Lost Votes

Ocommie has been losing votes like a stuck pig losing blood. But he is not just losing singular votes, he is losing entire blocks of votes as people are waking up to the idiot in office and what he is really all about.

Following Obama Bin Laden's terrible treatment and humiliation of Netanyahu, Obama lost a large portion of the liberal Jewish voters and their money which is why Obama was forced to recently suck up to Netanyahu. You know that really ticked off Obama because it was a serious set back to his efforts to help Islam conquer the world. It also made him look weak to his fellow Muslims which will go a long way in discouraging them from ever recognizing Obama as the Mahdi or messiah of Islam. The Muslims don't want a weak and cowardly messiah who goes crawling to Israel to get back Jewish votes, though the upper level Muslims will understand it.

Granted that Obama didn't offer any changes of substance towards Israel and it was only a slight of hand to win back at least some of the liberal Jewish votes and cash he chased away, but it was still a humiliation and set back for Obama. This also shows several other things, first, just how desperate Obama is becoming and, second, that the power brokers behind closed doors for the Commiecrats are getting up set with Obama.

As a side note, another thing this shows is How God works. Obama humiliated Israel so God humiliated Obama.

The very arrogant Obama has to be really desperate and under orders from above to grovel before Netanyahu to get back lost votes and cash, even though the meeting didn't have any substance and was just a photo ops. He still had to grovel and back track on his plans. Ocommie is hurting and facing some significant set backs. This will naturally cause him to become more desperate and take greater risks to achieve his goals.

Now we have Ocommie trying to win back the cash donations from the stupid capitalists who were dumb enough to donate money to and vote for Ocommie almost certainly believing that Ocommie was just a poser commie only to find out the hard way that he is a real live hard core commie when Ocommie started taking their money away from them. Now the butt head is trying to get those same stupid capitalists to give the Commiecrats more money after he has passed bills taking a lot of their money in taxes. This also proves what I have said before that having more money doesn't mean you have more intelligence; it just means you have more money. :-)

Today, I read that Ocommie is now consulting with Warren Buffet on how to turn the economy around and create jobs. Hold it! Why is arrogant and ardent communist Ocommie going to one of the most successful capitalists in the world for advice about economics? LOL Why isn't he going to one of his liberal commie gods like Castro or some idiot commie college professor? How about fellow commie, Rahm Emanuel? LOL Or how about his stated Islamic idols Ayatollah Farrakhan or Ayatollah Wright? Why a successful capitalist? This has to be absolutely humiliating to Ocommie and will drive off many of his ardent commie supporters. ROFL Can't you just hear those stupid commie's crying about betrayal? Their beloved commie messiah getting economic advice from their hated enemy? LOL

I figure that either he is putting on a show to win votes and get money from those capitalists who were stupid enough to give the Commiecrats money before or he has been ordered to grovel more by the great Commiecrat Puppet Masters to win votes and get money from those capitalists who were stupid enough to give the Commiecrats money before. I seriously doubt Ocommie is intelligent enough to have learned that his communism has utterly failed especially after the ardent stand against common sense he took at the G 20 meeting. There is something else very fishy going here. After all, he arrogantly and forcefully told all the other members of the G 20 meeting that they should stick to his beloved communism to solve the problems that same communism has caused. Now we are to believe, less than a week later, that Ocommie has had a complete reversal in economic thought and is consulting with one of the leaders of his hated capitalism on how to run the economy? Yeah, right. He is faking a change to get more political donations from the capitalists who have now seen the light about Ocommie being a true blue communist who will take all their money away from them.

If those fools give him their money this time around, they are beyond brain dead stupid. Just remember that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

Once again, Ocommie is forced into groveling to get back supporters, their money, and their votes after having shown his true colors. Once again, his speeches are offering only hot air and no substance when his actions say the opposite of what his mouth says. He is trying to con people he has not even finished conning the first time. That is real arrogance.

You know that arrogant Ocommie Bin Laden is under a lot of pressure for his past and current actions for him to have to grovel and beg to get back votes and money he chased away. You know he is not liking his current puppet masters and is wanting to revolt against them.

But, hey, soon Ocommie will be found begging to the senior citizens and the poor to get their votes and money back when those seniors and poor realize that Ocommie's "Health care" bill screwed them too. So, Ocommie, don't bother getting up off your knees yet, there is still plenty of groveling and lying to do before November to get back the votes and cash from all the people you are screwing.

The big question here is, how many of those people will be stupid enough to believe Ocommie's lies and give more money and votes to the Commiecrats this fall? Some of those rich people are really stupid proving again that cream isn't the only thing that floats. :-P

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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