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Mark sent me this e-mail concerning NASA and space and it is very true.

"NASA's Number One job is to disprove the Bible and the God of the Bible. (Making nice to Muslim terrorist is their #2 job-and remember that #2 also stands fecal matter; they are similar).

I see NASA is still doing its #1 job."

I may have told you about a racer I coached who was working on his Ph.D. in Astrophysics and changed majors because he couldn't stand the lies he had to tell to get government grants to pay for his research and salary.

They actually teach you this stuff in college while you are getting your degree. They teach you the truth and then teach you the lies you have to tell to keep getting paid by the liberal bureaucrats.

What should this tell you?

Much of what you are told, especially on PBS, about space and our cosmos isn't the truth, it is the lies the God hating left want you to know and you are paying for this brainwashing with your tax dollars, which the left controls. It is all lefty fairy tales, baby, not education.


They know the truth will disprove what they want you to believe, prove what they don't want you to believe, you know, the God of the Bible is real and the Bible is right, set you free, and they don't want you free, they want you to be their mindless, obedient little pagan slaves.

The War

This last conservative protest in Berkeley should prove to you what I have been telling you; the lefty upper class trash traitors have hired mercs (Antifa) to start a war and they have succeeded in starting that war.

What the upper class trash traitors are doing is a crime but who is prosecuting them? I don't see any of them going to jail for their crimes, do you?

History teaches that you always have to start at the top to clean up messes by those at the top and things will not get better until those at the top causing the messes are held accountable for their actions. Until that happens, I hope you enjoy the fighting in the street, which is just going to keep getting worse until people are shooting each other on both sides.

Note that there was one Antifa woman who went to the protest looking to hurt people and she got clocked. If you go looking for trouble, don't go whining when you find more trouble than you were looking for.

This is one thing we Americans have to deal with and my mother taught me about dealing with it. I very clearly remember her telling me, "A gentleman doesn't hit a lady but a lady doesn't hit a man and any woman who thinks she is man enough to attack you, you better defend yourself." She was teaching me about equal rights for women.

The reason you need to deal with this is because the left is showing they are using the morals and values of the right to fight against the right. I have read about them putting women on the front lines so men won't hit them, even with the women attacking the men. They are playing you for suckers. When the enemy starts sending their women to fight you, you better fight their women with the same force and furry you fight their men with because they are making themselves combatants and not just women. Remember that, if they show up to fight, they are not ladies, they are the enemy. Don't be a sucker.

Think about this; what if she is carrying a concealed weapon?

She can kill you just as fast as any man so you better deck her before she can get her weapon out to kill you.

The left is constantly changing the game so you have to change to survive.

BTW, the conservatives are fighting back by passing around a petition to have Antifa declared a terrorist organization. The lefties will probably just change the name of their terrorist organization and keep committing acts of terror, you know, just like they did with ACORN. I really doubt a petition will stop the left any more than losing an election did but it is a nice thought and good try.


I just saw a fake news story being passed around by the lefties saying that the "experts" say that Trump is doing exactly the same as Hitler did.


Hitler sent his goons around to beat up anyone who opposed him, you know, like the Commiecrats are doing with Antifa; Hitler took guns away from the people, you know, like the Commiecrats are trying to do; and Hitler used the media to brainwash and control the people, you know, like the Commiecrats are doing.

Gee, that doesn't sound like Trump is the one doing what Hitler did. It makes me question the integrity of the lefty "experts".


I have been watching and it looks like the left has destroyed a huge amount of knowledge. We are talking about the left has wiped out the 20th Century Alexandria Library worth of knowledge by dumbing down the people with their progressive ideas. This, among many other crimes they have committed against mankind, is inexcusable.

I will give you two examples of the left destroying large amounts of knowledge and setting fields back half a century to 1.5 centuries and even more.

When I studied coaching and physical education at the University of New Mexico, it was ranked as one of the top 3 to 5 sports programs in the US and, based on my personal research, was at least one of the top 5 to ten sports programs in the world, probably better.

To get a degree, we had to study biology up to pre-med so that I sat in the same junior and senior level biology courses with, listened to the same lectures, read the same books, and passed the same tests as today's medical doctors and research biologists and I am trained to do both laboratory and field research in biology. I was also required to study almost all of the other hard sciences such as chemistry, meteorology, geology, and others.

Under the late Heck Kenny,Ph.D., who was ranked as one of the two best Athletic Administrative specialists in the US, we were trained in every aspect of athletic administration so that we could design, build, and manage any sports program from the high school up to collegiate and professional sports including designing the buildings and other structures for efficient use.

I am trained to coach, participate in, officiate, organize, manage, and promote almost 20 different sports at the collegiate to professional level, including international sports like soccer, rugby, and team handball. I am also trained in all of the sports sciences and sports medicine. I was trained to design and administer tests and measurements for everything from academic to physical testing.

In physical education, you were trained to know what stage of development a young person's body was in at every age and which exercises and activities best aided that person's growth and development, both physically and mentally. I was trained to be able to just look at a person's body and be able to tell with a better than 90% accuracy, what their shape was, how they were working out, and which exercises they would need to achieve their goals. I could also accurately tell whether they were getting proper nutrition.

I was absolutely amazed at how much we had to learn and that more than half of the students washed out in just the first year and went across campus to the soft sciences and got degrees, some got Ph.D.s.

But then the progressives or idiot lefties got a hold of sports and things have changed for the worse. I went back to that same university more than 20 years later and it is not the same quality program it was when I went through it because a bunch idiot liberals gained control and screwed things up.

