Mad Cow Disease

I received an e-mail from a concerned friend about the cow they recently tested here in the US and found it had died from Mad Cow Disease (MCD). For decades, they permitted farmers and ranchers to feed cattle and other live stock ground up dead animals. I figure that a lot of us have eaten cows with the disease, along with who knows what else, and will probably die from it.

Interestingly, I heard an orthodox Jewish rabbi explain why that could never have happened if we had been living by God's Laws. You see, it is expressly forbidden to eat scavengers but it is explained in the Bible in a way that would also prohibit us from eating any animal other than a normal scavenger which had eaten the flesh of another dead animal. It is expressed that we are not supposed to eat ANY animal which eats the flesh of already dead animals. That automatically rules out MCD from ever happening.

I have been telling people for decades that God gave us those Laws for our own good but they just don't want to hear it because they feel the Laws are "too restrictive." This is especially true for liberals who really hate the Law designed to prevent our current pandemic of sexually transmitted diseases along with everything else. Because of that, we now have well over 70 million people just in the US who are dying from sexually transmitted diseases. I tend to think that death is even more restrictive than monogamy. But that is just my opinion.

In my e-book, "Yahweh", I explain God's Laws along with a lot of other things which will really help you have a better understanding of God and a better life. As a biologist, when I read those Laws, what I see is that at least 80% of them have to do with having a healthier and happier life. Of the remaining 20%, most have to do with sociology, psychology, and finances. If you want a health food diet that really works, try God's.

I call God's Laws God's Driver's Manual for Life because they were written over 3,600 years ago by a vastly superior and more knowledgeable being to provide us with a better guide for better living. Basically, how to take better care of this body God has loaned us while we are here on earth, have a more peaceful society, and be better off financially. Ever wonder why the average Jew is wealthier than the average non-Jew. Read the book.

It is ironic that, in the 1950's and early 1960's, we humans thought it would be really great if some more advanced being were to come here to earth and give us secrets on how to have a better life and world. Over 3,600 years ago, a being did just that and we have been rejecting those Laws because our human nature sees them as being too restrictive. Guess what, if an ET did come and give us the secrets to a better, healthier, and happier life, they would look just like the Laws in the Bible and we would reject them. We stupid humans would rather live and die in our misery than live right.

If every person on this planet were to live by those Laws today, we would not have any of the man made problems we are having. There wouldn't be any wars, political corruption, crimes, hate, or the problems caused by our own selfishness. Yet we insist on rejecting these Laws which would provide us with what we like to think we want and keep paying the many prices for our rejecting them like MCD, pandemic's of sexually transmitted diseases, wars, hatred, crimes, political corruption, and other such nice things, largely so we can have our "free" sex or adultery. I still have not been able to figure out how they can consider paying for sex with your life as being free sex. Isn't that the ultimate price you could pay for anything?

The liberals hate God, the Bible, Christianity, and Christians because they hate God's Laws and find them too restrictive. Because of their insane and irrational hatred for us, they wage a relentless war against us and are working to wipe out any and every vestige of us, the Bible, God, and Christianity. The greatest irony is that, if they had spent the last 50 years living by the Laws they hate so pationately, they wouldn't be having the current political crisis they are going through because they wouldn't have murdered over 45 million unborn liberal voters, be killing off tens of millions of liberal voters with sexually transmitted diseases, be killing off who knows how many liberal voters with their drugs, and would not be decreasing their rate of reproduction through homosexuality. Well, they worked until they got what they wanted, which was to not have to live by God's Laws and now they are having their liberal crisis. Is that justice or what? :-) But then again, if they lived by those Laws, they wouldn't be fool liberals.

Yep, we are the smart ones. I have found that just studying those Laws and learning to understand them helps teach common sense. Maybe you should read my book and learn more about God and His Laws He gave us because He loves us and cares about us. It couldn't hurt. Mean while, enjoy your steak.

God said, "Those who find My Laws repulsive, I will find them repulsive!

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