With this essay, I want to get inside the Luciferian heads and share their logic with you so you can see just how dangerous and evil they really are. We need to understand them from two perspectives, 1) their cult beliefs and 2) their evolutionary beliefs. It is these two belief systems which are the primary basis for their logic and makes them so incredibly dangerous and insane. Remember that this is the pagan cult of the corrupt members of our upper class trash who own and run our Euro-American governments, businesses, liberal media, Hollywood, primary and secondary schools, book publishing companies, and just about everything else. Understanding these people and their logic will better help you understand what is really going on.

Old World Evolution

We have to first look at old world evolution because it is a major part of the Luciferian religious belief system. They tell you that Charles Darwin is the father of evolution but that is a big lie. As a matter of fact, a number of scientists started to prosecute and litigate against Charles Darwin for plagiarizing their work in Darwin's book, "Origin of Species", but the upper class trash made those scientists stop their legal actions against Darwin because Darwin's book was such a good "sales manual" for evolution and they didn't want it to be forced out of print by legal actions.

Second, evolution was around long before Charles Darwin was born and the upper class trash don't want you to know that because then you would realize that the evolution cult and ideas are based entirely on racism, which would cause many of you to reject evolution out right.

The ancient Greeks were the first to formulate the concept of biological evolution thousands of years ago. Evolution starts with arrogance and the ancient Greeks were very arrogant and supremacists. They believed they were superior to all other groups of people.

Add to this that the conquering or powerful peoples of this planet have had zoos stocked with animals from lands they conquered or traded with since before ancient Babylon and the Greeks were no except. One of the creatures the Greeks had in many of their zoos were African apes.

The Greeks also practiced slavery and they regularly purchased black slaves from ancient Egypt.

What happened is that the Greeks combined their arrogant supremacism with the African apes and black slaves to formulate the idea that man evolved from apes and blacks are the half man/half ape link between man, the Greeks, and the apes. It was the Greek belief that blacks are not true humans, are more animal than man, and, therefore, the Greeks could treat blacks as animals of burden and could buy, sell, trade, kill or beat blacks any time they wanted.

This same old world evolution and its concepts were taught in European and, later, American schools and universities until the last few hundred years. This same old world evolution grew to a belief that all non white Euro-American people on this planet are less evolved that the Euro-American whites and, therefore, are beasts or savages and should not be treated as equals with white men. This is shown in their writings while conquering the rest of the world. Everyone else, all blacks, Jews, Arabs, Persians, American Indians, Asians, Polynesians, Australian Aborigines's, and others were just part human animals. Note that Latinos are part American Indian (savages or animals) and Spanish, therefore, even they are not considered to be true humans by old world evolution.

You have to keep in mind that the Euro-American Luciferians still believe this today and, because they believe that ALL other races, even mixed races, are just animals, they believe there is nothing wrong with them murdering those animals off, all seven billion of them.

It is out of this pagan cult belief system that the Euro-American Luciferians developed the concept of Eugenics or ridding the human gene pool of imperfect genes by murdering off all humanoids except Euro-American whites. Adolph Hitler and all Nazis were Luciferians who believed old world evolution and practiced Eugenics by murdering off six million Jews but this Luciferian Eugenics was already spread throughout the Euro-American upper class trash by the time of Hitler which is why NO ONE tried to stop Hitler's slaughter of Jews and even refused to help Jews trying to flee the Nazi slaughter by forcing them to return to German to be slaughtered.

Today's upper class trash Luciferians don't believe Hitler did anything wrong and even believe Hitler should have finished the job by killing off ALL other races, which is their current goal. I recently saw a video of Bill Gates teaching Eugenics or the depopulation of the planet to a maximum of 500 million people to clean the gene pool of inferior genes by killing all non whites to a large group of wealthy white people.

Luciferian Cult

The Luciferian Cult is a European pagan cult which worships Satan, the Devil, under the name of Lucifer while denying he is Satan and the Devil. They believe he is a greater god than the God of the Bible, he will eventually displace the God of the Bible, the God of the Bible created the entire cosmos but not life and is inferior to Lucifer (who has not created anything but trouble), old world evolution, when they have set up their global dictatorship and murdered off everyone except for the Euro-American white Luciferians, Lucifer will set up his reign on earth and turn them all into immortal gods living by Satan's one rule, "Do as you will".

These liberal upper class trash Luciferians have used Marxism to get people to sell their souls to Satan with promises of "wealth redistribution", being part of the inner core who will survive this global slaughter, immortality, being made gods by Lucifer, and other such lies. To achieve their goals, these evil liberals have infiltrated and taken over every aspect of our government, media, Hollywood, educational system, courts, and everything else to destroy the US Republic and set up their global Satanic communist dictatorship so they can slaughter everyone else on the planet, become gods, and not have to share their planet with us inferior beings.

The inner core liberals are evil beyond imagination and they are the people who are currently in control of almost everything. Get picture yet?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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