Liberal Hypocrites

I was just surfing the Internet and came across a self righteous comment by a vegetarian animal rights activist comparing the animals being slaughter for our food with the Holocaust slaughter of millions of Jews, Christians, and others by the socialist Nazis during WWII. It really ticked me off and I decided it was time to right this essay.

In 1983 I was returning home in a pickup truck from a bicycle race in Southern Colorado with two vegetarians. One was a more rational vegetarian who ate vegetarian by choice and didn't care what other people chose to eat. He was my friend. The other was a more radical, self righteous animal rights activist vegetarian who thought we carnivores were terrible people and was the friend of the other vegetarian.

We were passing through a ranching area when the radical vegetarian noticed that there were new born calves in the fields. Out of meanness towards me, he called out to the calves, "Run, little calves, because Carl will eat you!"

I turned to him and said, "The only reason I eat meat is so the meat doesn't go to waste when they kill those calves to make the leather bicycle saddles and shoes you wear." He shut up very quickly but the other vegetarian laughed his butt off at my response.

These self righteous vegetarian animal rights activists condemn the rest of us for eating meat and causing the slaughter of all those animals. The truth is that almost everything you use on a daily basis is made using animal-by-products. If everyone quit eating meat, they would still have to kill most of those animals to make the products made using animal-by-products and the meat would just go to waste. Interestingly, the hypocrites who often use the most products made using animal-by-products are the self righteous animal rights people.

I was made aware of this as a kid because, when I grew up in New Mexico, USA, it was still in the latent pioneering stages, my grandparents and many other relatives were dirt farmers, and they all still made most of everything they used including soap. Add to this that I paid attention in science and was further made aware of the many uses of animals in our daily products.

The animal activists are incredibly ignorant about this stuff just like all liberals are very ignorant and miss informed about most things they believe. It is amazing at how many of these self righteous people use leather products on a daily basis while condemning those who eat meat. These fools are so ignorant that many of them don't realize that leather is an animal-by-product made from animal skins.

Then you have to get into the chemistry of a lot of other things. I remember as a small child arriving at my grandparents farm to find a big black kettle sitting on a fire in their front yard with something boiling inside. My grandmother was making her own soap using water, ashes, and animal fat. That is right, all soaps are made using animal fat including, but not limited to, bath soap, hair shampoo, and toothpaste. Also, all skin and hair conditioners are made using animals.

Then, if you eat any thing using gelatin to cause it to stiffen, you are eating animals because all gelatins are made using animal bone tissue. The way it works is that they grind the bones into powder, heat the powder causing it to change its chemical structure to trap water when it cools, and let it set up trapping the water causing the food item to be firm instead of a liquid. If you check your ingredients lists on the packages, you will find the gelatin is used in a wide variety of products including Jell-o, pudding, jelly, jam, preserves, and pie fillings. If you eat anything with gelatin in it, you cannot be a true vegetarian because you are eating animal tissue and causing the slaughter of animals to make those foods and it is almost impossible to eat any kind of reasonable diet without eating at least some animal tissue.

Then you have to realize that a lot of medications, lubricants, and other products used daily by these hypocritical animal activists use animal tissue. Almost everything used to treat and protect any variety of products use animal tissues and any good industrial chemist could give you a list of thousands of items these self righteous hypocrites use on a daily basis which are made using animal-by-products.

The truth is that, if these self righteous animal rights freaks really practiced what they preach, you would be able to tell them by their smell and appearance because they would never bath, wash their hair, brush their teeth, wash their cloths or use any skin or hair conditioners. They would look and smell like crap all of the time.

So the next time one of these arrogant clowns gives you the spiel about how you are so terrible and they are superior to you because you eat meat, just tell them the only reason you eat the meat is so the meat won't go to waste when they kill the animals they use to make the bath soap, hair shampoo, and toothpaste the animal rights activists use on a daily basis. Even if you didn't eat the meat, we would still have to kill those animals to make all the products those activists use on a daily basis and then the meat would just go to waste so you might as well enjoy your steak...or whatever. :-)

Once again, the clue less insist on forcing their ignorance and stupidity on the rest of us because their idiot liberal college professors convinced them they are superior to the rest of us. These liberals will believe anything, won't they?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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