Liberals vs Libertarians

A very important question is, "What is the difference between liberals and libertarians?"

Socially and legally, both liberals and libertarians want the federal government to pass laws making everything they want to do to be legal, especially concerning things involving sex, drugs, and entertainment. They both want to legalize such things as drugs and having sex with children and animals. Concerning such matters, they both want the government to not "oppress" them and keep them from doing things which are wrong. They both want laws which will permit them to be irresponsible and not require them to be held accountable for their actions and mischief. Both liberals and libertarians want to be able to do whatever they want to whomever they want any time they want regardless of consequences to others and not have to pay for the damages they do to others while being permitted to deny that they do any damage at all. Both sides are very irresponsible.

Socially, they are both the same animals, pagans. It is financially and economically where they differ. The liberals want the government to also steal from hard working people and give that money to the liberals so the liberals don't have to work for a living. Basically, the liberals want everyone else to pay the liberals for just being alive while the liberals lie around using drugs, screwing anyone and everything they want, and being entertained in any way they want. The liberals want to be 100% irresponsible for anything and everything while making the government and hard working people responsible for the liberals.

This is where libertarians differ from liberals. At least the libertarians are intelligent enough to know that giving that much financial power to the government will eventually lead to becoming government owned slaves. The liberals are so lazy and irresponsible they refuse to acknowledge the truth in this and prefer to foolishly believe that the government wouldn't force them into slavery to increase the power and wealth of greedy and power mad politicians. The libertarians are smart enough and not too lazy to work for a living in order to remain free people. Basically, the libertarians want the federal government to completely leave them alone and let them live in any way they want while the liberals want an extremely permissive nanny state.

Because of their irrational and selfish desires, both groups have dreamed up some pretty stupid things they want to happen. They both want the US military and all law enforcement agencies to be significantly diminished so those bodies can't "oppress" the liberals and libertarians. The liberals have accepted the false belief that no other corrupt and power mad countries or entities such as Russia, China, or the Muslim Caliphate would invade a weakened US and turn the liberals into either dead or slaves. They are willfully clueless.

Both groups want the US to stop sending troops to help prevent conquering and oppressive countries such as Russia and China from conquering the US allies so that the US will eventually end up with no allies to help keep those same power mad countries from conquering the US. Both groups want the US to be isolationists and withdraw into a turtle shell while pretending the US can safely hide behind the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans even though this was proved wrong in WWII.

Mean while, back on the libertarian funny farm, they want to transfer the US government power to the state governments which they believe will be nice guys and are not as corrupt by decentralizing the power of the US Federal Government down to the states. They wrongly believe the state governments are not corrupt and can be trusted more than the Federal government, yeah right. (Libertarians also believe fairy tales, just different ones.) Libertarians also like to believe that their individual state governments will be able to hold off an invasion by such entities as Russia, China, and the Muslim Caliphate (another childish fairy tale). Libertarians are also putting their faith in government, just a different government. The liberals worship the federal government and libertarians worship the state government.

They are both pagan cults which want their paganism back just different types of paganism. Libertarianism has been falsely passing itself off as being conservative because they don't want a commie nanny state like the liberals want. The ugly truth is that, socially, libertarians are every bit as liberal as the liberal commies but, economically, they are similar to but not the same as Christian conservatives. It is only by focusing on the economics and ignoring the sociology that libertarians have been able to confuse everyone else and falsely pass themselves off as true conservatives. Libertarians are not true conservatives but, instead, are neo-liberals.

Both sides have to use lies to sell their product. Liberals tell nothing but lies to cover up their intended mischief. A famous lie by the libertarians is that libertarianism is what the US founding fathers set up for the US government in the late 1700s when, in fact, libertarianism was first developed by their pagan god, Mises, in 1855, more than half a century later. If you have to use lies to get what you want, you are up to no good.

Part of the insanity in all of this is that both sides believe they have all the answers when, in fact, both types of government have failed every time they have been tried. Marxism has now failed in almost every country on the planet. The libertarians cover this up but, when the South tried to secede from the Union causing the US Civil War, the South used libertarianism and it failed miserably and is probably the main reason why the Confederacy lost the war.

In 1861, the Confederacy used Mises' recently developed libertarianism (remember 1855) to set up a decentralized federal government where each state had its own army and there was only a very small federal army under General Robert E Lee. Each state governor became a small Ceasar and had dreams of great conquests with their small state armies. These extremely egotistical politicians saw this as an opportunity to prove they were great military leaders when, in fact, just like most politicians today, they probably couldn't have fought their way out of an outhouse. They refused to let their armies be used as part of a much stronger federal army to defend the entire south and kept their armies home to defend their individual states. It didn't take US General Ulysses S Grant long to figure out how to defeat a libertarian government. All he had to do was to use his much more powerful federal army to pick off each smaller state army one at a time. End game, Union.

It is amazing what people will believe to get what they want.

The ugly truth is that they are both forms of very irresponsible paganism and they are the problem. What we need to solve our problems is to return to the conservative Biblical Christian non crony capitalism, morals, and ethics the founding fathers really did use to set up our government.

As always, it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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