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Putin's proxy forces in Ukraine were losing pretty heavily to Ukraine forces with Russia only holding ground in a couple of cites in Eastern Ukraine which had been surrounded by Ukraine forces. It was only a matter of time and Ukraine would have finished off Putin's remaining proxy forces.

So, what did Putin do?

It is time for plan B. Putin picked a point of very low resistance to invade Ukraine with several thousand HEAVILY armed troops. The area was so lightly protected that the only military action required to gain control of the nearest city was for a tank to fire a warning shot at a check point causing the few soldiers manning it to flee.

Gee, Putin to take the path of least resistance? Where have we heard that before?

There are several important things about this little invasion. First, this action and the majority of the other actions Putin has taken in Ukraine have been in the East, in this case, the far southeast. This area is the furthest you can get from BOTH Odessa in the southwest and Kiev in the north at the same time. Second, Putin isn't messing around any more, he has sent in several thousand Russian troops with some of his best toys, which I will talk about more later. Putin also has tens of thousands of more troops sitting on Ukraine's eastern border. Third, Putin appears to be marching on Mariupol, which is Ukraine's largest port city in the Sea of Asov. Of course everyone thinks Putin is trying to open a "land bridge to Crimea", but that may only be the bait for his trap.

Putin had tried to draw most of Ukraine's troops to the east away from Odessa and Kiev with his proxy forces so he could quickly and easily seize control of both areas with minimal resistance, basically, conquering Ukraine with a minimum cost in troops. But Ukraine, working with the US special operations, countered that by using a few forces to pick off each proxy unit one at a time until Putin only had a couple of units left which were surrounded by Ukraine forces, unable to get supplies and reinforcements.

So time for plan B. Putin picks a path of least resistance in the same area and invades with top Russian forces making it look like he is trying to open a land bridge to Crimea and is currently marching on the City of Mariupol. Please note that this is not a full on invasion with tens of thousands of troops, this is a tactical movement and not strategic movement.

Further more, to insure that Ukraine will be forced to send her best to stop Putin's forces in the east opening up Odessa and Kiev for easy conquest, Putin is sending in thousands of clearly Russian forces with some of their best toys including T-72 tanks, artillery, armored personnel carriers, a very nasty little critter, the SA-22 and you can bet he is providing those forces with at least some air cover. These are some of Putin's best toys, especially the SAM 22.

The SAM 22 is the latest version of the old SAM 6 from Vietnam. This little creature is design primarily to provide defensive capabilities for ground forces, especially tanks and troops, against air assault and she is a nasty little varmint, especially the tracked version. The SAM 22 is a low to mid range SAM which has a maximum range of about 30 km (almost 20 miles) out and 15,000 meters (almost 50,000 ft) high and a minimum range of 2 meters (7 ft) out and zero meters high. The SAM 22 uses radar the way the original SAM 6 did AND she also uses infra red tracking and targeting the way the newer SAM 6 did, which makes her doubly deadly. She can use her radar unless she knows there are US Wild Weasels operating in the area and then she uses her IR, which is passive and can't be detected until the missiles are fired, which can be too late. She can track and attack multiple targets and can remote control up to four missiles at the same time per unit. She can also operate in groups or killer packs of up to six SAM units with five of them slaved to or working in conjunction with the mother SAM unit which can give the mother unit the ability to remote control up to 24 SAM missiles to 24 different targets at one time.

The SAM 22 carries up to 12 two stage missiles in inclosed containers AND a double barreled, 30 mm anti aircraft artillery gun (triple A or AAA.) First, the first stage on the missiles has a 2 second burn time to get the missiles up to mach speed right now. When the first stage drops off, it leaves a speeding smaller, more maneuverable missile with a remote control and an automatic tracking device. The SAM 22 can fire up to 10 missiles in one minute to overwhelm an attacking aircraft, you know, Wild Weasels. Imagine dodging 10 of those puppies at the same time, but it gets worse. If you get close enough, while you are dodging all of those hungry little missiles, she can cut lose on you with her triple A canon.

You have to understand what the Ruskies have done. They started out by putting SAM 2s and SAM 3s in fixed positions in Nam. Then they would place one or more (usually up to three) triple A batteries near the SAM site so that, if you got too low to attack the SAM, the triple A guns got you. Next, they put the SAM missiles on tracks (like a tank) so they could move around making it more difficult for you to come back to kill them next time. Next, they changed their tracking and targeting from radar to IR so that they were not sending out a radar signal to tell you where they were making it possible to take you completely by surprise.

