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Shades of Benghazi.

Obama just went down in flames and all of his friends he has stabbed in the back over the last six years just returned the favor. Even Pelosi stabbed Obama in the back this time by helping defeat Obamatrade. As a matter of fact, almost all of Obama's plans and efforts are currently failing and he is getting setback after setback. He just got cut off by the courts on his illegal immigrations actions, Congress voted down Obamatrade, the Commiecrats are shooting him down, the lying liberal media are shooting him down, everyone is turning on Obama to where the only people Obama will have backing him will be the black Muslims. Hilarious just joined Pelosi in throwing Obama under the bus over Obama's trade deal. Now, even the CIA is releasing declassified documents throwing Obama under the bus by showing that Obama started ISIS. Obama turned for support from the Chicago Democrats, you know, home town, as a last resort on his trade deal and got turned down. Now the united nations is accusing Obama of international crimes (hmm, maybe he is having second thoughts about turning control of the US over to the UN). His ISIS pals are even starting to lose ground in spite of Obama's assistance. They are all turning on him. But don't expect me to feel sorry for him.

Avi Lipkin stated that Obama told a top UN official that the US will be Islamic by 2016. If that is true, then Obama is planning to seize control of the US this year. Ramadan, when Muslims like Obama just love to do their worst deads, is to begin on Thursday, June 18 and continue through Friday, July 17, 2015.

If Obama is not planning a coup of the US government, why is he so obsessed with taking guns away from everyone?

Obama is trying every dirty trick in the book and inventing quite a few to disarm the American people. His efforts are becoming more desperate and increasing in frequency. Obama is quickly running out of time.

As long as the people are well armed, well trained, and well organized into militias, it doesn't matter what type of government you have because the government will behave or be dethroned.

Israel is blocking the very biased UN war crimes probe because they know Obama won't block the resultant UN activities against Israel.

Hilarious Clintstone

They are really throwing Hilarious under the bus too. They keep releasing more and more info about the crimes she has committed and just started selling out Billy Boy to get to Hilarious. They just released info stating that Billy Boy bankrupted the CIA before 9/11 putting the bulk of the blame for 9/11 on Billy Boy. Don't be surprised to see that Billy Boy didn't really balance the budget but just robbed Peter to pay Paul to make it look like he did and that the economy was not really booming under Billy Boy, we were actually in a recession, you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

Have you noticed that very few people showed up to Hilarious' restart of her campaign?

Mean while, the commie stream media are talking about how it is a really great restart but it is already floundering. Keep an eye on Princess Chelsea.

Liberals are now talking about Chelsea Clintstone running for president. I expect that, when Hilarious' second attempt to start her campaign flounders just like the first attempt did, they will run Chelsea instead.


It needs to be pointed out that Bruce Jenner still has the same DNA he started out with in life. He still has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome and is still genetically a man no matter how badly they mutilate his body. They have only changed who he is on the outside and, inside, he is still the same person, Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn is a fairy tale. OK, so he is taking female hormones to make himself feel like a woman, genetically, he is still a man.


All of these Saudi beheadings should be telling the liberals something about what will happen to them under Sharia Law but they don't want to hear it and willfully turn a blind eye to it. By the time they listen, it will be too late for them.

Don't you just love the stupid liberals. They think that, if they just tell the Muslims that terrorism is not Islamic, then the Muslims will blindly believe it and stop their terrorism but it isn't working and the stupid liberal leaders don't get it. The liberal leaders are too used to leading sheep and don't know how to manage wolves.

As I have told you before, liberals have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. Lizzy Warren lies about being American Indian , gets exposed, and keeps on lying with the liberals accepting it. I guess she must be trans-racial. Then Bruce Jenner gets himself mutilated as a transsexual and it is wonderful in spite of the fact that, genetically, he is still a male. Then Rachel Dolezal is exposed for lying about being black and the liberals are forced to defend her as being trans-racial to keep from looking even more stupid. Oh, don't forget that Obama is 50% white, better than 45% Arabic, and less than 5% black, which also makes him a trans-racial.

Are there any liberals who are what they claim to be?

Hey, I know, I am going to claim I am a Martian, a minority of one, you know, a trans-species. You all owe me life on a silver platter because I am a minority because I said so. That is the way it rolls for the liberals, if they say it, then it is true and you dare not question them.

Forget the truth and facts, I am the world's first interplanetary trans-species Martian, which means I am the only Martian, which means I am the king of Mars and I demand reparations for you stupid, inferior earthlings polluting my planet with all of your space junk, you space litter bugs.

Kind of stupid, isn't it?

But, hey, anything to steal from others so you don't have to earn a living and that is what it is really all about.


Lindsey Graham says that, if he is elected, we will have a rotating first lady, meaning he is openly an adulterer and whores around.

Hold it, how can they be ladies if they are whores and sluts?

And you wonder why we are being punished by God?

Vote for Lindsey, get our nation's first First Sluts, and see how much worse it gets.

Look at and remember all of the GOP presidential candidates who are supporting Obamatrade, you know, the RINOs. Almost all of them are now openly supporting one or more liberal program.


This is a little scary. A new poll has found that Russian public opinion about Josef Stalin has become very positive while President Vladimir Putin has been in office. Putin has publicly shown he regrets the fall of the Soviet Union and has invaded and reconquered multiple regions of different former Soviet states.

