Ukraine 4

On Monday, April 7, 2014, the Russians in Ukraine started protests which could easily turn into a civil war. This was clearly staged by Putin and is something which Putin always does just before he goes into a country. It is a huge red flag that Putin is getting ready to take Ukraine and Transnitria.

The Russians have seized Kharkiv, which is the second largest city in Ukraine, and have declared it to be a Russian city. Oops! Note that this increasing civil unrest is being staged in East Ukraine which will force Ukraine to send more troops and law enforcement to Eastern Ukraine and pin down even greater forces in the East (see my Ukraine 1, 2, & 3 essays). This will mean there will be less resistance in the rest of Ukraine.

If Putin can get a civil war going in Eastern Ukraine, it will pin down even more Ukraine troops in the East making it even easier for the Russian troops to walk right into the rest of Ukraine. Putin is showing that he knows how to force you to move your troops in a manner which will make it easier for him to invade your country.

But, the media are so focused on Ukraine that most of them are not telling you about the Monday protests in Transnitria. Remember that I told you that Putin is also going to take Transnitria with this move? Gee, what a coincidence, protests started in both Ukraine and Transnitria on the same day with Russians declaring their independence and wanting to join Russia.

This is what the military calls prepping the battle field or setting things up on the battle field so they will favor your troops as much as possible before you send in your troops. Putin is doing everything he can to set things up so his forces will face minimum resistance in Odessa and Kiev so Putin can take Odessa, Transnitria, and Kiev with minimum resistance forcing Ukraine to surrender and very tiny Moldova to give up Transnitria. When this thing first starts, I expect the more than 1,000 troops Putin has in Transnitria to make critical moves to cut off troops from Moldova and take key targets. Don't be surprised to find that Putin has infiltrated Spetznaz into Transnitria and they will probably run that end of the operation until the reinforcements arrive from the Black Sea Fleet a few miles away in Odessa.

You have to understand that Putin has to take and keep Odessa so Transnitria will no longer be land locked. Odessa will become Transnitria's capitol city and main Black Sea port.

Keep an eye on this.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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