Did you know that luck is not a Biblical concept? Did you know that the word luck and other associated words such as accident and coincidence are not found in the Bible?

Luck is purely a pagan concept because it implies that God is not in control of everything. The very concept of luck is an insult to God because it implies that God is not omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Luck implies that God is weak and not strong, that things are not completely under God's control.

The Bible is written based on the concept that God is in control of everything. If God is in control of everything, then there can be no good or bad luck, no accidents, and no coincidences. The term we used to use in this country before paganism and pagan common law took over the country was that it was an "act of God" because we knew that nothing happened by accident or coincidence, therefore, evolution couldn't possibly have happened because evolution is based on the pagan concept of luck, accidents, and coincidences. The Bible doesn't talk about luck, accidents, or coincidences anywhere.

People who have become brainwashed into believing in luck, especially pagans, are appalled at the instances in the Bible where lots were cast to determine which person was the guilty person. They think it is horrible that the fate of people was determined by their false pagan god, luck, showing that they don't believe God could be in control of the lots that were cast. In their pagan minds, God couldn't possibly be in control of such things, only their false pagan god, luck, could be in control of those things.

Before we became brainwashed (most of us without realizing it), you didn't hear true Christians say such things as good luck, it was an accident, or it was a coincident. A true Christian would say God bless you, may God keep you, or I will pray for you instead of wishing some one good luck. In the courts of law, they literally called the things we call accidents and coincidences an "act of God", it was a legal term which shows that God is in control of everything and is rarely used today. We didn't call stupid car drivers unlucky drivers, we didn't call a clumsy person an unlucky person, or anything like we do today. Today, all of us have become at least a little brainwashed by the pagan belief system, especially the "New Testament" Christians, and we have not even realized it, especially if you don't regularly study in the Old Testament, because the Old Testament teaches you not to believe in paganism.

If you want a litmus test as to whether you are brainwashed at all by paganism, just ask yourself if you wish anyone good luck instead of saying, "God bless you". The Ancient Jewish religious leaders didn't wish a person good luck, instead they would say the blessing, "May God bless and keep you that you will live long and prosper" while holding one or both hands out in the Hebrew sheen (sp). The Hebrew sheen is the three pronged Hebrew letter Y and it is used for Yahweh and Yeshuah, which mean the same as the Greek Jesus. To make the symbol of the Hebrew sheen with your hand(s), you make the same sign with your hand(s) that Star Trek's "Spok" made with his one right hand.

Yes, that is right, Leonard Nemoy is a Jew and the way the "Vulcan" greeting got started (I saw Nemoy tell about this in an interview) was that Nemoy was supposed to do some complex handshake he just couldn't get right and, when it came time to film the handshake the first time, according to his own words, Nemoy panicked, held up his right hand in the Hebrew sheen, and said the last part of the Jewish blessing, "May you live long and prosper", leaving out the part about God blessing and keeping you. Must people don't know it but, when you say the "Vulcan" greeting, you are really saying the Jewish blessing and asking that God bless that person.

So, if you are a Christian and you want to bless some one, instead of wishing them good luck in any of the many forms such as "break a leg", you make the Hebrew sheen with your hand and say, "May God bless and keep you that you will live long and prosper" or you can simply say, "God bless you" or "I will pray for you." As a Christian, you should never wish anyone good luck because you are practicing paganism and insulting God. What, don't you think God can take care of that person or do you think the pagan false god, luck, will do a better job?

Satan knows that once he has you believing in his false pagan god, luck, it will be easier to get you to believe in other pagan concepts such as evolution. Satan didn't replace God in our lives and country all at once but little by little. Satan did this by getting you to accept small, "harmless" pagan concepts to replace Biblical concepts and, before you knew it, you had replaced God in your lives with pagan gods. He often did this by making pagan concepts cute and cool sounding such as ancient European blessings.

The truth is that there is no such thing as luck, there is only God.

It is always a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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