Liberal Crusades

It is time for me to share another scam with you. I call this scam Liberal Crusades which are designed, planned, and managed by the liberal academe to create maximum wealth for the liberal academe. These are the same people who teach you to hate vile corrupt capitalists who run lagimate businesses but, after this essay, you will find they are far worse than what they tell you capitalists are. I am going to teach you to see the very disgusting ulterior motives behind their righteous crusades.

I first began to see glimpses of things wrong at the top in the mid to late 1970's when a group of liberal Latino academe began one righteous crusade after another. It was all about what we should call the Latin American people.

Let me first state that, when I was growing up in the Southwest in the 1950's and 1960's, I had and, to this day, still have quite a few Latin American friends. My two best friends are a Latin American couple from Guatemala who are very nice and great people. I love them to pieces and wouldn't trade them for any other friends.

When I was growing up in the Southwest, all my Latin American friends would regularly tell me, "I am a Mexican and proud of it! So we called them Mexicans because that is what they said they wanted to be called. Then, in the early 1970's, some Latin American academic with a Ph.D. decided for all Latinos in the US that being called a Mexican was an insult and they should all be called Mexican-Americans because they were of Mexican descent and were American citizens. This person and his fellow Latin American academe caused a great stir with clearly organized protests. We thought, OK, that sounds reasonable and fair so we agreed to call Latinos Mexican-Americans because that was what they said they wanted to be called.

It wasn't long after that that another Latin American academic with a Ph.D. decided for everyone else that being called a Mexican-American was also an insult so they should all be called Spanish-Americans and they had more protests. Then I thought, hold it, it was a Latin American who told us we should call Latin Americans Mexican-Americans but since that was what they were now saying we should call them, then OK, we will call them Spanish-Americans.

After that, every Latin American with a Ph.D. jumped on the bandwagon and dreamed up a different name we should be calling Latin Americans and telling us that the last thing their fellow Latin American academe had told us to call them was an insult while ignoring the fact that it was a Latin American who said we should call them that thing and making it look like it was the rest of us who decided to insult Latin Americans by calling them that thing. This got so out of hand that we finally reached a point to where no one knew what to call Latin Americans.

By this time, I was thinking these Latin American academe need to get together and decide what is not an insult so we can know what to call these people. It finally took the media questioning all these academe to get it to where we were aloud to call them Latinos or Latin Americans.

While all of this was going on, I noticed some interesting things which seemed suspicious. First, I noticed that each Latino academic who started a crusade, ended up writing a book or two, getting on TV, going on the lecture circuit, becoming paid consultants for the media, and getting better paying jobs at larger universities. It looked more and more like these academe were just using the Latinos to create financial opportunities while making it look like they were on a righteous crusade for their people.

Then in the mid 1980's, I met and later married a liberal woman with a masters degree in psychiatry who unlocked a very important door making it possible for me to watch and study the liberal academe behind closed doors. Their world is deceptive, nasty, and corrupt.

She was taught in college by her liberal college professors and later by the liberal Ph.D.s she worked for how to build a liberal academic resume to maximize her career and earning potentials. I will use the child molestation debacle of the time to show how it works partly because it was going on at that time and she taught me what was really going on behind closed doors.

What you need to start your liberal academic resume is an opportunity to create a crusade that will also make you an expert for that crusade. Let's say that John Doe is accused of child molestation and you, a shrink, are fortunate enough to get the case. For this case to bear fruit and make you wealthy, John Doe must be convicted because, if he is convicted and you worked the case, then you automatically become an expert on child molestation and can build your resume and future wealth but, if he is not convicted, then you can't become recognized as an expert on child molestation because, after all, it didn't happen in your case and you couldn't have worked on a child molestation case. Therefore, you are motivated to get John Doe convicted at all costs regardless of whether he is innocent or not. That doesn't matter, all that matters is your career and the wealth which will come from his conviction. Conflict of interest? It gets better.

You also have to understand that all other elected officials involved in this case stand to benefit by John Doe being convicted because it will promote their careers for "getting this terrible criminal off the streets", especially the DA and chief of police. This means you will have people who will work with you to get John Doe convicted of child molestation regardless of whether he is innocent. And the higher the profile of the case or the more media attention it gets, the more it will promote your career. This means you have to also really work the media to help get the person convicted but that will be easy because John Doe getting convicted is the better story for the media and will increase their viewership and advertising revenues so you can bet they will work with you to help you get John Doe convicted.

Once John Doe is convicted, you can add to your resume that you worked on a child molestation case and will, therefore, be recognized by the shrink community and everyone else as an expert in child molestation. This one thing is very critical because everything else will be built on this one event.

As soon as John Doe is convicted of child molestation, you will get to write a book about child molestation as a leading expert in the field and stand to make from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Kind of a conflict of interest, isn't it.

Now follow this closely. Writing the book about child molestation also increases your expertise in child molestation in spite of the fact that the book was about the case you worked on and you get to add the book to your resume. As a matter of fact, I was taught that you can build an entire resume from just one case by building your resume right, every other little thing you can add to your resume makes you even more of an authority on the subject at hand.

So now you have worked one case and you wrote a book about that case on your resume making you even more of an authority about child molestation. Then you will get to go on the lecture circuit telling everyone at different universities about the case AND each lecture you give at each university gets added to your resume making you even more of an authority about child molestation. Plus the more prestigious the universities that you lecture at, the more of an authority it makes you. All of this expertise comes from just working on one case. Oh, by the way, at that time, you got paid at least $25,000 per lecture and could easily give at least 10 to 20 lectures per year making you an additional income of at least $250,000 per year for as long as you could milk it. Today, those lectures can pay in excess of $100,000 per lecture or one million dollars for every 10 lectures. What, another conflict of interest?

Then you could certainly bet on getting a really nice paying professorship at some university making at least 6 digits per year along with perks and benefits. And you got it, that professorship also goes on your resume making you even more of an expert.

Then you could get regular jobs working for law enforcement and other government agencies as a consultant on child molestation making at least a few thousand dollars a month for just part time work per case. And each consultation goes on your resume making you even more of an expert and, with each increase in expertise, your income for everything also increases.

Then you can get government grants for hundreds of thousands of dollars for things like "research projects" and programs to "help people". Out of every government grant will come additional money for things like your salary, perks, benefits, and expenses along with money for a staff who will do all your work for you while you just sign off on the work done. Oh, did I tell you that some grants will be offered to you by the liberal politicians and bureaucrats in return for you doing "research" proving whatever they want you to prove to promote their agenda? Bet on it.

Then you can easily start some non profit organization for your crusade which will get a lot of big donations from the rich touchy-feely liberals which will be used to pay for your time on the board of directors for that non profit organization in spite of the fact that you may not spend any time working on or for that organization (you will be elected to the board so they can use your name and credentials) and may only be renting your name and expertise to the organization so it can get donations from liberals.

In a nut shell, that is how you build an academic resume from one crusade and easily make millions of dollars whether your crusade was right or not. From now on, when you see any college graduate, especially college professors on a crusade to get rid of nukes, save whales, or anything else, you will know they are really just milking a righteous crusade to make a quick and easy fortune.

And if you thought a capitalist making money running a legitimate business was evil, you have not seen real evil. Wait until you see what the academe will do, the lies they will tell, and who they will hurt for money. You now know to look for the ulterior motive in liberal crusades.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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