Remember that I told you years ago that, when Obama nukes Chicago, don't be surprised if Obama also kills Michelle and the girls as an honor killing to make things right with the Muslim community because Michelle and the girls have not been acting like good little Muslim females are supposed to act and have brought dishonor on Obama, which can only be rectified in the Muslim community by an honor killing AND so Obama can use their deaths and the sympathy card to brow beat into silence anyone who would even insinuate that it was Obama who nuked Chicago?

I have been watching something very closely for years.

Have you noticed that, when the Obama family goes on a vacation, often, Obama will go off to play golf for a few days or weeks instead of spending time with his family?

Have you also noticed that the Obama family often travels to and from their vacations separately?

Not too close as a family, are they?

I have not seen a picture of Obama and Michelle in public since the entire family was booed by the fans at a basketball game, in which Michelle wasn't very unhappy. Michelle is not very happy with their relationship and it has been even worse since Obama made a fool of himself in public at Mandela's funeral.

Then Obama takes the girls and goes home leaving Michelle to celebrate her 50th birthday alone on Hawaii?

Hold it, a person's 50th birthday is a very big thing and Obama and Michelle don't want to celebrate it together or even with the girls? So, after a 17 day vacation in Hawaii, Obama leaves Michelle alone on Hawaii for more than a week by herself to celebrate Michelle's 50th birthday by herself?

It sounds like Obama really doesn't care about his family and something isn't right in paradise. But then, again, what would you expect from an arrogant extreme narcissist when his wife isn't happy with him and isn't telling him every day how wonderful he is?

Remember that Michelle has been a very active part of Obama's presidential cabinet?

Remember that Valerie Jarrett introduced Michelle and Obama?

As a matter of fact, Michelle has been a very active part of the three people which comprises Obama's extreme inner core for the cabinet, Obama, Michelle, and Valerie Jarrett. This means that Michelle has been involved in and knows everything about every crime Obama and Valerie have been involved in such as Benghazi, IRS, NSA, EPA, Obamacare, Iran, and others. Michelle could easily be one of the two best witnesses against Obama but, most states don't permit a person to testify against their spouse.

But, hey, a little divorce and a little amnesty could easily solve that. I was thinking, "Hmmm, has Michelle become a threat to Obama?" when I suddenly realized something else.

Michelle can be made to testify against Valerie Jarrett with only amnesty. A disgruntled and disassociated Michelle IS a very big threat to Valerie.

Remember that Valerie is the acting president and Obama is only playing president?

While Valerie is making all of the important decisions and doing most of his work, Obama is off playing golf, on vacations, and at fancy parties raising money. Without Valerie, Obama couldn't get out of bed in the morning and would fall flat on his face. Therefore, anything or anyone who is a threat to Valerie, is also a threat to Obama.

Gee, since Obama and his family aren't very close, Michelle has become upset with Obama, and, if Valerie starts seeing Michelle as a threat, will Valerie at least encourage Obama to snuff Michelle and the kids when they nuke Chicago?

Have you also noticed that both conservatives and liberals are attacking Obama more and more every day?

Every day, they are pushing Obama, Michelle, and Valerie further and further into a corner. That is right, all three of them are being pushed into the same corner because, if one goes down, all three go down....unless one of them turns state evidence against the other two.

Knowing that Valerie is the acting president, Obama is an illegal president and legally most responsible for the crimes of the group, and that Michelle is the least significant of the three and is unhappy with Obama, who would you offer a deal to for state evidence?

A little divorce, a little amnesty, a little witness protection program....

Keep an eye on this.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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