Liberal Wars 2

I have been thinking about what I wrote in my last essay, "Liberal Wars", and there are a few more important dots which make the picture even clearer. The first dot has to do with timing. When did the liberal white crackers make all of those moves against all of their former allies, you know, the Muslims, blacks, and all other non-whites?

Right after the GOP primaries had finished. Gee, what a coincidence. Did you notice that all of the liberal infiltrators or RINOs in the GOP who have recently started standing up for all of the liberal agenda like Obamacare, legalizing illegal aliens, and such got re-elected? The media called them the "key people" in the GOP. Did you notice that all of those key liberals who got re-elected in the GOP are white liberals or white crackers? Remember that the upper class trash behind all of this are white supremacists? (Light bulb time?)

It was then that the liberal media and Hollywood started their attacks against their own allies, the blacks, all other races, and the Muslims with attacks against Shiria Law. It was at that time the liberal white crackers released the book about races and genetics, which is prepping the battlefield for a war against all non-whites, took a stand against Shiria Law, prepping the battlefield for war against Muslims. Did you notice that these same GOP liberals had just recently accelerated the attacks against the perpetrators for the various scandals Obama is facing, including finally setting up a House committee to investigate Benghazi? Gee, what a coincidence, all of this happening at the same time.

What should all of this tell you?

The liberal traitor white cracker puppet masters knew that, if they got enough of the top white liberals in the GOP re-elected, no matter who won in the coming election in November, they will have enough puppets in both houses of Congress to do everything they want without help from their allies so it was time to start prepping the battlefield to turn on and purge all of their allies, you know, like I have been telling you they would. Remember that I told you about consolidation of power and purging those who helped you because they just became a threat to you? Obviously, the liberal white crackers think it is time to consolidate power and start purging.

Well, what is it exactly that these Luciferian liberal white cracker puppet masters want?

In a nutshell, they want to seize control of the US, set up their Luciferian white cracker dictatorship, and purge everyone else except for the Luciferian white crackers. Read it is almost time for the FEMA buses to roll and the first riders will be Muslims, blacks, and other races, then they will purge their liberal commie traitor puppets.

Right now, the white crackers are in the process of crashing the economy with Obama at the helm so he will take the blame and further "prove" that non-whites, especially blacks, are inferior and they should be purged from the human gene pool to prevent such a horrible disaster from happening again (their justification for genocide). I believe the white crackers have sent us a message that, following the coming November election, the House will impeach Obama for all of his criminal acts, including treason, and incompetence (especially him "causing the economy to crash"), the Senate will remove Obama from Office and try him for his crimes, probably sentencing Obama and Val to death, and put their white cracker puppet, Biden, in office as president, who will declare martial law because of the economic crash and set up the liberal white cracker dictatorship. It is then that the FEMA buses will roll rounding up all non-whites to purge the gene pool and the Muslims to later be followed by free rides for all of the liberal traitors who have helped stage this political coup, because no one can trust a traitor.

Have you ever noticed that, when the Feds show up in mass at some place like the Bundy Ranch, all of their heavily armed agents are white? (Light bulb time?)

Remember that I told you that I didn't think the white cracker puppet masters would permit Obama to remain in office for 2.5 more years?

If the white crackers win this, Obama will be out of office and probably executed and we will be out of a nation within the next year. Obviously, the liberal white cracker Luciferians believe they now have enough control to finish their destruction of the US and set up their Luciferian dictatorship. If you think about it, after they have set up their Luciferian dictatorship, the puppet masters won't need all of these liberal commie traitor politician puppets. Think purge and bus ride. God meant it when He said, "Do not be deceived, your sins will find you out."

Now, what do you think the Muslims and blacks are going to do?

You know they can see the writing on the wall when the liberals so openly turned on them and their beloved Shiria Law. Remember that I told you turning on Shiria Law is an act of war against the Muslims? Remember that I told you the Muslims have their plans too? Remember that I told you that the Muslims know who are the liberal white crackers are and where they live and work?

You see, if it takes just a month from the time the liberal white crackers have openly declared war on the Muslims (you know, a few days ago) for the liberal white crackers to get rid of Obama and start rounding up everyone, that will be more than enough time for the Muslims to start fighting back and you know they will quickly recruit at least 80% of the blacks to fight with them. Even the conservatives might help the Muslims fight the liberal white crackers because we KNOW we will be next.

So, what will this Muslim/liberal white cracker civil war be like?

Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, and others. Only here, it will be the Muslims fighting the liberal white crackers, with intentions to turn on the rest of us as soon as the liberal white crackers have all been killed off. And remember, this is NOT something I am telling you about which will happen in the future, this is going on and accelerating right now. It is something I have been warning you about for years.

BTW, did you notice that it is now time that Obama MUST choose between Islam and communism. He doesn't have a choice any more because the commies have turned on him and Islam. Did you also notice that Obama is raising significantly less money with his expensive parties? Keep an eye on Obama for a red flag event.

Please note that God is going to use the Muslims to punish and get rid of the liberal sinners like adulterers, homosexuals, murderers, traitors, and such because we Christians became tolerant and wouldn't. If you study the Bible, you learn that, when the people of God don't do what they have been told to do by enforcing God's Law, God will use some one else to do that task resulting in that nation being destroyed and God's people paying a very heavy price. That is exactly what is going on right now. We Christians earned it, learn from it and don't make the same mistake next time. Tolerance of other people's sins is a sin, the Bible says so repeatedly.

I bet, by now, that both of my blog readers know it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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