Big Lies

There are several groups which keep trying to prove they are the "good guys" via association with our nation's founding fathers in order to convince everyone that these good guys should be the ones to run our nation, pretty much as a dictatorship. The two most significant of these groups are Libertarians and the Free Masons, both of whom claim the US founding fathers belonged to their group, therefore, we should do everything their way. The ugly truth is that our founding fathers simply did not belonged to either group.

The Libertarians falsely claim the founding fathers originally founded the United States of America as a libertarian form of government and economy. This very simply isn't true or even possible because Mises founded the concept of Libertarianism and didn't publish his first writings on Libertarianism until 1855, 80 years after our founding fathers declared independence of the US from Britain in 1775.

What, did the founding fathers wait 80 years (until after they were all dead) after declaring independence from Britain for Mises to dream up the governmental and economic concept of Libertarianism to establish our nation?

Only an idiot or person who doesn't know the facts would believe that. Obviously, Libertarians are lying to everyone. The concept of Libertarianism didn't even exist until 80 years after the US was declared independent of Britain and long after all of the founding fathers were dead. How could our founding fathers have possibly founded the US as a libertarian nation? If the Libertarians will lie to you about that, they will lie to you about everything else, you know, just like the commies.

Then there are the Free Masons who claim that the founding fathers were all Free Masons and their biggest proof is all of the Free Mason symbols on the US dollar bill or Federal Reserve Note for one US dollar, especially on the back. They imply that the one dollar bill was designed by our founding fathers, therefore, they were all Free Masons.


The US dollar or Federal Reserve Note was designed by the US Federal Reserve which was founded in 1914, a full 139 years after our founding fathers declared independence from Britain. The dollar wasn't designed until long after all of the founding fathers AND their children were dead. Our founding fathers could not possibly have designed the one dollar bill or Federal Reserve Note and were not Free Masons. It is all a big lie designed to get you to let the Free Masons take control of the US and run our country their way, you know, as a pagan dictatorship.

The design of the US Federal Reserve Note for one dollar having Free Mason symbols on the currency proves that Free Masons either were involved in the start up for the US Federal Reserve in 1914 or took it over some time later.

Now why would two such evil organizations tell such huge lies?

It is all a great big con job designed to convince you they are the good guys via association with the founding fathers in order to coerce you into letting them have control of your nation so they can set up their dictatorship and have absolute control over you. It is a great big lie a lot of people are falling for because they don't know the truth. Do your home work....or you can just read about mine. :-)

Get it straight, all our founding fathers were, was God fearing, conservative, Biblical born again Christians who belonged to churches, were farmers, tradesmen, professionals, and fathers who fought for independence to break away from British tyranny. That is all they were and nothing else. They were not Libertarians, Free Masons, Marxists, or anything else evil.

With so many evil lies being believed by so many people it is obviously time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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