at least one third to more than half the people you know, if you survive.

Is it possible or likely that the evil upper class Euro-American trash have engineered and are using this to kill off billions of people? Yes, very likely they have been using the liberal media and other means to teach people to hate house cats to cause the pandemic. It is possible and very likely the upper class trash did learn from history and are using history to murder billions of people. Hey, murder a few billion here, a few billion there, and, before you know it, you have murdered off seven billion people. Therefore, you, the people, need to know the real reason why you are being taught to hate and kill house cats. It is all about killing billions of people. The upper class trash don't care about the birds and rodents.

It is always important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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