When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, the teachers were telling us that no one could define love and made us read a lot of liberal pagan poems and other liberal pagan romantic stuff to prove it. By the 1960s, the liberals had given their definition for love as being having sex with some one, hence the term making love.

I remember talking to my extended family about there being no definition for love and the women told me that love is caring about some one a lot. Over the last 65 years, I have noticed that almost all people tell other people, especially friends and family, such as children, they love them in spite of the fact that they are not having sex with those people. This has taught me that most people subconsciously realize that caring about some one is love. Unfortunately, they have also accepted the liberal pagan definition that screwing some one is love.

The liberals intentionally removed the definition for love as being caring about some one so they could change the definition for love to just being screwing some one. The liberals did this to make it easier to seduce people because saying you want to make love to them sounds better than telling them you want to use their body for brief sexual pleasure. It's the adultery thing, as usual.

The trouble is that you can screw a million people and not care about one of them and you can care about a million people and not screw one of them. Therefore, I prefer the old school and Biblical definition for love being that you care about some one a lot. To me, sexual pleasure is something you share with your spouse to make you both feel good because you love them. It isn't something you do to them but do with them because you love them. Love or caring is what warms the heart and the home.

When I was a little boy in the 1950s, I used to hear people, especially Christian women, talking about how wonderful it will be in paradise with the streets of gold and the pearly gates. I remember talking to my mother's mother and her mother (my grandmother and great grandmother) about this and they both told me that paradise is not about streets of gold and pearly gates. Paradise is about spending eternity with God and His love for us.

I thought about that and, when I was in second grade, I started praying a prayer to where I asked God for a little cabin out in the woods near a nice stream and small pond where I could grow my vegies and, when Jesus had time, He could drop by and we could spend some time together talking about things. All I was asking for was to spend what time I could with God for eternity, you know, what God created us for.

Last night, I decided to change my prayer. My prayer is now that I don't even have to have the cabin in the woods near a stream and small pond, all I need is eternal love, mostly from God. My new prayer is that I get to spend eternity being loved by and loving God, some friends, and some animals or pets. That is all I need and want.

With that love, it doesn't matter whether I spend eternity living in a shack or a castle. I have learned that, without love, both the shack and the castle get cold very quickly but love will keep your heart warm sleeping under the stars. I would rather live in a warm shack than a cold castle, especially with a bunch of people who don't love me.

Therefore, my new prayer to God is that all I want is eternal love.

Interestingly, immediately after I made that decision, I developed a much greater appreciation for every little thing I have because everything I have is because of God's love for me. Suddenly, the smallest thing I have meant so much more to me because it was now another blessing from God proving God's love for me. I immediately thanked God for all of those wonderful blessings He has given me because He loves me, basically, thanking God for His love.

It is really fantastic to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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