This is something for you to think about. It is short and sweet or bitter pending your loyalty.

Who are you loyal to and why?

If you are only loyal to yourself, you are pagan trash no one can trust.

I am loyal, first and foremost, to Jesus, our God.


Because He is our creator and He creates everything that is good. He used good Christian men to create the greatest nation in history, the USA. Without Him, this nation would have never existed and we would have never fought our way out of pagan chaos and slavery into modern civilization. If you are not loyal to Him and turn your back on Him, He will turn His back on you and let you be at the mercy of your false pagan gods. It is critical to be loyal to Jesus.

A great example of this is that, under Christian Reagan, and he is a Christian, our nation reached its height even after others had started bringing her down.

Then Bush I, a pagan globalist, began tearing our nation down again and things got worse. Our military, intelligence, law enforcement, economy and everything else began to decline.

Then Billy Boy Clinton, another pagan globalist, continued to tear our nation down and all of those things reached their bottom under his "leadership" because he worships and follows a false pagan god. He took us into a war against Islam and left us there to die.

Then Bush II, another pagan globalist, looked like he was going to bring us out of that but, after his second election, he quickly turned around on us continued our downward spiral.

Then Obama, a devout Muslim and pagan globalist, took us to the bottom of our current mess by following his pagan god, Allah. He devastated our nation in every way he could, bringing us to the brink of civil war, almost ending our nation. We were only one pagan president away from the end of our once great nation.

Then God used Christian Trump to resurrect our great nation to the greatest nation in the world again. By following God, Trump is leading us back to success, security, and greatness. Our military, intelligence, law enforcement, economy, and everything else are all growing and getting better.

You see, the god you choose to worship, follow, and be loyal to is most important of all because that is who you will follow, who will lead you, and who determines where you will go. If you turn your back on God by electing a pagan, who will follow his false pagan god, then you will end up in death and destruction, you know, like under Obama.

Did you notice that the pagan left brought back slavery around the world, you know, the same slavery Christianity almost brought an end to? Did you notice that only the Christians are taking a stand against slavery...again?

You have to be careful because atheists tell you they don't worship a god but that is a lie because they worship the pagan god, self, meaning they worship themselves and they are their false pagan gods. I personally don't want a human as my god, especially when history teaches us what human gods will do with people like Hitler, Linen, Stalin, Mao, and others. Human gods make the worst of all pagan gods.

Therefore, I am first and foremost loyal to my God in every aspect, especially in whom I vote for to be our leader because I want my leaders to follow my God, Jesus, and not some destructive false pagan god, who will bring down our great nation and enslave our people.

Second, I am loyal to my nation but I must state that our government is NOT our nation. The corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and upper class trash who seized control of our nation are NOT our nation.

What, after Trump got elected, did we suddenly change nations?

I have no loyalty to corrupt leaders and those who control those corrupt leaders because they are NOT our nation, even though they tell you they are our nation.

You see the US Constitution starts with "We, the people" and not with we, your corrupt leaders. Our nation is the good people of this nation and our founding fathers stated that at the very beginning of our Constitution, with the first three words. Therefore, after God, I am loyal to the good people of this nation, first and foremost; not the criminals, not our corrupt leaders, not the corrupt bureaucrats, and not the corrupt, power mad upper class trash but to the good people of this nation, you know, "We, the people". That is the nation I am loyal to and, if they are good people, they will be loyal to me and all other good people.

Note that I am not loyal to any of the people of this nation who betray me and the other good people of this nation because they are traitors and deserve no loyalty from me or the other good people of this nation. It is foolish to be loyal to people who are not loyal to you. Loyalty has to be a two way street.

Third, if I were married and raising children, my next loyalty would be to my immediate family and then to my extended family but, if they betray me by not being loyal to me and other good people, then I owe them nothing but the back of my hand, the same as being loyal to any of the people of this nation who are not loyal to me and other good people.

Some people blindly believe that you should be loyal to family no matter what because they say blood is thicker than water but, if they urinate or defecate in the family blood, it is not blood any longer and you cannot be loyal to these traitors.

I will be loyal to those who are loyal to God and We, the people but will not be loyal to anyone who betrays God and/or We, the people. It is those people who brought our nation down and almost destroyed it.

BTW, how do you like living in a country which is led by a false pagan god? Did you enjoy the increasing crime, corruption, and chaos that killed many? Are you ready for a Christian theocracy that will be loyal to God and the people yet, you know, like under Trump only better?

Who are you loyal to?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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