The Liberal Crisis 4

The saga of the liberal crisis continues with more lies and deceptions. I am now seeing two basic strategies being used by the desperate liberals in the name of job security and their lust for power. The first is to rename themselves as moderates to get people to vote for them because they know there are not enough voters left who are still dumb enough to continue voting for liberals. They are hoping there are enough people in the US who are stupid enough to fall for the scam of them calling themselves moderates and calling moderates conservatives so that they can look like they are moving right when they really are still liberals and ultra liberals.

The funny thing here is that each Democratic presidential candidate calls himself a moderate and all the other Democrat candidates liberals even though they all agree on almost all policies and even admit they agree on almost all policies. Now how can I be a moderate when I agree with liberals on all policies? Duh, hello? What a joke.

The scary thing is that there really are a lot of people out there voting who are dumb enough to fall for it. I believe (and so do the Democrats) that there are not enough people left who are dumb enough to believe this lie. You can see the Democratic Party believes this when they say they don't think any of them can win.

The second trick the liberals are doing to save their political butts is to change over to the Republican Party to make it look like they are moderates when they are still liberals. This will require that the voters be very aware of how each candidate votes and their political beliefs on an individual basis to vote them out in the primaries. I expect to see at least one conservative site built on the Internet for the sole purpose of providing this information to the voters and expose the frauds by the 2008 election. It would be nice to see such sites start this year because there are already enough wolves hiding in sheep's clothing to give the liberals control of Congress using this method. This is probably why President Bush is having as much trouble getting things passed in Congress.

This problem will only get worse as the liberals realize that they are rapidly losing ground and it is beginning to look like my estimates in previous writings were very conservative because the Democrats are making it obvious with their frantic efforts and scams that liberals are losing voter base more quickly than I estimated they would.

A rumor floating around the political circles is that Bill and Hillary are hoping none of the current Democratic presidential candidates will succeed so Hillary can make a clean run for president in 2008. From what I have seen of them, you better bet on it but...I believe they will be four years too late.

They are hoping they can convince enough people that she is no longer an ultra liberal and is a moderate that her star power alone will get her elected. I have noticed that they are trying to sell her as a moderate and I am hoping that there are not enough stupid people voting for this to succeed. Plus, based on current events in relation to my previous articles, I believe that the voter disparity between liberals and conservatives will have increased to the point where it wont be possible for any liberal, even Hillary, to get elected as president beginning in 2008. I think they will have waited too long.

If the liberals are as desperate as they are now, how much more desperate will they be after four more years of the increasing disparity I have described in previous articles? You know they will begin lying and scamming even more and the voters will have to be even better educated to see through their future scams.

The truth is that the great liberal experiment has been tried and has failed miserably. The liberals have even begun to realize that their horse is dead and are trying to either paint their dead horse as being moderate to revive it or steal a moderate or conservative horse. So you moderates and conservatives better tie your pony up well or you could find a liberal politician riding it into office.

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