According to a poll by the Levada Center, up to 45 percent of Russians surveyed answered that "the enormous economic progress under Soviet Union dictator Josef Stalin justified all the sacrifices made by Russians, including the genocide of more than 20 million of his own people." Two years ago, only 25% of the people agreed with that statement. Only 46% said that they thought Stalin's death ended mass repression and terror where as, two years ago, 56% said that.

It is just a wee bit scary when that many of the Russian people are feeling that way about a ruthless dictator who butchered so many people while Putin is building more nukes.


More of this global depopulation or eugenics or genocide crap, whatever the upper class trash is calling it this week. The Vatican thinks there are 6 billion too many people on the planet, meaning that they think 6 billion people should be murdered off so they don't have to share their planet with us.

Note that none of the eugenics depopulation nuts are offering to lead by example, you know, start by killing themselves off to depopulate the planet. What they want is for the rest of us to be killed off. Personally, if they decide to "depopulate" the planet, I think they should start with the people behind it.


Businesses are fighting back against the problems being caused by legalizing pot. They are trying to keep their businesses competitive with businesses around the world and just stay in business.

The Colorado state Supreme Court ruled Monday that a medical marijuana patient who was fired after failing a drug test cannot get his job back. Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who was fired by Dish Network after failing a drug test in 2010. The company agreed that Coats wasn't high on the job but said it has a zero-tolerance drug policy.

Courts in California, Montana and Washington state also ruled against medical marijuana patients fired for pot use. Coats argued that his pot smoking was allowed under a Colorado law intended to protect employees from being fired for legal activities off the clock. Coats didn't use marijuana at work, and he wasn't accused of being high on the job. But pot's intoxicating chemical, THC, can stay in the system for weeks.

The company argued that because pot is illegal under federal law, medical marijuana isn't covered by the state law.

Other News

Unions are freezing their cash contributions to the Commiecrats because the unions have been taken for granted and thrown under the bus by the Commiecrats, you know, the way everyone else will eventually be thrown under the bus. Listen, if the upper class trash are going to throw the unions, who have done so much from the start to help destroy the US and set up their beloved commie dictatorship, under the bus, they will throw everyone else under the bus.

China is probably not looking to start a war with the US but figure they will back down Obama...again, you know, Mr. Consistently a Coward. I think China is calling O'coward's bluff.

Iran has sent 15,000 troops into Syria, after walking away from Assad's war room.

Has Iran taken control of this war from Assad? Will Assad turn up dead or missing in the near future? Stay tuned to "As the Muslims Turn."

You don't see much about it in the news but the Taliban and ISIS are waging war against each other in Afghanistan as ISIS spreads its control globally. ISIS just beheaded ten Talibanies ISIS had captured and ISIS has taken over some areas of Afghanistan.

Violence is increasing in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, that I know of. That is almost every nation in North, Central, and South America.

The EU is now formally discussing Greece defaulting on its debt at the end of June 2015. The breakup of the EU is getting under way, just like I told you years ago.

If you think the wild beasts being turned loose from zoos on people because of flooding is bad, wait until you start finding out about the illegal pets people have in their homes which were also turned loose.


Cats: I recently saw a nursing female cat walk calmly by a dove that was about 7 to 8 feet away over open ground because she knew it was too far away to get the dove before the bird could fly away, especially without any cover to hide her advances. She very plainly didn't want to waste the energy to try to get a bird she knew she could not catch. The dove calmly but cautiously watched the cat walk by while the dove continued to feed clearly also knowing the cat was too far away for the cat to get the dove before the dove could take off.

But some kittens did a little learning by trying and failing to get the dove. It was fun to watch, especially with the kittens having the audacity of kittens to try and get a bird as big or bigger than the kittens. You have to admire cats and their audacity, especially kittens.

About a month ago, some Gambol's Quail began visiting my yard, then three groups of quail feathers showed up telling me there had been three quail kills (the quail probably got too close to cover permitting the cats to get close enough to catch the quail, quail regularly run through bushes) and the quail stopped visiting my yard but were back in the yard today with some three month old kittens at least 10 feet away and watching. The father quail kept posturing and charging in the direction of the kittens watching but always staying at least 10 feet away from the kittens. It was fun to watch the bird act like it was going to kick some kitten butt and, of course, the kittens were not scared, they were just amused. So much for cats being such a huge threat to birds, you know, like PBS, Disney, and conservationists keep telling us.

If you believe 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed.

But, when a hawk shows up, all of the birds which don't have nests in my yard disappear. POOF!!! Gone, we are talking teleportation. When the hawk leaves, the birds come back even with the cats lying and walking around and playing. The birds definitely are NOT afraid of the cats. Cautious but not afraid.

Miley Cirus

There is now a big stink about what Miley Cirus said about Christianity and the Old Testament. Typical paganism.

Then I saw a comment by a Christian how Miley wasn't just rejecting Noah's Ark but the ark of our salvation, Jesus. The truth is that Miley doesn't want to be saved from her sins because she loves her sins and, therefore, hates everyone who wants her to be saved from her sins, you know, just like all pagans. That is what this is all about, those who love their sins and refuse to give them up are choosing to stand with Satan and against everything good. The rest will repent and turn to God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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