This is food for thought and a warning to everyone. We already have seen just how evil the upper class trash is with them currently planning to butcher off more than 7 billion innocent men, women, and children because they don't want to share "their" planet with the rest of us.

Then you say, "But I was taught that there are no evil people and that all the bad people are just people who had a bad childhood or they are experiencing hard times."

The reason you were taught by the upper class trash (that is who taught you almost everything you know, especially if you are a liberal) that there are no evil people is so you would not think of them as being evil when it finally came out what they are planning. The spoiled little upper class trash brats will probably claim that their nannies abused them or that it is just so stressful managing all those palaces.

After seeing everything that is going on, if you have not yet figured out that there really are evil people, your brain is probably so fried on liberalism and drugs that you are one of the lost people, the liberal zombies who just mindlessly obey their orders and there is no hope for you. The first thing you must realize and admit is that all of these upper class trash and all of their middle to lower level managers are pure evil....along with all their liberal activists. Only purely evil people would plan to butch off more than 7 billion innocent men, women, and children so those evil people don't have to share "their" planet with the rest of us. That is not just evil, it is pure insanity.

So, to all you liberal zombies out there who are being led around by the evil upper class trash, how do you know you can trust them? We know we can't. I know that you know they are liars because you help them lie and, when their evil lies get found out, many of you help cover up for those lies with more lies. So, how can you trust someone whom you know is a liar? They can just as easily be lying to you.

"But", you say, "they would never lie to me, I am one of them."

Well, at least that is what they told you but what if they were lying? After all, they lie all of the time to anyone and everyone, each other. Why not you? Do you think you are special to them?

The truth is that the vast majority of you liberal zombies are not special to them. To them you are just one more number in a computer which they don't even know exists. If they will lie to one number, why not your number? How many of the upper class trash have ever met you and, if they saw you on the street, would they would know you? The truth is that, to them, you are just a stupid liberal zombie tool they plan to throw away when they are finished with you.

To illustrate just how little you can trust these monsters, I will use a rumor floating around in the Internet which is probably true. The rumor is that the upper class trash has engineered a virus A they plan to release on mankind to wipe out all the people the evil upper class trash doesn't want to share "their" planet with and that all the "in" people have been inoculated against.

This is not an unreasonable rumor and is quite probable. I have heard members of the upper class trash publically say that they thought we should depopulate the planet with some terrible disease. These evil people are not really trying to hide their evil plans that much. Besides, it wasn't the lower class who decided to fund the development of biological warfare to use protists to kill people and I know for a fact that there are huge stores of biological weapons. I was trained in biological warfare. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone that the upper class trash is not above using biological weapons to depopulate "their" planet.

I also know they would have told you liberal zombies about this evil plan and you would have gone down and gotten the inoculation, because they wouldn't lie to you, you are one of them. How do I know? Because they know that it would be much easier to control you finding out about it, if you found out from them and they had you inoculated instead of you finding out from some one else and you not being inoculated. The latter would be just too obvious that they are also planning to kill you off. Therefore, it is only logical that you know about it.

We all know they are liars and will lie to anyone, well, except you mindless liberal zombies, you are one of them. You are special.

Question: How do you liberal zombies know that the chemicals for that inoculation which were put into your bodies were not just distilled water or a salt solution?

And you say, "Oh, but they wouldn't lie to me, I am special, I am one of their mindless liberal zombies."

Really? Did you know there is a way to find out and I bet they didn't tell you, did they?

I will teach you enough biology behind an inoculation so you can understand and I will keep it simple so that even mindless liberal zombies can understand. The way an inoculation works is that they put some of the dead virus in you which causes your body's immune system to create antibodies to protect you from the virus before you get the live virus. Therefore, if what you liberal zombies really did get is the inoculation and not just distilled water or a salt solution, you will have those antibodies for that specific virus A in your blood. If you don't have those antibodies, they lied to you and you are scheduled for termination, just like I told you.

So how do you find out whether you have those antibodies?

You go to a doctor, who will draw some blood and send it to a lab. At the lab, they will test the blood to see if those antibodies are present. If the results come back negative, they lied to you. See, even a mindless liberal zombie can understand that.

But I know what will happen because I have been around long enough to see such things happen before and I know how the upper class trash gets away with such deceptions. One of you mindless liberal zombies will go down, get the test, find out that you don't have the antibodies, and run screaming to your liberal nanny that you were lied to. Your zombie liberal nanny will calm you down and tell you that, for some reason, it just didn't "take" with you and you just need to get inoculated again. So your zombie liberal nanny will take you down, you will get inoculated again and just blindly believe that took care of it. You won't go back in a few months to see if you have those antibodies and the upper class trash and your liberal nanny know that you won't check again. You are too brainwashed and doped up to think for yourselves.

Then you will go around telling all your zombie friends they should check to see if they have the antibodies to make sure their inoculation took. When they all get negatives and go running screaming to their liberal nannies about being lied to, their liberal nannies will tell you all that it must have been a bad batch and they will have all of you inoculated again. And all of you mindless little liberal zombies will blindly wander off thinking that your liberal nannies took care of you again. Everything will once again be wonderful in commietopia, pass the dope and fry some more brain cells. After all, you don't need brain cells, the upper class trash does all your thinking for you.

None of you mindless liberal zombies will go back in a few months to see if you have those antibodies and the upper class trash know this. You see, the upper class trash knew this would happen and they already planned out how to take care it.

Question 2: How do you know that virus A is the only virus the evil upper class trash plans to release on mankind? How do you know they don't plan to release a virus B after virus A has killed off most of the people on the planet in order to get rid of most of the rest of you? And, for those of you who do know about virus B and have been inoculated, how do you know that inoculation wasn't distilled water or a salt solution and there isn't a virus C?

So, you mindless liberal zombies really think you can trust these evil upper class trash liars whom no one else can trust? That is just brilliant.

Remember that I keep telling you that the Russians, Chinese, and Muslims plan to kill off all of you liberal commie traitors because, unlike you mindless liberal zombies, they are intelligent enough to know that no one can trust a traitor, you know, like you. We can't trust you, why should they? One way or another, all of you mindless liberal zombies are scheduled for termination and I won't shed a tear for any of you. You have earned everything you are going to get by betraying and planning to murder off the rest of us.

Since we are already in the process of having the liberal zombie apocalypse, it would be a very good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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