With the SAM 22, they brought back the radar but a much better radar and kept the IR so they can use both and added multiple targeting. They added up to 12 much improved missiles and added in the triple A so the SAM can provide its own low and close in cover. The tracked version can stay up with tanks and troops to provide them and artillery with defensive cover against air attacks while they are on the move because she can also fire on the move. The SAM 22 can take out incoming missiles, artillery shells, and about anything else coming at her or the troops.

Then, remember that little zero meters high thing I mentioned above?

The SAM 22 can take out ground targets like tanks, troops, mortars, and artillery up to 30 km away. This means she can also be used as an offensive weapon. Did I tell you she is a nasty little critter? I am sure I did.

With a sizable force of thousands of Russian troops using toys like T-72 tanks and SAM 22s, Ukraine must respond to this invasion with significant force, stripping forces away from places like Odessa and Kiev. That is when Putin will make his big move on Ukraine. You know, the path of least resistance thing. Basically, Putin is tired of messing around.


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia stated that the West will be the next target for ISIS. He should know, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the principle financiers for ISIS. Without Saudi Arabia and Qatar, ISIS would not be.

When are we going to take the war to the people who own these proxy armies and quit messing around?

Then the DHS says it is unaware of any credible threat to the US.

Say what?

Saudi Arabia just threatened us.

BTW, have you noticed that Obama has not rescued so much as a dog from ISIS? I told you so.

Then we have Pharaoh Obama saying he doesn't have a plan for dealing with ISIS.

No plan?

Let me share something with you. ISIS has become big enough and strong enough they are now forced to fight much more like a conventional army, which means they are fighting to our greatest strength. They have to move fair sized units of troops, tanks, and supplies in convoys between towns and to battle areas. Without an air force to protect those convoys, the convoys are extremely vulnerable to air attack by the US. It also means that their battles will be fought more with determined battle lines, which will make them easier targets for air attacks. ISIS also has to have significant storage areas close to the front for weapons, munitions, and supplies, which will make great targets.

One very simplistic and effective plan would be to put B-52s and/or F-18s in orbit over Western Iraq out of reach of their shoulder fired SAMs along with tankers to keep those planes fueled. Send in UAVs and other reconnaissance air craft along with satellites to find the many available targets and direct the bombers and attack aircraft to those targets. It will be very easy and low risk for the US to take out those convoys, enemy lines, and storage facilities, especially with our arsenal of smart bombs.

That would just be for a starter and Obama can't come up with a plan? Maybe he doesn't want to stop ISIS, just to prevent its leaders from proving they are the Muslim Mahdi?

Dark Lord

A man, who called himself the Dark Lord, burned and urinated on a Bible in front of a Christian homeless shelter in Arizona. He was wearing a black and red robe with a pentagram necklace, which is the attire for a Satanic cult leader or high priest. When the police arrived, he admitted to the act and said he was cursing the Christians.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the pagans are waging war against Christians and Jews. When the homosexuals got the legal right to marry, they instantly began using that to wage war against Christian businesses. Now members of the occult are feeling brave enough to come out of the closet to openly wage war against Christians. What will it take for people to wake up and realize that all of the major problems in the world and most of the minor problems are being caused by pagans hating Christians, Jews, and each other. Even most of the mischief blamed on Christians were things done by the Catholic Church which has never been more than about 50% Christian and the rest pagan. The Catholic Church even openly stated this last spring that they will dump Jesus by the end of the year and have been staging an increasing conversion from partly Christian to Muslim by having increasing numbers of Muslim masses.

This is all a war between God and Satan and, right now, Satan is winning because we Christians let the pagans distract us and put us to sleep with things like tolerance of their paganism. Things have gotten so bad in this war that only God can save us. We need to wake up very quickly and turn to God or we are screwed.

Ron Paul

Either Ron Paul is one of the stupidest people on the planet or he is in bed with some one very evil who wants to conquer the world and Ron Paul is working to keep the US from stopping them. The idiot keeps telling us we should not get involved in others people's wars and should crawl off into a hole and hide. The problem is that the world is too small to hide anywhere for very long. Sooner or later some one will develop enough power by conquering other people to also conquer us.

Pearl Harbor taught intelligent people that isolationism doesn't work. The stupid people still have not learned.

My question is, which evil entity is Ron Paul sleeping with?

Chelsea Clinton

Gee, I wonder why Chelsea Clinton is quitting NBC? Could it be she is tired of getting paid $600,000 per year ($50,000/mo or almost $2,000/day) for doing almost nothing? Maybe she is feeling guilty? Or could it be she is getting ready to announce she is running for president, you know, like I told you she would?

Keep an eye on that one.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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