The Liberal Crisis 2

This is a follow up to the page "The Liberal Crisis."

As a biologist, I realized over 15 years ago that, with the destruction of the immune system by the AIDs virus, it was only a matter of time before some very resistant and deadly disease would break into the AIDs population and devastate it. I realized that this was not a case of if but when and how many would die. As a matter of fact, it is also a matter of how many times this will happen and the eventual complete devastation of the liberal community because the majority of the people who have AIDs are members of the liberal free sex community.

This is because it is our immune system which helps keep us from getting the disease and fights it off after we get it. If our immune system is just at a lowered capacity, it greatly increases the probability of us catching the disease and being seriously injured or killed before we can be cured. If our immune system has been destroyed by a disease like AIDs, we don't have any defenses against getting or being cured from any disease. This is why almost all AIDs victims eventually die from pneumonia.

In following the SARS crisis, which kills with a pneumonia like illness, I have realized that the first of these bugs has arrived. Research has shown that this lethal bug is not going away and will become a seasonal problem. This means that it is only a matter of time before SARS will make its way into the liberal community.

But it will be even worse than I had anticipated because SARS is so powerful that it will effect everyone who has a disease which destroys or diminishes the immune system. It is powerful enough that it regularly kills healthy people and already ill people with lowered immune systems will be almost completely helpless. It will not only effect those who have AIDs but also those who have any serious disease because all diseases stress the immune system to some extent and the incurable and terminal diseases do so worst and at an increasing level with time.

This means that all those incurable sexually transmitted diseases which are increasingly taxing their victims' immune systems put their victims at considerable risk. The SARS virus currently has a much higher mortality rate than most other viruses which is what is scaring most people. This higher mortality rate will increase greatly among people carrying incurable and terminal diseases. I expect the mortality rate to be as high as 100% among the AIDs population and from 50% to 100% among the people carrying other sexually transmitted diseases.

There are currently more than 60 million people in the US with sexually transmitted diseases and it should be common sense that most of the people carrying sexually transmitted diseases will be the very social, liberal, free sex crowd. This means that, WHEN the SARS virus gets into the liberal, free sex crowd, they will drop by millions and probably tens of millions within from a few months to years.

What makes this even worse is that the gestation period for SARS is ten days before the person develops any symptoms for the disease. This means that people can expose others to the disease for over a week before the symptoms show that the person is ill from the disease and carrying it. In a very socially active community, it will spread like fire through a lumber yard.

When one realizes that the liberal, free sex crowd is extremely social and very susceptible to all diseases, it only becomes common sense that SARS will spread through the liberal community like that same fire killing off millions destroying the liberal power base very quickly.

The majority of this liberal community is very mobile and socially active on a global basis which will cause SARS to spread throughout the global liberal, free sex community within weeks or less. Tens of millions will fall like flies and fear will quickly spread around the world.

Having studied history, sociology, and people in general, I predict that the fear caused by such a global epidemic will cause a social back lash which will once again make adultery illegal in all countries around the world. This will be because the liberal, free sex community will not only spread the disease more quickly among themselves but, in doing so, will increase the rate and amount of exposer for even moderates and conservatives.

It is this same fear and concern which originally cause the writing of the laws making adultery illegal thousands of years ago. We didn't have a cure for any of these diseases and they killed people in large numbers. To stop the killing, people reacted and made sex with anyone except your spouse illegal. We people have the same fears and logic as our ancestors. When millions of people with sexually transmitted diseases begin dying from and exposing other masses to diseases like SARS, it is only common sense that even most liberals will vote for such laws to save their own lives.

Truly, God was right when He wrote, "Be not deceived, you sins will find you out."

Acknowledge your crimes against God's laws, turn from those crimes, and accept the payment God made for your crime through our Lord, Jesus Christ before you make the potential epidemics even worse. If you do not, your sins will find you out.

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