Today, to be a coach, personal trainer, or physical educator, you are required to take clinics of anywhere from two days to a maximum of six weeks.

Do you really believe you can replace four years of college with a simple little clinic?

I have never known anyone in the sports field who does but they continue to support such idiot programs. I have watched the results and realized they have set sports back in the US and Europe at least 100 years with most of the knowledge gained in the last 100 years being replaced with ignorance based fads. I have come to realize that there are very few people left who know what I know because we have been dumbed down so much. It breaks my heart.

My second example is the US military. When I was in during the Cold War, SAC, the Strategic Air Command, gave us classes on just about anything and everything that had to do with the military, even remotely, and we also had regular briefings from the Pentagon. I have been in communication with people who are currently serving in the US military, some in Special Operations, and I am amazed at the things I have had to teach them because, after the Cold War ended, some geniuses decided they don't need to teach that stuff anymore and began dumbing down the military. It is really sad when you find out that military personnel believe the lies about nuclear warfare and you have to teach them the truth.

Once again, I have realized that there are very few people who know what I know.

I have watched this dumbing down of the nation in every field of study and work and we have lost almost a century worth of knowledge because of the idiot clinics and camps the lefties have replaced good education with so they could be recognized as experts and gain control over every aspect of our lives without actually having to spend the time required to learn what they are supposed to be experts about. They have also destroyed huge amounts of knowledge within our universities by replacing good classes and fields of study with stupid classes and fields of study designed to brainwash and control the people.

These power mad lefty jerks have destroyed our modern day Library of Alexandria in knowledge. It breaks my heart.

Yes, there are very few people who know what I know, especially in so many fields, but God has recently let me know that this means there are STILL other people who know what I know and that knowledge can still be recovered in spite of the lefties and their insanity, but we must act to recover that knowledge before those of us who know those things die off. With God, there is still hope and we can rebuild our once great nation and culture in spite of the massive damage the left has caused but, first, we have to get rid of the lefties and take back control of our nation so we can rebuild it.


You can tell ISIS is now hurting because of Putin and Trump. They are now trying to buddy up with Al Qaeda, whom they parted ways with in disagreement years ago.

Keep an eye on this.

Idiot Liberals

You want to know just how stupid liberals are?

Justin Trudeau just stated that he will not answer violence with violence, in other words, "you can attack us all you want and we won't defend ourselves or fight back so feel free to attack us."

That is just how stupid liberals are, they openly invite bad people to attack them with promises that they won't attack the bad people back.

So, how long do you think it will be before some bad people attack Canada and kill a bunch of Canadians because Trudeau is an idiot? So, after Trudeau gets a bunch of Canadians killed with his statement, should Canada hang Trudeau for causing the death of those Canadians?


Remember that I told you that, after Israel turned a terrorist loose because he went on a hunger strike, that more terrorists would now go on a hunger strike so they can be turned loose?

700 terrorists just went on a hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

Gee, who would have figured?

Definitely not the idiot liberals who turned the first terrorist free because he went on a hunger strike.

North Korea

I have been trying to get news on ships joining the Carl Vinson CSG in North Korea but the Navy web site has been quiet about ship deployments, probably because of Trump. Also, I had been trying to find out the name of the US aircraft carrier assigned to Japan but couldn't find that out either. I figured that carrier would also be sent to join the Carl Vinson CSG.

Remember I told you it was just a wee bit of a coincidence the USS Nimitz was finishing pre-deployment exercises at this time?

I got this from Newsmax by Theodore Bunker:

"South Korea's Yonhap News Agency first reported that the USS Ronald Reagan, currently in Yokosuka, Japan, and the USS Nimitz, now under assessment in Oregon, will leave for the Sea of Japan next week. China and Russia have reportedly launched "spy vessels" to follow the ships, according to The Yomiuri Shimbun in The Japan News, citing unnamed sources in the Japanese government."

Gee, who would have figured the Nimitz CSG 11 would be sent to North Korea to join the Carl Vinson CSG? Does the Nimitz going to North Korea also mean DESRON 9 will be joining her?

I am watching to see who else gets sent and am particularly watching the Ford CSG, Sterett-Dewey SAG, which includes DESRON 31, the USS Bonhomme Richard ARG and the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8), who is probably the flag ship for a SAG or ARG.

That brings the fleet up to three CSGs, four Japanese helo-carriers, numerous missile destroyers and cruisers, and no telling which other strike, amphibious, or assault groups.

BTW, this is already almost 1/3 of our carrier naval power in one fleet so they may not commit the Ford CSG but don't be surprised to see them reactivate other naval units when the fecal matter hits the fan or before.

BTW, Japan is currently preparing its civilians to go to war with North Korea with evacuation plans and such.


Me thinks Hillary got the message the DNC was sending, you know, that she is all washed up. Concerning the 2016 election, she is reported as saying, "That is my last race."

Yes!!! Happy days!!!! (Snoopy Dance)

Well, almost happy days. The Clintons are now really shoving Princess Chelsea down our throats, you know, like I told you they would when they figured out Hillary is washed up. And, yes, they are still using the Clinton Foundation to rake in the dough.

What did I tell you?

They just regrouped, reorganized, and started over again because they are compulsive, obsessive power mad and greedy. These evil people can never be satisfied, they must always have more.

And we also still have to put up with Obama and Valerie.

Lord, please deliver us from their never ending wickedness.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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