In business management and finance, ROI stands for Return On Investment or what you get back for the investment you make. In this essay I want to explain why the ROI for Marxism is so bad that it makes it impossible for Marxism to work under any name.

First, the essence of Marxism is that the government takes money from one entity and gives that money to another entity. In this case we are going to take money from one of those "evil capitalist businesses" which commie's are taught to hate but love to purchase things from. In considering this concept, the commie's tend to think about it in the most simplistic manner which is the only way in which it can work but is completely out of touch with reality. They like to think that some person called the government walks over to the business, takes the money away from that business, and turns around handing that money to the intended recipient without any government management costs or business repercussions. The ugly truth is that every commie big government will always have huge costs that have to be paid from the same money they take from the business.

First, you have to pay the people who collect that money and pay their expenses along with people to regularly audit businesses and individuals to make sure they are paying all the money the government says they must pay. Then you have to pay the politicians and their expenses from some of that money along with the bureaucrats which process the money into the appropriate program designed to get the money to the intended recipient, the bureaucrats who manage that program, and this is just at the Federal level. When that money is finally moved down to the state level, all of the same expenses have to be paid for the state bureaucrats that were paid for the federal bureaucrats. Then you have to pay the people who have to register and counsel the intended recipient and, finally, the people who are responsible for actually getting that money to the recipient along with all costs such as bookkeeping, postage, lighting, housing, phone bills, equipment, and everything else.

The real truth is that the intended recipient will receive less than 3% of the moneys which were taken from a business and intended for that recipient. For example, if you take $100 from a business, by the time the money gets to the intended recipient, that recipient will receive less than $3. Now, when that recipient takes that $3 to that business to purchase the business' products or services, they will find that the business will have had to raise their prices $100 to pay for the money taken from them because that money has to come from some where. Unlike the federal government, businesses are not permitted to create money from thin air and they must raise their prices to get the money the government takes from them in taxes or go broke. They have no other choice.

So now you can see that taking the $100 from the business to give it to the intended recipient not only did not help the recipient but actually made things worse for that recipient because now the products and services for that business will increase in price much more than the recipient will increase in income. This means that this system can never be successful because the cost of living will always increase more than the additional income will increase because the cost of getting that increased income will cost the businesses much more than the increased income will benefit the recipient BUUUUUUT it gets even worse than that because the business is forced to increase other costs because of the money taken from the business.

For example, the business will have to increase bookkeeping costs to keep track of that money leaving the business and to make sure they don't pay the government too much money along with clerical fees for the filing of the additional paperwork the government will require. Those increased costs have to be passed onto the customers so that the price of the products and services will actually have to increase by more than the amount of money the government takes from the business. The government taking that $100 from the business could easily cost that business from $110 to over $120 and this has to be passed on to the customer who only got an increase of $3.

It only takes basic math and common sense to realize that this process can't help the intended recipient but will always hurt the recipient because the recipient will always fall further behind in costs for living than they will gain in income by taking money from one group of people and giving that money to another group of people.

Even if you could magically (using commie fairy dust) cause the government costs for taking the $100 from the business and giving it to the intended recipient to decrease to just one penny and the additional costs for the business to only increase to one penny, the recipient would only get $99.99 and the business would have to raise their prices by $100.01 causing the recipient to fall behind by 2 cents every time the government takes $100 from the business and gives it to the recipient. It is only common sense that, if you lose money on every transaction, no matter how small the loss, you will eventually go broke and that means such investments are always bad investments because the recipients will ALWAYS fall further and further behind until they are severely impoverished.

Even under the most simple minded and idealistic scenario, using the best possible commie fairy dust, would you be able to have it cost nothing to take the money from the business and give it to the recipient for both the government and business so that the recipient gets the full $100 and the business only has to increase their prices by $100. Even then, the best the recipient can do is to break even with higher prices so that their quality of life cannot improve. As unrealistic and fantasy oriented as this is, it is the very essence of the economic, financial, and management mechanics which are being used to promote Marxism under every name.

Now you have to add to this that even under this extremely fantasy orient concept for Marxism, the cost of living will increase more than the income for the recipient because, under Marxism, the increased prices will mean the person will also have to pay more in sales taxes which will still increase the costs of the products and services for that business by more than the $100 the government took from the business. Even with a simplistic sales tax of just 1%, the prices for that business' products and services will increase by $101 causing the recipient to fall behind on their standard of living becoming even more impoverished than if the government had not taken the money from the business. Therefore, under Marxism, the recipient will always be worse off and fall behind in the economy until they are eventually more impoverished than before the government began taking money from the business. It is not possible for Marxism to work because the very fundamentals of the concept are severely flawed beyond possible repair.

Then when you add to this that Marxism will always take at least some taxes from that additional income and any and all other incomes for that recipient, then it just gets even worse for the recipient until they are eventually totally impoverished with no disposable income.

Now when the stupid commie's see this increasing divide in wealth between the poor and the rich, they blame the "evil rich capitalists", and increase taxes on the rich causing the problem to get worse. The truth is that it is not the rich capitalists who are causing this problem, the fool commie's ARE the problem.

But it is even worse than that because the increasing prices are having to be paid by everyone and not just the recipient causing everything to cost everyone more so that their money can buy less and less. This means that just the basics for living will increase in cost causing everyone's disposable income to decrease so they will have less to spend on other things which will cause them to do less business with more businesses which will force those businesses to fire employees which will decrease cash flow within the economy which will cause the economy to shrink decreasing taxable income for everyone which will cause the government to receive less in taxable revenues while increasing the number of people who will need government assistance because of the increased number of unemployed people. Marxism is an extreme lose/lose concept.

When the stupid commie's cause this to happen, they always blame the "evil capitalists" and increase taxes making the problem even worse so that the economy will continue to decline as long as the stupid commie's continue to increase taxes. This means that, when the Bush administration's tax suspensions are permitted to expire at the end of this year in such a terrible economy, the US and global economies will go through the commie toilet like a Saturn 5 rocket in full burn. Within a year of that time, we will be saying, "What economy?" :-P

The problem is that liberals are too ignorant about economics and finances and too stupid to understand even the basics like this and all they can believe in is their simple minded commie fairy dust theory. They can't even grasp the most basic mechanics for economics and their beliefs are really nothing more than blind faith in pure stupidity which is one reason why I call liberalism a religion. These fools often mock Christians for using blind faith but then use even more blind faith than the Christians. They are at best foolish, hypocrits, and fanatical religious nuts.

How stupid are liberal commie's? They are as stupid as a person who goes out in a boat and, when the boat springs a leak, they decide to drill a hole in the boat to let the water run out. When the new hole increases the amount of water coming into the boat, they refuse to give up on their obviously failed system and insist in believing that, if they can just drill enough holes in the boat, eventually more water will run out than is coming into the boat so they continue to keep drilling holes until the boat is completely sunk. That is exactly what the liberals are doing, they are drilling holes in a sinking economic boat in spite of the fact that every time it has been tried, that system has failed. They are obsessive compulsive boat hole drillers. :-) And they have already drilled enough holes in the bottom of our boat that it will be impossible to save it from sinking but they incessantly continue drilling more holes believing that eventually they will drill enough holes to let all the water out. That is how stupid liberals are.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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