The Liberal Crisis 5

I just finished watching a 60 Minutes show about emerging viruses and a group of scientists called virus hunters. Emerging viruses are new viruses entering the human population which can infect humans making us seriously ill and/or killing us.

Basically, this show confirmed what I told you about on "The Liberal Crisis 2" page. The virus hunters go out searching for the origin of new viruses like SARS, HIV, and the very deadly nipah virus which has a normal mortality rate of over 40% among healthy people meaning that two out of every five people who contract the disease will die. They search for the origins of these viruses in order to learn and develop procedures to prevent these and other emerging viruses from getting into the human population, causing epidemics, and killing huge numbers of people.

The virus hunters are in a race to find and prevent the spread of potentially deadly emerging viruses before the viruses can get into the human population, spread around the planet, and kill people the way the Black Plague did. They stated that their greatest fear is that they will not catch the type of disease I warned you about in time with a global epidemic wiping out hundreds of millions of people. They also warned that there are many more very deadly diseases out there which can easily be even more deadly than SARS and nipah just like I warned you.

They stated that they are racing to prevent exactly what I warned you about and I figured out over 15 years ago as being inevitable. All it will take is for one of these very deadly viruses to infect the right person, who will infect the right population, and cause a global epidemic. So far, they have been lucky in that either the diseases have taken long enough to kill like HIV so that the disease can be detected and preventive steps can start being taken to prevent an even faster spread before a huge die off begins or that the disease shows symptoms or kills fast enough that the disease becomes known before it can spread quickly. Though, you have to know that HIV is in the process of a massive die off and, eventually, every one who has it will die from it unless a cure is found. This means that, eventually, HIV could be that virus because all 60 million plus people who currently have the virus will die from it. This is true of all sexually transmitted diseases because they will all eventually kill you if they are not cured and most current sexually transmitted diseases are incurable.

The most deadly virus will be the one which has a long enough incubation without clear symptoms for the disease to spread quickly and to a large population like HIV does but, once the incubation is completed and symptoms begin to show, kills fast enough to cause a massive die off like nipah. They are very scared of a virus like this chicken flu getting into pigs and mutating into such a disease which can be easily transmitted to and through humans because it will spread quickly and kill quickly.

This virus, which I believe is inevitable, will spread fastest through and have the greatest mortality rate in a population which has a weakened immune system just like I explained in "The Liberal Crisis 2". It is important to understand that every person carrying any illness like sexually transmitted diseases or using recreational drugs has a weakened immune system. Therefore, it is only common sense biology that the liberal free sex and drug crowds will have the greatest potentials for a massive die off with the highest mortality rate which, with the right virus, could easily approach 100% killing tens of millions within a few years in just the US.

Everyone needs to pay attention to this problem because it will effect everyone either physically or financially because such a massive die off will destroy the global economy. The resulting famine will cause more epidemics until enough people die off on a global basis and/or they can get enough of a control on the disease to prevent the continued massive spread.


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